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30 best films about submarines and submariners. Part 2


After a two-week break, fans of the genre are invited to once again plunge into the murky waters of the world's oceans in order to find out which films have been honored to be included in the second part of the list of the best films about submarines.

We remind you that the ranking of films in our top depends on the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated in the subheadings immediately after the title of the film.

16. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) 7.14

Talking about submarines and never remembering about the "Nautilus" and the first submariner of all times and peoples - Captain Nemo, this, of course, is in no way. And although the best film, based on the novel of the same name by Jules Verne, occupies only 16th position in our top, it is worth talking about it separately.


For some reason, all the films (and there are quite a few of them) that were based on the novel of the great writer, written, by the way, in the second half of the 19th century, are far from the original plot. The only exception, perhaps, can be made only by the Soviet 4-episode mini-series "Captain Nemo", released in 1975.

Everything turned out somehow unconvincing, even though the famous Walt Disney himself shot the picture. And it's not just outdated special effects. Too much emphasis is placed here on the "war against war" waged by Captain Nemo. "To kill at sea, so that there is peace on earth" - this slogan in itself is illogical. In addition, Nemo, who has a difficult "childhood" behind him, knows firsthand what it means to lose family and friends. And here - "kill at sea" ...

How are the people you kill at sea different from the people you kill on land? They also have wives, children, etc. at home.

Yes, by the way, and there are no references to the captain's past here at all. That is why not every viewer can understand why the captain suddenly began his "murderous and vengeful" campaign. But it is excellently shown how the "good crew of a good ship" rolls to the eyeballs with "gifts of the ocean". An elderly huge turtle, which was led "under the arms" to the slaughter, deserves a separate mention.


Idyll, and nothing more. It remains to be seen whether the valiant team of the Nautilus will be overwhelmed.

And Ned Land's turtle-shell guitar looks great in the movie. Why not destroy everything and everyone in the sea for the sake of your whim? But, then, how do you differ from the "land"? The one who became the first of those who decided to "fuck up" the sea as well?

If we talk about the film itself, then for its time the film was shot with a solid top five. The electric shocks, which beat the cannibals, and the tentacles of the "Kraken" at the end of the film were shot quite worthily. But the current generation is no longer surprising with such a "puppet theater". Therefore, if you are under 30, you can safely walk by.

17. The collapse of "Laconia" (2010) 7.06

Here again, as in the best filmof the first part of the top films about submarines, we are invited to cheer for the fascist submariners.

In this case, the team of the U-156 submarine mistakenly sank an ocean liner, which transported, firstly, mainly civilian passengers, and, secondly, 1800 Italian prisoners of war who were allies at that time Hitlerite Germany.

The captain of the submarine makes a difficult decision - to save the survivors from the sunken liner. And this at a time when the order from the Fritzes was: "Take no prisoners!" Now the submarine, loaded to the eyeballs with British citizens and Italian prisoners of war, cannot dive, because even on the upper deck it has people.

The boat is open for fire on both yours and ours. How will it end? We'll find out at the end of the second episode.

18. Crimson Tide (1995) 7.03

In USA during the perestroika period, stuffed to the eyeballs with missiles with nuclear warheads, the turmoil begins. An inveterate nationalist of the "ultra" category, Vladimir Radchenko, with his stupid "followers" seized one of the bases in the Far East, on the territory of which there are installations for launching intercontinental missiles.

The leadership of the Pacific Fleet dispatches the nuclear submarine "Alabama" to destroy the base, the crew of which is staffed to capacity with Hollywood stars. The captain is played by Gene Hackman, the first mate is Danzel Washington, in addition to them there are Matt Craven, Viggo Mortensen, George Dzundza, a huge number of actors from the future project "The Sopranos", including James Gandolfini himself, who played the role of almost a traitor here. p>

The entire batch of the film is based on contradictions in the US Navy charter. It was for this that all this nonsense with turmoil in USA was invented. The organizers of the project needed to create a situation in which the launch of nuclear missiles from an American submarine would be justified.

According to the previous charter, the order for launching the missiles was to be given by the captain, and such an order was to be executed by the crew only if he (this order) was duplicated by the chief officer. But here the chief officer was not so sure of the correctness of the decision made by the captain, and therefore such a terrible mess turned out on the nuclear submarine.

Although, they managed to sink our submarine. Well, where are the Americans without it. Moreover, the situation was "painted" such that they had nothing for it. Yes, they are a lot for such inventions.

19. Squared Case 36-80 (1982) 6.86

The situation is somewhat similar to that described in the previous case. Only the contradictions are now not in the charter of the US Navy, but in the minds of American politicians and the military.


While the Americans are making films about how our antediluvian ships are falling apart, ours are churning out masterpieces about falling apart US submarines. In the film, one of the cases of the "collapse" of a nuclear submarine of the US Navy is presented to our attention, to whose aid our rescuers are in a hurry. Still, there are a bunch of nuclear missiles on board the ship, the targets of which are our peaceful cities.

But the Americans are in no hurry to let our rescuers on board. How will it end? Do the rockets really start? And will we be able to answer this "disgrace"?

In general, you need to look. Not to say that it is action, but you can look. The problem is still topical.

20. The Secret of Two Oceans (1955) 6.80

Another Soviet-made film. Moreover, fantastic. With the story of such an advanced submarine from the 1950s, which will only dream of in the 2020s.


At the same time, two different ships are wrecked in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, one of which turns out to be our motor ship "Arktika". To clarify the circumstances of the crash, the leadership of the USSR Navy dispatches an advanced submarine "Pioneer". But not everything is so smooth with the crew of this submarine. Among him is a spy and a saboteur who urgently needs to be identified. And at the same time calculate the one for whom he works and the one who benefits from the wreck of these two ships.

What will be revealed to the crew at the end of the film will be amazing. A certain attacker organized a base in the world's oceans, launching homing torpedoes both on ours and on yours, in order to ignite the third world.

Who is this attacker, and whether he will succeed, we will learn from the movie itself.

21. Depth (2002) 6.77

Here the turn is no less fantastic, albeit without global motives. Everything is simpler. The crew of an American submarine performs combat missions in a given square, and then rescues three survivors after the sinking of a British floating hospital by an unknown person.

And here everything begins. Many people see ghosts on the submarine, they hear voices, and the submarine itself forcibly wants to return the crew to the place of their "military glory", that is, to the place where they flooded the last enemy ship.

As such, director David Tui didn’t make a horror film, but as a fantastic thriller, the film does well. Still, depth, enclosed space, and poltergeist. The mixture is still the same. And so it will be even more interesting.

One of the rescued, the quirky nurse Claire Page, played by Olivia Williams in the film, finds a logbook in the captain's cabin, in which the handwriting of the one who filled it (that is, the captain) has recently changed dramatically. What happened on this boat that caused the captain to be removed from his post? And where is he?

Anyway, what the hell is going on with the Americans here?

22. Submarine (1999) 6.76

The civil war between the South and the North, which broke out in North America at the beginning of the second half of the 19th century, took place both on land and at sea. It was at that time that the world's first submarine with a crew on board was launched, capable of destroying enemy ships with its antediluvian torpedoes.

Leading the crew that manually set this unfortunate submarine in motion, Armand Assante himself, inthe first part of our top best films about submarines, commanded a nuclear submarine that survived the Third World War in the film "On the last shore ".

Will he be able to save the crew of the world's first submarine from death? We learn from the film. But he will certainly have to break through the blockade of Port Charleston.

23. Hostile Waters (1997) 6.72

Another feature film from the series "Accidents on Soviet and USA nuclear submarines." It's funny, but not laughing. On the nuclear submarines of the US Navy, there was no less emergency. But shooting about the enemy is much more pleasant than making yourself look like a liar, isn't it?


The most interesting thing is that the film was filmed based on the events that actually took place. And everything happened just before the meeting between Gorbachev and Reagan in Reykjavik. The damn submarine K-219 was not all right for a long time. And about this, which is characteristic, the officer responsible for the missile weapons knew. But, for some reason, he did not report it above, intending to quickly fix the problems.

But they did not want to fix the problems, on the contrary, the rocket fuel began to mix with water, which resulted in an explosion in the 6 rocket silo. As usual, one after another, other breakdowns began to occur. Ultimately, the reactors had to be put out and the boat sent to the bottom.

Told, of course, exactly, but everything that happened on board and overboard during the incident made all the authorities and ruling circles of both superpowers twitch. And what efforts the Americans had to withstand and not torpedo our combat submarine, this is a must see.

24. Battle of Orion (2009) 6.69

As it turned out, not only Germans and Americans can make films about submarines and submariners. Without thinking twice, we shook ourselves and decided to shoot a masterpiece about submariners and the Japanese.


And it turned out pretty well. At least better than the sloppy 2016 Cruiser starring Nicolas Cage, which shows in great detail how sharks ate pretty well on the crew of an American warship for almost half of the film.

And, since we sympathized with the Fritz submariners and cheered for them in the movie "Submarine", why not cheer and sympathize with the Japanese, who were also our opponents in the Great Patriotic War? It seems that you don't want to, but it somehow comes out to be imbued with respect for these strong spirit people.

And, by the way, it is not yet clear who will win in this duel of captaincy, the commander of an American battleship, or the captain of a Japanese submarine ...

25. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997) 6.66

A later two-part rehash of Jules Verne's novel with Michael Caine as Captain Nemo.


Even more innovations and deviations from the main plot happened here. All that remained of the novel was, in fact, the Nautilus submarine, and its contents, as well as everything outside, underwent such a terrible alteration that you will read the novel after viewing this masterpiece as something completely different.

Here, the tolerant public decided to introduce an African American into the company of strangers who came on board the Nautilus. Why he was needed there is not entirely clear. Probably to spin love with a Malaysian pearl diver.

Yes, African Americans are like that. Just give them what they want.

In general, the film turned out to be naive and stupid, and it is completely incomprehensible how he managed to grab such a rating on KinoPoisk. But to look once is worth it. At least to laugh at how the current Hollywood screenwriters are puffed up in their attempts to improve the creations of the meters of literature, to which they, as it turns out, not only grow, but also need to learn.

26. The Hunt for "Red October" (1990) 6.59

According to American writers, Soviet submariners not only served for all the time breaking "underwater troughs", but were also completely traitors. It turns out that a Soviet soldier, according to Tom Clancy, the author of the novel of the same name, based on which the film is directed, could sell anything and everything, including his homeland, for a good life in the capitalist States.

To be honest, we have no information about how many servicemen during the years of Soviet power ran from one side to the other, both in one direction and in the other. We think that there were no such people at all, or there were only insignificant shots, since all the media in the world would have trumpeted about this, let's take the same Snowden as an example.

But the betrayal is committed here, allegedly, not for the sake of a bright life in the states (although this is discussed during the film between the chief officer and the captain) or disappointment with the communists, but for the sake of preventing the Third World War. Allegedly, the newest Soviet submarine had super-quiet engines on some kind of hydraulic thrust, which made it possible for it to enter the territorial waters of, for example, New York, and fire as many cruise missiles at it as the Soviets wanted. That is why the hero of Sean Connery, Captain Marco Ramius, along with other members of the command staff of the newest Soviet nuclear submarine, decided to desert and hand the ship over to the Americans.

Everything is complete nonsense, including "super quiet" engines. Idiot, and only, in which the Americans made fools not only us, but also themselves. In our opinion, at least. You can watch Sean Connery's game. Only if it doesn't hurt for the spat upon the homeland and the honor of Soviet submariners.

27. U-429: Underwater Prison (2003) 6.32

And in this story, everything is tailored to "ours and yours on the same ship, and what to do now, when both yours and ours consider us to be enemies"?


It was for this that an implausible scenario was invented, in which the commander of the German submarine U-429 performed by Till Schweiger took on board the survivors from the American submarine sunk by him, although the order from above was adamant: “Take no prisoners on board! " To top it off, the ship had an Enigma encoder, which the Americans were not allowed to show even from afar.

It was for this that the Mingitis disease was invented, which the Americans brought aboard to the Fritz, and which mowed more than half of the submarine's crew.

Now the survivors of both must work together to survive. Here the Germans did something akin to Sean Connery in the previous case. What are these warriors who are ready to spit on orders to save their own skins? Unclear. “Army” doesn't work like that. If it is, of course, "Army".

By the way, William H. Macy, who plays the drunken daddy in Shameless, never looks and is not taken seriously here. We, of course, understand that the series began filming much later, only in 2011, but ... That is, that is.

28. Black Sea (2014) 6.07

This is already a story from our time. And it dissolves in it either about the war or even about the teachings. For all that, this is not fiction. Rather, this story can be called an "underwater thriller". Yes, exactly "underwater", since the action all the time (excluding the beginning and the very end) occurs only under water.

What drove the crew of non-military sailors under the water in peacetime? Of course, a treasure. Hearing in a bar from a friend - Kerston - that during the war years in the Black Sea a German submarine carrying a Soviet gold sank, with which the Soviets wanted to buy off an attack on the country (again rotten anti-Sovietism), Captain Robinson (Jude Law) is recruiting a team and a rusty submarine is sent to look for a sunken treasure ship.

For what it was necessary to hire half of the USA crew, and half the English-speaking, we honestly did not understand. The structure of the submarine and other reasons were clearly unconvincing. Probably, rather, in order to then set half on the other half.

That's what the creators of the picture did.

29. The Land Forgotten by Time (1974) 6.07

The film was shot in the spirit of King Kong, Jurassic Park, Sannikov Land, The Lost World, etc., in which people accidentally arrive at a location with a closed ecosystem, on or in which they still dinosaurs survived.


The only difference from others in this film lies in the way people get to this, as the film says, "continent." And they get on it, just the same, on a submarine lost in the world's oceans.

The film begins as a military one, and ends as a third-rate paleo-fantasy, which at that time, however, looked very good. Separate laughter deserves the constantly changing hands of a German military submarine of the First World War. It was very interesting to observe the naivety with which the crew from the wrecked American ship got inside the German military submarine. Not to mention the fact that there are no "mini-continents" where there is ice outside and warm inside - there is no such thing.

But maybe actions developed on the Earth of a different universe, as they like to say now, where completely different physical laws reign?

30. Kursk (2018) 6.01

The title of this movie says it all. What prompted the Belgians to shoot a true story about our submarine "Kursk", when they had innumerable emergency situations in their country? Probably the same thing that prompted HBO to shoot a true story about the Chernobyl disaster, when they had their own shit unmeasured, that is, distracting the public's attention from their problems by transferring this attention to the problems of opponents.

Let's not argue about how truthfully everything turned out for them, let's just say that much in this story is still in question. In theory, all versions are present here in one form or another. But ...

In general, we didn't like the movie. It lacks sincerity and genuineness. Everything looks too pretentious and exaggerated. But fans of the genre can definitely watch it. Although the film is no longer about the disaster itself, but about its consequences.


This concludes. Films about submarines, whose rating is lower than 6.0 according to KinoPoisk, are hardly worth the attention of the general public, and even fans of the genre will like it with an interference. Therefore, the top 30, in our opinion, is exactly the threshold that it is better not to cross.

Next week you will see the continuation of thetop of the best TV seriesHBO, but for now, as usual, a positive mood for everyone and more awesome films and TV series! Go to the movies more often and you will be in a good mood!

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