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6 Worst Horror Games


For most shooter fans, it's not enough to just stupidly run around locations and shoot enemies. It also requires a kind of drive that produces adrenaline in the blood, thanks to which many gamers are able to keep themselves in good shape.

It is for this reason that people watch horror films that make them feel more keenly the taste of life. But one thing is a well-planned scenario, in which a person is assigned only the role of a spectator, and quite another is to feel the full horror of what is happening on his own skin, becoming the main character of a truly creepy action. And what if not a good horror game can give us this feeling? Unfortunately, not all of them differ not only in originality, but also in the quality of implementation.

Some games are outright hack, which can make an action-hungry player permanently disenchanted with "scary" games. And it's good when there is an opportunity to learn about it first-hand, and not be convinced by your own experience, having acquired another horror shooter with an enticing cover and a banal dummy contained inside. Below is a list of games not recommended for true connoisseurs of quality "horror".

ShellShock 2: Blood Trails

British developers at Rebellion Developments decided to combine two of the most common shooter plots - the Vietnam War and the Walking Dead. They naively assumed that this would be more than enough to win the hearts of those who like to shoot at living and "dead" people. However, their idea was a complete fiasco. After all, running through the jungle and fighting crowds of soldiers and zombies is not at all enough to make the game truly interesting and exciting. It is not enough to just stupidly empty the clips of numerous opponents trying to kill you in locations of the same type and devoid of any imagination.

The game is so trivial that even the average gamer is able to complete it in a matter of hours and at the same time forget it as soon as it is over.

Druuna: Morbus Gravis

It would seem that this project is doomed to success due to its not entirely banal plot. In addition, the main character of the game is a sexy beauty named Druuna, who is trying to fight the monsters that attacked her. The girl fell into a comatose state, and the player will have to break through the veil of her terrible memories in order to return her to a full life. Intriguing, isn't it? Here are just the developers of the game decided to masterfully ruin the whole impression of their brainchild. Not only did they create simply unbearable controls, from which all desire to go through the game from beginning to end disappears, but they also were too lazy to fill it with worthy riddles, supplied annoyingly intrusive music, disgusting graphics and, for some reason, made time restrictions.

Every time a player fails (and he will have to do this very, very often), he has to start all over again, going through everything in the second round, since there was no provision for saving progress in the game.


The game clearly has several good ideas that could have allowed it not to get into our rating of the worst horror projects, but they were clearly not enough to cover all the AMY's shortcomings. One gets the feeling that the developers simply "beat" their brainchild, deciding to turn it into the most inconvenient creation in the world of video games. Gamers will have to get into the skin of a woman named Lana, who in turn protects the girl Amy, who has unique supernatural powers, from troubles. This is where all the delights of the game end. Ahead of you awaits unbearable controls and puzzles absolutely devoid of any sense. In addition, the game is full of bugs, errors and failures, thanks to which your heroine and her ward are doomed to inevitable death. But this was not enough for the developers!

They rewarded their creation with a nasty save system, awful graphics, disgusting design and a number of other "qualities" that deservedly gave AMY a place in our hit parade.


Undoubtedly, such classic examples of the horror genre as Silent Hill and Resident Evil will forever remain in the heart of every fan of "scary" action. They could not be spoiled even by a kind of control that caused a lot of discontent among gamers. However, these games had their own mesmerizing atmosphere, thanks to which they are among the best in their genre. They had a plot that even the not always perfect graphics could not spoil. The same cannot be said about BlackSoul, the creators of which decided to repeat the above-mentioned masterpieces of their colleagues, but they came to this from the wrong end. The only thing they have successfully adopted is terrible management.

Just going forward is already an unbearable torment, and if you have to fight with someone, then the game turns into sheer torture. In addition, the game does not have any coherent plot and bright memorable characters. And without this, you see, the game loses any meaning.

The Letter

Having started playing The Letter, you wake up early in the morning to find a strange letter written by the hero's father. It tells that he was in terrible trouble and no one in this world can save him. Naturally, you, as a loving son, have no choice but to rush in search of the unfortunate parent. Having learned from the letter that in no case should fathers go to the place of work, you are going there. Next comes a series of tips on where to go next. It would seem that everything is quite logical. The goal of the hero is clear and simple - to do everything possible to find and rescue dad from trouble, but there are several "BUTs" at once. That's right, with a capital letter. The developers have tried to create an eerie atmosphere from which every sane person shivers.

But it all looks so gloomy and disgusting that there is not the slightest desire to play The Letter. Firstly, music and accompanying special effects are a continuous collection of sounds that are out of place and terribly annoying.

Secondly, the quality of the game is so terrible that it starts to feel sick after the first minutes. Thirdly, the number of locations is depressing - there are only four of them. And you can go through them at a record speed - no more than twenty minutes. Fourthly, this is an outrageous ending that can permanently discourage the desire to play games of this genre.

Alone in the Dark: Illumination

The Alone in the Dark series has more than enough fans around the world. Despite their slightly clumsy management, they were doomed to success thanks to the gloomy atmosphere prevailing in the virtual world, full of various traps and creepy creatures. But with the release of Alone in the Dark: Illumination, the developers were clearly in a hurry. She could not even be saved by several interesting ideas that the creators were never able to bring to mind. As a result, an unfinished miscarriage appeared in the world, which caused confusion among all horror lovers, who expected something truly worthwhile from the new creation, and in the end they received only a clumsy fake for the original. A kind of dummy, which was a pity to waste time.

In the end, instead of the promised pleasure, Alone in the Dark: Illumination can only infuriate gamers and, with a clear conscience, add to our list.

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Author: Jake Pinkman