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Inside # 10.09: Facebook bracelet; Essential smartphone Sony SLR camera; Google Chromebook


The inside issue with a nice serial number 10 is devoted to some interesting data. First, let's talk about Facebook's development of a mind-reading bracelet. Then we will discuss Essential's creation of a new smartphone. In conclusion, we will inform you about the latest research by Sony and Google.

Facebook creates a bracelet to control the digital life of users

Two days ago, Facebook VP Andrew Bosworth announced at an event that the company had acquired the CTRL-labs "neural interface platform". According to him, the main purpose of the purchase is to develop a bracelet that will record a person's intentions by reading signals passing through his body. These are electrical impulses.


According to the creators, this will contribute to control over the user's digital life. Since this company has previously repeatedly disclosed confidential information, this information did not cause much delight among its customers.

The technical side of the issue is of interest. It’s interesting to figure out how Facebook will get its device to get user intent data in this way. Anticipating such curiosity, Bosworth explained how things would go.

He wrote on his page that neurons are formed in the human spinal cord, which send electrical signals to the muscles of the arms and legs. They contain an algorithm for performing a particular movement.

The bracelet is able to capture and decode these signals, forming digital data. At the same time, Facebook believes that one of the benefits that the purchaser of the bracelet will receive will be the ability to exchange photos. For this, supposedly, it will not be necessary to make a lot of effort: it is enough to think about the desire to send pictures to a colleague and the bracelet will guess this intention, and then help to fulfill it.

This is not the first attempt by this company to experiment with the human brain. Previously, she had plans to transcribe silent speech using an appropriate brain interface. This became known in July this year, but the Facebook team made such attempts back in 2017.

Essential will release a new device

XDA-Developers has announced that Essential is currently developing a new product. According to the source of information, now the company's specialists are testing the device. It is assumed that the message refers to the company's new smartphone, but the developer does not confirm it.

There have already been leaks regarding this topic before. They claimed that the gadget will receive a Snapdragon 730 processor and Android 10 operating system. A year earlier, Bloomberg reported that this company is working on an AI smartphone. According to the manufacturer's plan, it should respond automatically to incoming messages.


To date, it has not been clarified how this is true.

Prior to this, the company announced the Essential Phone gadget, which uses titanium and ceramics in the production of the case. It was equipped with a Snapdragon 835 chipset with 4GB of RAM, a main camera with two sensors and a semicircle frontal cutout. It was criticized for poor maintainability and a number of camera problems.

Sony will soon introduce a cooled DSLR

According to TechRadar, Sony is developing a Sony A7S III SLR camera equipped with an active cooler to cool the mechanism.


The data source claims that the device will be equipped with the ability to record video in 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second. It is also possible that a modification will be created that can record 6K data using a frame rate of 24 fps.

An insider claims that the Sony A7S III has a ventilation hole in the rear panel area, which is necessary for its cooling. It is assumed that when recording high definition video, the camera will heat up and the cooler will start working.

The presentation of new items is scheduled for the end of this year. The exact date and possible prices have not yet been announced.

Google is developing a 4K Chromebook

Insider portal 9to5Google announced that next month, Google, during the presentation of a line of new Pixel smartphones, will also show a Chromebook of its own design, the Pixelbook Go. It is supposed to have a metal body, a 13.3-inch diagonal display with a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels.

Insiders also talked about some of the device's features. According to them, it will be equipped with much more powerful speakers than its counterparts, the Titan C security chip, and two USB Type-C ports.


It is also assumed that the laptop will receive one of the Intel processors: from Core m3 to Core i7, while indicating the presence of possible modifications. They also predict the installation of a powerful block of RAM in the bowels of the device - up to 16 GB and a 256 GB SSD drive.

Sales of the device will start in pink and black cases.

We remind you that an event will take place on October 15, at which the announcement of several Google devices is planned. Pixelbook Go will be among them.

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