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How to get Akashi in Azur Lane: Akashi's Secret Story Quest


Do you like cute kitties? What about cute kitty girls? Cute anime kitty girls? How about cute anime kitty girls as the warships of the great Sakura Empire, whose eared smile animations cause a heart attack faster than Death Note? Well, if you answered yes to all of these questions, then congratulations, you are either a very specific person who is not afraid of his fetishes, or you want to get the Akashi ship in Azur Lane by completing a secret quest. Today we will figure out how to get this very kitty, the Akashi cruiser in Azur Lane.

The mission is considered secret, as there will be no mention of this quest throughout the game until it starts. It is quite long in its time, so please be patient as you will have to spend 21 days on it. You will not get a finished ship right away, but a blueprint, so you also have to pay for crafting.


And it all starts with cat's paws hidden throughout the game, there are only 11 of them. The prints are quite large, plus they are red, so finding them will be easy, as Lewis Carroll wrote - you just need to know where to look. The legs will appear alternately.


Therefore, you need to search for them in the correct order. Here it is:

1. Dock

2. Equipment Storage

3. Tactical Academia

4. Shop, specifically in the Supplies section where Akashi will stand and sell donated things to us

5. Mission6. Next, go to the Formation section, where we compose the fleet

7. After, the foot will appear on the screen of the main menu with the secretary

8. Collation

9. Commission subsection in the main Attack section

10. Next, without leaving the attack section, go to Exersice

11. And the last leg we find in the Build section


After collecting all these paws, we will receive a sentence that says: Touch Akashi 30, which means to tap on Akashi 30 times. We go to the Store and literally just tap on Akashi, who is nicely selling goods, 30 times until the script is activated. Only after that you will have her quest in the appropriate section. This line of tasks consists of 20 stages. Since the legs have been found, consider that you have already completed the first one. All of them are also executed in turn.


First Quest - Collect 30 pieces to improve additional equipment. You don't have to collect them on purpose, because if you have them in your inventory, then Akashi will simply take them, leaving 3 purple improvements as a reward.

Next, go to the build menu to craft 10 ships. It doesn't matter what kind of ships you build, the main thing is to just do it. You can even create the lightest and cheapest boats. For this you will receive 3000 gold and 3 cubes.


Third quest - create 5 pieces of equipment: go to the Depot menu, to the Crafting section. There is also no need to spend money and use cool blueprints. You are free to craft whatever you want. After that, you shouldn't go far, since the next task is to break 10 pieces of equipment. So just go to Gear, select Disassemble and break unnecessary gear.

Then everything is not so simple. Fifth - Complete 10 comissions. Step 6 takes us to Dorm, where you have to complete the daily food replenishment quest in Dorm 14 times. This is where a fun ride will begin for you, which will last for two weeks. Yes, for a long time, but you've already come a long way to just retreat. In addition, you will be rewarded with 5 pieces of Royal Gourmet. Here it is, the price of avoiding donation. I also want to congratulate you. After passing this point, you will come to a point of no return, because after such a retreat will not come out of the principle


The seventh point is the execution of missions. Go to Battle - Daily and find the Escort mission there. There you must go through the Escort Mission Fire power, and then Air. It is important to go through this sequence, but the complexity of the task does not matter.

After that you need to complete Adventure Missions on any difficulty as well. By the way, you will receive a golden book for it. In exactly the same way, we pass Fierce Assault.

Next, the mission marathon is over and we come to the fact that we need to open 10 chests : T3 Sakura tech pack. Next you need to open the gold T3 Sakura tech pack in the amount of 5 pieces.

The thirteenth task will require you to complete the quest to clear location 8-4 . You need to complete it once. Next, re-pass location 1-4 six times on hard ... Yes, this is the contrast. But it gets worse. After all, you will have to go through the hard version of worlds 2 to 5 each six times …. You will spend a week on this farm ... Consider this your Avdeev's stables, because you will not receive a significant reward for the cleaning itself, but only purple parts for retrofit. However, it is after this that you will knock out Akasha's blueprint and finish this long journey.


There is an interesting point here. You can Collect paws both at the beginning of the quest and at the end. After all, you can simply tap the Akashi 30 times in the store after which the quest will begin. In this case, you will have to collect the paws after clearing locations on the hard. Then they will simply be converted into a blueprint in your inventory.

Why is Akashi interesting?

Akashi should be knocked out for the simple reason that she, as a support ship, has the strongest effect of restoring other ships. Her unique item Healing cat's paw will increase the healing skill for other ships by 20% .


She also has a second feature - Reload Command Vanguard , which allows you to speed up the reloading of Vanguard weapons by 15% . Moreover, both effects are available at the same time. This makes her better than a Unicorn with similar skills.

In addition, she has a number of other abilities to help you in your boss battles.

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