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What to see from films on self-isolation: ”Five of the same blood” (2020)


At a time when in a number of regions cinemas are to be opened from day to day, in some regions they do not even think about filming the self-isolation mode. Therefore, our next advice on what to see from the films will come in handy. And this time we will watch an adventurous-dramatic film with elements of the action movie directed by Spike Lee "Five of the same blood", which premiered on the streaming service Netflix June 12, 2020.

Spike Lee is known for his racist theme in nearly every successful film. This masterpiece is no exception. Although here the director set out to combine the theme of the infringed rights of African Americans with the search for treasures, choosing Vietnam as a location. It turned out a two-and-a-half-hour porridge, which, meanwhile, is very worth watching.

Description of the movie "Five of the same blood" (2020)

Right off the bat, let's evaluate the trailer right away. With subtitles, but that's okay. Not everyone has forgotten how to read yet.

Nice, but not very clear. Let's try to add some information. And let's divide, for greater clarity, the description of the film "Five of the same blood" into two parts - dramatic and adventure, separating, so to speak, the wheat from the chaff.

Where the drama is tied

The film begins with the words of Muhammad Ali, who, in an interview with one of the journalists, says the following:

“... My conscience will not allow me to shoot my brothers or people with darker skin or hungry poor at the behest of mighty America. And why should I kill them? They didn't call me nigga. They didn't lynch me. They weren't hounded by dogs. They did not deprive me of my nationality ... "


From this monologue can conclude that Mohammed would shoot only in white and, in particular, to those who would call him a "nigger." And then, if it is NOT on the orders of mighty America. That is, at your discretion. You're someone "nigger" called ?! Bang! Without trial and investigation. Because the words "mighty America" mean, just, and the courts with investigation and the civic duty of every American citizen to the people of this very America. And Muhammad, as everyone knows, was an American citizen.

This is a double-edged sword. If you are not satisfied with the laws of the state, you can always dump into a country where the laws are what you like. Yes, not everyone can afford it, but you are the one who has enough money to do it. But no. Mohammed chose the other end of the stick. After all, it is much cooler to live in YOUR country and pretend that you are fighting the system, in fact, earning yourself PR among your own, as the film says - "hard-earned", thereby playing into the hands of politicians, who, as you know, any public excitement, if desired, can turn in any direction they need.

But not a word about that. In the film "Five of the same blood", the entire first half, the one in which the dramatic component is the main one, it is the meaning voiced only in the above statements, without any deviations towards the ambiguity of the problem, one-sidedness of judgments and common sense.

Among those who were allowed to speak in the first minutes of the film "Five of the same blood" was also Robert George Seal, a political activist, fighter for the rights of blacks and co-founder of the party "Black Panthers" (symbolically, Chadwick Boseman, who played in the film deceased Storm Norm, also starred as a superhero - "Black Panther" in the movie of the same nameMarvel Studios).

In particular, John Seal said the following:

“... During the Civil War, 186,000 blacks fought at the front. We were promised freedom, but we did not get it. In World War II, 850,000 blacks fought. We were promised freedom, but we did not get it. Now we are in Vietnam and we never got anything except the atrocities of the racist police ... "


It is this statement to some extent that tries to justify the actions of the main characters and the entire "adventurous" second part of the film, in which there is no time for "lofty thoughts". You need to shoot back there with might and main.

Indeed. In addition to ranting about racism and how bad it is for blacks in America, in the movie Five of the same blood (2020), the main characters are also doing something. We will talk about this.

What the action adventure is tied to

It turns out that during the fighting on one of the tasks, the main characters were lucky to hide a box of gold that had become ownerless. While the dramatic component insists that, first of all, the five comrades decided to return to Vietnam to the places of "military glory" for the remains of a comrade in arms, the action-adventure plot line insists that, nevertheless, these five came here for gold.

We will not turn our already inflated extended description of the movie "Five of the same blood" (2020) into a huge spoiler and we trust you to decide for yourself whether they would stick to Vietnam for Storm Norman if not for gold.


Moreover, the adventure should not be justified by good deeds, which would be part of it, since they were going to leave enough for themselves.

So, as we said, the adventurous part follows from the dramatic, namely, from the words of John Seal. Since America did not give them freedom, then they will take it for themselves, bringing hidden, if you look, stolen, gold from Vietnam, thereby foolishly confirming that freedom in America is bought and is only from those who have money.

Only, that's bad luck. Even though the embossed bars are American, the local reckless Vietnamese decide that they have more rights to the gold.


Although, without instigation from the cunning Frenchwoman, played by Jean Reno himself, it was not without, thereby again confirming the fact that, as during the Second World War (as, in other matters, and everywhere, and under all circumstances) The Vietnamese are stupid, the French are cunning and only the Americans are judicious-militant-straightforward.

Pros and cons of painting

One of the main characters of the film mentions "Rambo" with Sylvester Stallone and "Missing" with Chuck Norris, saying that, by making such films, America allegedly wants to win a lost war after the fight is over. In hindsight, so to speak.


And right there, the veteran old fighters themselves are again fighting the Vietnamese after the fact. Let not with warriors, but still. They also tried to lower the heap of the French, saying that, they say, if it were not for the "black brothers", now France and others like it would live under the heel of Nazism.

Immediately implying that the Soviet troops alone without allies would not have reached Berlin (Ha!), but would have lost the war altogether. Forgetting that in this case Hitler would have flooded America with all his tenfold power, and she, too, would have come to a skiff.

It is also alarming that according to the reasoning of some especially advanced heroes of the film "Five of the same blood" and personally John Seale, only blacks fought in the Civil, World War II and Vietnamese wars. According to them, it turns out that in films like "Saving Private Ryan", "Platoon" or "Apocalypse Now," white people are shown in the ranks of the American army simply playing for the audience. In fact, John Rambo and James Braddock were supposed to be African American, not pale Italian and red-haired Yankees.

But it is clear that this is not the case. And, if you figure it out, what happens? White should go to the front just like that, and blacks only for some kind of super prize? And if not, will we sit on our ass, hiding behind your backs?

We, of course, understand that these are the thoughts of only the main characters of the film "Five of the same blood". But it would be better not to pour THIS into the ears of millions of American citizens, who are equally inexperienced in common sense. In light of what is happening there now, this masterpiece came out at the wrong time.

Although, again, from whose point of view to look at this. This is only in the hands of the Democrats. Before the elections, it is advisable for them to rock the boat with Trump so that he rolls over with it and, preferably, drowns as well.


In general, the only drawbacks we have is this “abstract” plan. As for the artistic, “not politicized” component, the film looks great.


Anyone who has shown interest and would like to start watching Spike Lee's masterpiece right now can feel free to press on the link below.

Watch the movie "Five of the same blood" (2020) online

For the rest, we recommend taking a promenade under the heading"what to see", where there are films that can satisfy any viewer. On this we say goodbye to you until next week, during which we will pick up something fresh and tasty for you. All the best! Less coronavirus and self-isolation and more worthwhile films and TV series!

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