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Gall mortar works quietly and unnoticed


The Gall silent mortar cannot be called a standard representative of its class; a number of features make it unique in its way. The weapon was first demonstrated in 2011, now the mortar is being mass-produced. 2B25 "Gall" was created primarily for special forces tasks.

The tactical advantage of 2B25 is its soundlessness and secrecy. The weapon does not create any noise effects, nor flame, nor smoke. Such features became possible for two reasons: product design and special mortar ammunition. The high-explosive fragmentation warhead was developed specifically for a mortar. The special structure of the mine shank provides minimal noise when using the "Gall". At the moment of firing, such a device retains the propellant gases in the shank, which prevents the appearance of a shock wave, doom and flame. The volume of the Gall's shot can be compared to the use of an AK equipped with a silencer.

Among the technical indicators of the mortar, one can single out a firing range of up to 1.2 kilometers. This is facilitated by setting the guidance angles from +45 to +85 degrees. The rate of fire without correcting the aiming reaches 15 shots in 60 seconds. Practical tests have shown the ability of "Gall" to shoot from surfaces of various hardness and under extreme external conditions from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. By rearranging the biped, the lesion angle can be extended to 360 degrees.


In addition to a special design that provides tactical advantages, the silent mortar "Gall" has ergonomic characteristics. It does not need to be disassembled into component components when transferring between combat and travel modes. To carry the mortar over short distances, you can completely do with the belts provided on the weapon. The transportation of the "Gall", which is notable for its small dimensions and weight, is capable of being carried out by two people: one carries the weapon itself, the other carries ammunition for it.

Similar design parameters of the 2B25 mortar provide two of its main features: invisibility when carrying and an element of surprise for the enemy. The simplicity with which you can easily organize the transfer of the mortar from one combat point to another will allow even a small special detachment to carry out an effective operation, providing a surprise attack.

The most effective "Gall" shows when used from closed positions, when the same tactical surprise is provided. The appearance of flying ammunition without noise, smoke and flashes makes it impossible to determine where the shots are coming from. In such situations, the mortar can be discreetly located within 300 meters of the target.


The reduced weight, which has become one of the hallmarks of the mortar, is provided by the general lightweight device of the weapon, as well as the presence of a shortened thin-walled barrel. As a result, the 2B25 "Gall" mortar weighing 13 kg can be carried in an ordinary travel bag by one person. For comparison, you can take one of the classic mortars, for example, the Soviet 2B14 "Tray" with the same 82-mm caliber. Having a standard device for its class, the "Tray" weighs about 42 kg, and it requires a crew of four to service it.

All of the above makes the Gall mortar one of the indispensable tools in the implementation of anti-terrorist operations. The characteristics of the weapon provide it with advantages in conducting close attacks, making the mortar almost perfect tools for conducting sabotage operations in enemy territory.

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