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Latest news from Samsung camp


One of the world's largest electronics manufacturers, Samsung continues to delight fans of its products with new developments. The world is watching with tension the prospect of the world's first bendable device, which has already been developed by engineers from South Korea and is being tested. Also, gadget lovers are waiting for the appearance of a product with five cameras on the market. Let's talk about the latest news from the camp of this company.

Images of new Samsung device posted online

It is already a little longer to wait for the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10. Some of its technical characteristics became public knowledge long before the official presentation of the product. It is currently known that it will receive a selfie camera built into the display, which, unlike its counterparts in the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, is not located in the center, but shifted to one of the upper corners.

Another nuance of this model is the presence of four sensors in the main camera. She also has a new S-Pen stylus, which does not differ significantly from analogues from the past.

The only mistake of the distributors of premature rumors was the statement that several modifications of this device would be released this year. A basic version, a product with a "Pro" prefix and 5G devices were predicted.

It turned out that the marketers of the manufacturing company think differently. Just like in the Galaxy S line, one of the modifications of the Galaxy Note 10 will be called Galaxy Note 10+ instead of the “Pro” prefix.

This was confirmed by the recent posting of photos that were posted on Twitter by TechTalkTV.


The quality of the posted image leaves much to be desired, but there are some subtleties that indicate the authenticity of the image.

It is now clear that the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone has a front-facing camera that is slightly inferior in size to the Galaxy S10 counterpart. If you look closely at the pictures, you can assume that the gadget is equipped with factory protection. Its rear panel is almost impossible to examine, due to the fact that the photo was taken while the device was being moved and turned out to be blurry.

However, even this quality allows you to see on it three vertically oriented sensors of the main camera, located in the upper left corner of the rear panel and the fourth, located slightly to the right.


At the moment there is no information confirming the accuracy of the images, but one can already judge the external data of the future Galaxy Note 10+.

The second generation Galaxy Fold will be equipped with a stylus and an 8-inch display

There are rumors that Samsung is working on a second generation Galaxy Fold while its first has yet to be announced. It is also said to be a clamshell. This is practically not real at all.


However, there is some common sense in this, although such a construction is more likely in the sphere of some of the company's ambitions. After all, production in such a form factor implies the greatest complexity.

An unnamed source claims the Galaxy Fold 2 will receive the S Pen.

Galaxy Fold, which has not yet launched into production and sale, received a display with a diagonal of 7.3 inches. The second generation bendable device enlargement is aimed at the displays of the already released iPad Mini or Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

This will increase not only the useful area of the panel, but also the cost of the device as a whole. That is why it becomes clear what the stylus is for here. It will help you with large screens.


However, its integration is impossible without the use of a Wacom digitizer. Until the last moment, no one has used this on folding surfaces. Only a few drawing tablets were equipped with digitizers from some Chinese manufacturers. With the Korean company abandoning Wacom, the prospects for the S Pen are dim.

The rumor that the clamshell from Samsung will have a shape similar to the RAZR is very plausible. After all, it is more practical. On such a device, which unfolds into a tablet, you can write and draw, which will be very pleasant for many users. It will surely become more useful and in demand.

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