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Elari KidPhone 3G - smartwatch with support


The USA company Elari is preparing to release the Elari KidPhone 3G smart watch - the world's first children's watch-phone with support for Alice's voice assistant, video calls and GPS tracking.

In general, a complete kit for the progressive younger generation and parents who want to be sure that everything is in order with their child. In addition, the Elari KidPhone 3G is the first device from a third-party manufacturer based on the Yandex.IO kit, which means that you can expect full support for all current Yandex services.

Alice is the child's best friend and learning assistant

The main feature of the Elari KidPhone 3G watch will be full support for the voice assistant "Alice", the algorithm of which was developed jointly with Yandex specifically for the Elari device. "Alice" can maintain a conversation with a child, solve simple math problems, tell fairy tales and, in general, create the impression that the child is communicating with a live interlocutor.

Also, Alice will be able to brighten up the child's leisure, playing with him in "Cities", "Zoology", "Guess the melody" and much more. It is promised that thanks to Yandex.Dialogi, Alice's functionality will be constantly updated. Yandex engineers paid special attention to ensuring that Alice in Elari KidPhone 3G showed the child only content suitable for his age and better understand children's speech.

Security & Communication

The smartwatch is fully controlled from the parent gadget. For example, you can remotely set up a list of allowed contacts that your child is allowed to call. Of course, special attention has been paid to safety, and thanks to GPS tracking, the parent will always know about the child's current location and the history of his movement. During class or quiet hours, a parent can set the watch to In Class mode.


If an emergency occurs, the child will be able to press the "SOS" key, automatically notifying all adults who are "subscribed" to the smart watch. Elari KidPhone 3G supports both voice and video calls. A child can independently call not only adults, but also other children, but only if they also have Smart Watch KidPhone 3G.

Elari KidPhone 3G Specifications

  • Below is a complete list of device specifications:
  • Integrated voice assistant Alice from Yandex
  • Support for audio and video calls
  • GPS / LBS / WiFi Tracker
  • Dedicated SOS button
  • 1.3 "touch screen
  • 2MP camera
  • 4 GB persistent and 512 MB RAM
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Protection against moisture and microparticles according to IP65
  • Up to 3 days standby time
  • Alarm clock, pedometer, accelerometer

The official presentation of the watch will take place on August 31, 2018 at the international electronics exhibition - IFA 2018, held in Berlin. And from today the watch is available for ordering on the website In retail, it will be possible to buy Elari KidPhone 3G from September 3, 2018 exclusively in the salons of the mobile operator Megafon.

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