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The best TV series of February 2020: Premieres


In addition to such meaningful sequels as Better Call Saul, Brooklyn 9-9, etc., which we discussed at length in our previous issue, next month will be marked by three resounding premieres, which we are now Let's touch on superficially. And despite the fact that information about the best TV shows in February, the pilot episodes of which will be released in the last month of winter, is very scarce, we still dug up something about them for you.

1. Thorn Bush (Rotten Tomatoes TV)

February 6

Recently, Rotten Tomatoes has smoothly launched its tentacles on YouTube, where it has organized a video channel somewhat similar to conventional documentary video streaming services. And along with exclusive interviews and programs about cinema, he began to issue his own "game film", filmed under the auspices of a well-known aggregator. The next multi-part project is one of those.

Allegra Dill is an investigator for one of the subcommittees in the US Senate. One clear day, she learns that her sister Fellicity, who worked as a homicide detective in her hometown of the American hinterland, died in a bomb planted in her car.

Arriving at the scene, Allegra buries her sister, but is not going to leave. She is serious about digging into the truth and finding who killed Fellicity. Having started to understand, she learns that her sister not only owns a rather expensive house, which she rented out to tenants, but also insured her life for 250,000 dollars, indicating her as a beneficiary.

The further it digs, the deeper it digs into the thorny bush, in which each branch strives to sting painfully. Fed is involved in this case, very slippery and not the most ordinary people.

The film is based on the novel of the same name by the American writer Ross Thomas, who is famous for his well-written thrillers and detectives. Whoever plays such detective series as "Goliath" or "Fargo" will definitely like this creation.

2. Lock and Key (Netflix)

February 7

The next episode on our list of the best TV shows in February begs an analogy with Craig R. Baxley and Michael W. Watkins' masterpieceThe Lost Room, which they shot in 2006. As you remember (or maybe you don’t know at all) there the plot is also twisted around magical objects that give their owner the opportunity to command inexplicable magical powers.

But if there these magical "artifacts" were just ordinary objects of everyday utensils hiding in time and space of a motel room, then these items are magical keys forged at the end of the 18th century during the American Revolution.

Each key contains a particle of an entity from the other world that once tried to infiltrate into our world through a gap in dimensions. Keys are scattered around the old castle and even the entity that lives in the bowels of this castle and wants to break into our dimension does not know their whereabouts.

The mansion was empty for a long time until its owner, Rendell Locke, died, and his family - his wife Nina with three children - Tyler, Kinsey and Bode - decided to move into it after her husband's death. The youngest asshole Bode finds the first key - the Key of the Skull, and this is where the family's adventures begin, in which there will be little fun.

The essence from the depths of the dungeons is eager to get the main key - the Omega key, which is able to open the door between the worlds. The family will hinder all this. Who will take it - we'll see by watching all ten episodes of the series, which will be released on the streaming service Netflix on the same day.

The series is an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. So, anyone looking to get a massive dose of spoilers before watching the show, welcome to the IDW Publishing comic world!

3. Zero Zero Zero (Amazon)

February 14

The next best TV series in February 2020 is a film adaptation of the book by the undisputed connoisseur of the criminal world, Roberto Savyano. For those who do not know this name, we remind you that the series "Gomorrah" was also filmed based on his literary works.

The main difference between "Gomorrah" and "ZeroZeroZero" is that the events of the second are no longer developing in Italy, but in North America. And here there is everything that is supposed to be a template scenario of this genre:

  • The local head of the clan is Muno, hiding from everyone and everything in an underground bunker (this is their fate, apparently, for all bosses of drug cartels - to be afraid of the anti-drug department, and competitors and even their own relatives, remember the notorious Pablo Escobar ).
  • Muno's granddaughter Stefano, eager to take the place of his grandfather, because of which he is ready to do anything, even secret agreements with the anti-narcotics department.
  • A special squad to combat drug trafficking, which conducts regular operations to seize drug shipments, but contains members working for the cartel (in particular, the operative on the sonorous "Vampiro" who works for Muno).

As usual, everyone and everything here will scuffle and gnaw, will weave intrigues, treachery and fight. It would be nice if everyone just shot each other. It is a pity that this does not happen in life. And since Saviano writes in a vital way, the ending can be expected to be enchanting, but without any hints of a happy ending.

Although, from which side to look at it.


Let's finish this for now. Let's look forward to the premiere of the best TV series in February. Next comes March with its many novelties and sequels, including new seasons of such resounding projects as "Roswell, New Mexico", "Brockmire", "Shame", "Bulletproof", etc.

In the meantime, as always, we hasten to wish you a good mood and more cool films and TV series. After all, such a warming material will come in handy on these cold winter days.

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