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What to see from the movies on Saturday night: Red Sea Diving Resort


Today, everyone who can not choose what to watch from the films on Saturday evening, we invite you to check out the dramatic thriller of the Canadian filmmakers - "Diving Resort on the Red Sea". The film is based on real events, and should not leave anyone indifferent.

The film stars Chris Evans himself, "The First Avenger" and "Captain America" rolled into one. So, for MCU fans this is also an excuse to meet their favorite actor outside the franchise and in a completely different role.

For what events was the movie "Diving Resort on the Red Sea" made?

In 1974, a civil war broke out in Ethiopia, a state located in the eastern part of the African continent. Not so long ago, the last Ethiopian monarch was overthrown there, after which a complete mess reigned in the country.


The war lasted intermittently. In particular, by the 1980s, hostilities for the first time died down almost throughout the territory, which gave Israeli intelligence the opportunity to assess the damage from the outside. What do the Israelis have to do with it, you ask. We will answer. Ethiopia at that time was home to tens of thousands of Jews, who, as a result of military confusion, were on the brink of survival. In order not to die of hunger and a showdown between gangs of militants, the Jews fled north to Sudan, but even there, in refugee camps, it was very difficult to survive.

The Mossad guys did everything in their power, taking people out of the war zones in small groups. But these were the crumbs of the saved. Most of the people never received help.

Short synopsis

This is where the story begins. Chris Evans plays Israeli intelligence special agent Ari Kidron, who, together with his squadmates, is trying to lead Jews out of Ethiopia in small groups.


But this venture was also covered up for him, since no one signed an agreement with the local rebel authorities to conduct any operations in this region. And it was not worth trying. Radical extremists are unlikely to engage in an articulate international dialogue with anyone.

But these damn "generals" are very fond of money. And now Ari, pretending to be a foreign entrepreneur, declares to one such local “boss” and for a bribe takes on rent a long-abandoned and decayed hotel on the coast of the Red Sea. Under the cover of the tourism business, they are going to take people out of here by trucks and ferry them on ships to Israel.

And all would be fine, but only the guys had to publish travel booklets in order to create the look of this very "tourism business". But the scouts could not even think that tourists would burst into their hole.

And here it turned out just the opposite! People poured here in droves. And the dumbfounded special group had nothing left to do but deal with vacationers during the day, and engage in rescue operations at night.

Why the feed is good

The creators did not inflate the action movie. Everything was filmed believably, without pretentiousness and some artificially invented embellishments. People are like people. No supermen, a story about real patriots who are ready to help others even at the cost of their own lives.

And they could come up with almost a sea battle and landing on one engine and without a tail (in the last and most daring operation, people were evacuated by plane). Hats off to them for refraining from all left delusion.

Watching the trailer.


A bit lacking in dynamism. The film contains a lot of dialogues that do not carry a special semantic load. The fact that their work is "both dangerous and difficult" could be said once and there you go. The viewer is not a fool, he already understands everything perfectly. For the rest, you won't throw anything away and add nothing.


We'll finish with this, so as not to screw up the three-story spoilers. For those who decided to follow our advice, here is the link, by clicking on which it will be possible to watch the movie "Diving Resort on the Red Sea" for free and without any registration:

Watch the movie "Red Sea Diving Resort" online

We are saying goodbye to you. We wish you a pleasant viewing, great mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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