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Portless smartphone: is it realistic to create one?


The mini-jack is out of date. This became clear at the moment when Apple presented the iPhone 7. Several Chinese companies (Lenovo, LeEco, Huawei) immediately announced their intentions to release smartphones without the usual headphone jack.

Does this mean that soon we will see completely portless and buttonless smartphones? It is not excluded. They will not have a USB port, power and volume buttons, SD and SIM slots, and speakers.

In fact, we already have enough technology to create a single, completely enclosed apparatus without any removable parts.

How to get rid of buttons

You can adjust the volume level using the virtual buttons. Any application designed for audio tuning will perfectly cope with this task. In addition, almost every installed program (be it a game or a social service) has its own slider for adjusting the volume. To wake up a device from sleep mode, you do not need to have a physical button on the body: you can wake it up using voice control or a combination of gestures applied to a specific area of the screen.

How to get rid of speakers

The British company Redux is actively working on technology that allows sound to be transmitted through an LCD or OLED display. Working prototypes presented at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona have generated a lot of interest from mobile device manufacturers.

The CEO of Redux, Nedko Ivanov, assures that such a smartphone will not have problems with cooling. It will be thinner and lighter, the user will be able to set the area of the screen for playing sound.

How do I get rid of the USB port?

Very simple. Wireless charging technology has been successfully around for years, so abandoning the usual port will be almost painless. As for the USB connection, it can be replaced by a wireless USB interface (WUSB).

It assumes a wireless connection to a computer and a smartphone of printers, hard drives, memory cards, players and monitors - that is, any peripherals with WUBS support. There are special adapters for devices that do not support the new interface.

Why give up familiar and comfortable things

The main reason is this: a smartphone, made in the form of a single glass block, is invulnerable to the harmful effects of moisture and dust. It is completely sealed, it is not scary to drop it in water or dirt, and the whole cleaning consists in gently wiping the surface with a napkin.

At the same time, the sound characteristics of the device remain at their best. The second reason is purely aesthetic: the desire of users to have an ideal device without bulging elements will be completely satisfied.

When will we see such smartphones

Not yet known. There are rumors that the next iPhone will take us one step closer to devices without ports or buttons. But it may take more than one year from rumors to practical implementation.

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