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Aladdin with Will Smith teaser premiere


The Cinema News portal presents the first dubbed teaser for the fairy tale "Aladdin", which is movieed by the Walt Disney studio. The project will be a game version of the famous full-length cartoon released in 1992, which tells about a thief who finds a magic lamp with Gene and with the help of his magic gets into the palace, where he finds himself next to the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

Billy Magnussen was shot in the movie. , Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari, Mena Massoud, Nazim Padrad, Numan Akar, Navid Negaban and other actors. Directed by Guy Ritchie. As in the case of another Walt Disney movie - "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin" will become a musical, the audience will be able to hear both familiar to them from the cartoon, and new ones.

Recall, that the original cartoon earned a huge amount at the time in the world - more than $ 500 million and became a classic of its genre. On its basis, an animated television series about the adventures of Aladdin and his friends was later movieed. The efforts of the creators of "Aladdin" have received prestigious awards, including the Oscar.

The movie will be released in May 2019.

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Author: Jake Pinkman