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Correction of nudity or Erotica under the control of uncontrolled controllers


All of us now and then see erotic scenes in films, or, as moviegoers like to call them among themselves, “nude scenes”. By and large, they are taken for granted, and while watching a movie masterpiece, few people think about how it was all done and how much it cost the actor, director or project budget.

Since early 2020, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio have adopted amendments designed to protect actors and actresses from harassment and inappropriate behavior by members of the film crew. But before you get acquainted with the "amendments", it is worth remembering (or finding out) how it was done before the all-consuming tsunami called "#MeToo".

How erotic scenes were filmed in films until 2020

Few people know, but the famous Hollywood stars have their own, so-called, "managers" who are busy with issues of this kind. At the stage of project development, the star's representative initially discusses the project with the scriptwriter, director and producer, where all the nuances of filming are discussed, among which the main place is occupied by questions about the safety of the shooting process itself and about erotic scenes in which the actress (actor) will have to participate. p>

The manager consults with the star, then again with those responsible for the project. In such a debatable nature, consent (or disagreement) for shooting in erotic scenes, the "level of nudity" and the price that this same "level of nudity" will cost the project budget are established.

Everything is negotiated, down to who will be present during the filming of bed scenes on the set. Sometimes the director himself has to shoot such scenes at all, as did the same Stanley Kubrick during the filming of erotic scenes with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in the film Eyes Wide Shut.


Amendments to agreements during the filming process are discussed only through the manager, who himself is usually the highest-level lawyer representing his client, that is, the star who takes part in the filming.

But what if you are still too young a star and for your soul you still do not have the kind of money to hire a manager or a lawyer to defend yourself, your body and your mental and psychological well-being, which after filming the film can be broken in one direction or another?

How bed scenes will be filmed after 2020

It is for such cases, allegedly, that the following amendments were made. Now scenes of an erotic nature will be filmed only through a special commission, which will include special "coordinators for intimate scenes", designed to become intermediaries between the actor and representatives of the film crew of the project, who are interested in varying degrees of "exposure" of the body of the actress (actor) in the frame .

It all sounds wild and outlandish, but this is exactly how it is when translated into normal informal speech.

According to Gabrielle Carteris, the current head of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Workers, intimate scene coordinators are required to discuss and establish the level of nudity of the actor's body in the frame and behind the scenes at a meeting with producers, screenwriters and directors in preparation for filming , as well as details and nuances of the image of the erotic scenes prescribed in the script.


According to her, such rules will equally protect:

  • actors - from possible harassment or inappropriate behavior by members of the film crew, as well as exceeding the level of nudity established by prior agreement;
  • members of the film crew - from unfounded accusations by the actress (actor) who participated in the filming of intimate scenes in the future.

In general, everything looks healthy and beautiful. But in reality, all this bureaucratic, pompous and naive nonsense is not worth a damn. Why? Let's explain.

Paradoxes of exaggerated tolerance, feminism and altruism

In fact, all these amendments will not introduce anything new into the current order. Here everything was and will be as it was.

There is a plot. There is a guest actress (actor). If the invited actress (actor) does not agree to bare her body and depict scenes of a sexual nature in the volume and form in which they are written in the script, she (he) can walk in all four directions. There are plenty of actresses (actors), we will find the one that agrees.

Paradox: what prevents the actress (actor) from accusing the project leaders of forcing them to be naked by means of the phrase (if you don't want to, we will find another), that is, by means of dismissal followed by replacement?

Even if everything is under control on the set, what prevents the same director, producer (and others from the "gang of libertines") to persuade an actress (actor) to have sex in a secluded hotel room, where there are no cameras or witnesses?

Paradox : even if this does not happen, or everything happened at the suggestion of the actress (actor) herself, which prevents her from exposing everything in such a way that she (he) was solicited ? The press, TV people, bloggers and other scandal lovers will arrange this case in such a way that it is she (he) who will be right, as a result of which the career and good name of the next “filmmaker” will be trampled into the mud.

The amendments imply the presence of one or more "coordinators" on the set. They will monitor the “level of nudity” (no matter how ridiculous it may sound), although they themselves are unwittingly persons who infringe upon the dignity of a star and get “access to the charms of a star” for free.

Paradox : where is the guarantee that these "coordinators" themselves will not be biased, bribed or will not satisfy their own "impure" interests in this way? After all, they will not swear on the Bible before filming as at the Court. Who will elect them to these positions and based on what “code of laws”?

Some scripts contain descriptions of such an erotic nature that the line with pornography is completely blurred in places. An example is the same relatively fresh 2018 Dutch dramatic masterpiece "We", replete with scenes of undisguised oral and genital sex.


Paradox: why not arrest the screenwriter initially, since he not only deliberately strips the actresses naked, but also forces them to mate on screen for money? Oh, filmed in the Netherlands and does not apply to the rules of the association? What prevents an American from going and filming a film in the Netherlands?

Honestly, the list of such "paradoxes of the cinematic universe" could be continued further, but we think that's enough.


Thus, all the current attempts of Gabrielle Carteris look ridiculous and naive. It looks like some stupid PR of the association and an attempt by the "cinematic public" to wash their hands and absolve themselves of responsibility, although no one has put it on them.

The truth is that if a director needs to strip an actress for a sex scene, he will, one way or another, do it, as he did before the 2020 Nudity Act. How nothing will prevent this, gone in circulation, actress in the future to earn money by blackmailing the director and, in the wake of PR, return to the covers of magazines.

It's so fashionable now to make yourself a victim.

All the best to you, and more cool movies and TV series!

The Topic of Article: Correction of nudity or Erotica under the control of uncontrolled controllers.
Author: Jake Pinkman