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Films with Tom Cruise: Top 40 Best. Part 2


Any movie with Tom Cruise is a kind of masterpiece. Moreover, the role of a great actor is very different. But most of all, especially recently, he gravitates towards the heroes of the action movies. We will not go into reasoning about why films with the participation of a great actor are almost always doomed to success. Just take a look at the list of the best films where he appears in the main or secondary roles.

Yes, in the second part of our top there are some.

21. Made in America (2017) 7.17

A relatively recent film, which tells about the personality of Barry Seal, still a green pilot, but already managed to sit at the controls of a Boeing 747.

The guy's skill and relentlessness quickly attracted the attention of the Medellin cartel. And when his civilian pilot's license was "revoked", it was drug dealers who came to the rescue of Barry's "shaken business".

Since then, his not too long, but very eventful and rich in money career of a drug cartel pilot began, who effortlessly smuggled goods across the US border for drug dealers.

And at the same time forwarded information about these same drug dealers to the CIA and the Department for Combating Drug Trafficking. As they say, our shot is ripe everywhere. And I ate a fish and ... I ate another fish.

22. Lights Out (1981) 7.17

This is how it happens. You study at a military school, study. And then - bam! They took it and closed it. And you have a year left before graduation! What to do?


The main characters of this film know what to do in such situations. Armed to the teeth to defend your school, that's what you need to do! Moreover, despite the complaints of parents and threats from the police from behind the fence.

They believe that this is how future military leaders should be - stubborn, categorical and not afraid of anything ... Terrorists!

Here Tom Cruise appears to us in the role of cadet David Sean, not the main, but very interesting character. Still would! Tom is only 19. He looks like an overgrown toast. Chubby like a piglet!

23. Jack Reacher (2012) 7.16

Initially, based on the novels of Lee Child, Tom Cruise and the company were going to shoot a whole franchise in the spirit of Mission: Impossible, since the writer stamped more than twenty masterpieces about Reacher. But the dubious success of the second film hacked the project in the bud.

The film is based on Child's ninth novel, in which Reacher is already a former special agent. For his tough temper and disposition, as well as constant cases of disobedience to his superiors and direct orders, he was removed from business. Moreover, it seems to be on the wanted list.

But the nimble, thoughtful and super-professional "spy" will really let himself be arrested? Yes, you can find his figs at all! Unless, of course, he himself wants to. Well, or if circumstances do not compel.

And the circumstances were such that Jack had to "come out of the shadows." Some crazy shooter who shot down a bunch of civilians with a sniper rifle wrote only one name during interrogation: "Jack Reacher".

And here Jack Reacher is here and ready to deal with everything that is needed and with everyone who is due. Departing at the same time from ours and from yours, he will shoe and change everyone and everything.

24. Firm (1993) 7.16

"Made in America" is not the first Tom Cruise film in which he had to work on both "yours" and "ours." In this masterpiece, the actor, who has matured by two years after "All Out" and has slightly thrown off his weight, again finds himself between two fires.


He is a student who just graduated from Harvard, where he studied law school with honors. And such in law firms - snapped up. And he agrees to work for one in which he is promised mountains of gold.

Only it turns out that this company is not clean on hand and is engaged in covering up money laundering by drug cartels. As a result, a young and ambitious boy, but not seeing further than his nose, falls for the bait of the FBI agents, who persuade him to cooperate.

But how? After all, a lawyer has no right to disclose information about a client, no matter how dishonest he is. Otherwise, your career in law cried later.

But when things go too far and your life is at stake, you involuntarily ask yourself a question: which is better, a career without life, or life without a career?

25. Cocktail (1988) 7.14

A simple kid just returned from service and is ready to earn his first million. The American Dream and all that. But his enthusiasm did not last long.


Wherever he pokes, either recommendations, or seniority, or experience are required. And everywhere there is a higher education, which, of course, our poor dreamer does not have. But under the capitalist system you cannot accelerate far on pure ambitions.

So a desperate guy somehow wandered into a bar, where he met a local bartender - a connoisseur of life, who gave him a job and a bunch of instructions, and, in the end, the girl (by the way, Gina Gershon herself) was stolen from him .

How did it go? And then - a discord with the mountainmaster, a part-time job in Jamaica, an acquaintance with the heroine Elizabeth Shue (familiar to us from the swarm in "Back to the Future"), and, of course, severe disappointment in his "American Dream" ".

Yes boy! Sometimes, love, real and genuine, weighs much more than a million greens!

26. Best Shooter (1986) 7.09

The film is more about love than about war. Almost all the time, the Air Force cadets have exercises, during which the hero of Tom Cruise - "Meverick" shows not only the miracles of flying skills and resourcefulness in difficult situations, but also his temper. He also tries to win the heart of one of the instructors (Kelly McGillis).


Until one fine moment his actions do not lead to the death of his partner, after which he dumps out of the flight school right on the eve of graduation. But the sky, as they say, is calling. And he still has to fly.

And at the same time, chase after classified MIG-28s, which the MIG design bureau has never developed in its life, and which suspiciously resemble the American Northrop F-5 multipurpose fighters, launched back in 1964.

27. War of the Worlds (2005) 7.08

HG Wells' novel of the same name was once again adapted for movie screens and filmed by Steven Spielberg himself.

Here the action takes place already today. The aliens, having overcome innumerable kilometers of space, have finally reached our planet. And, of course, they began to clear their living space, spraying small and obnoxious people left and right and not disdaining to have a snack with them.

Only advanced creatures capable of developing this level of technology, for some reason, did not take care of antibacterial and antiviral protection. Strange, isn't it?

And we thought that only humans are capable of such idiocy (see the movie "Prometheus").

Tom Cruise plays a woe-dad, whom his ex-wife left children for a while. Children do not put daddy in anything, they anger him and enrage the viewer. Especially stupid daughter performed by the still petite Dakota Fanning. But daddy is great. I endured everything and did not hit my face in the dirt.

Hit the window with a peanut butter sandwich!

28. Mission Impossible: Outcast Tribe (2015) 7.07

This time, instead of a task, Ethan Hunt received news that, firstly, Mission Impossible was disbanded, and, secondly, the CIA command was corrupt.

To top it off, after receiving a mission, during which he was turned off with some kind of paralyzing gas, he was chained to a post in the dungeon, where he was interrogated by the Syndicate minions.

But Ethan Hunt wouldn't be Ethan Hunt if he couldn't get out of any situation. Cope with this somehow. Although not without help from outside.

29. Risky Business (1983) 7.06

Here, a young and round-cheeked Tom Cruise plays a blunt-nosed idiot - a 17-year-old student, who is haunted by what is between his legs.


All of his most seasoned classmates have already fully learned the sweetness of female charms. And he still has to masturbate furiously and bashfully under the covers.

“That's it. It's time to end this! " - decided the idiot, and, waiting for the departure of his parents, he called a prostitute to the house. But, here's the bad luck, she asked too much, which is why the petty moron ran to the bank for the money. And when he returned, he found the loss of his mother's beloved crystal egg. This is how it all started.

No, he found a prostitute, only with her did he find a bunch of problems on his head and, in particular, her mad pimp, from whom she just decided to leave.

30. Mission: Impossible 3 (2006) 7.02

Even James Bond, from time to time, had the thought to retire. Why not try doing the same to Ethan Hunt of Mission: Impossible?

You can try it, but just who will let their relatives sit quietly on their ass for the years remaining to complete decrepitude? "Spying" is akin to drug trafficking. Once you step into a piece of shit, you can't wash it all your life.

So Ethan is sucked back. First, they asked an old friend to help out. And then everything somehow went all over again. Well, right, who else will save the world besides him? And then - again? And further? And more ...

31. Day Knight (2010) 6.99

A simple "housewife" June Havens (Cameron Diaz) did not even think that if she accidentally bumped into an inconspicuous guy at the airport, she would have a bunch of problems that are incompatible with life.

This guy turned out to be Agent Miller (Tom Cruise), a sweet and charming middle-aged little man who, as it turned out, can do something that can neither say in a fairy tale nor describe with a pen. And every problem incompatible with life would have ended in the deprivation of this very life, if not for his mind-blowing spy skills.

Although, if it had not been for the meeting with him, there would have been no problems.

But probably not. It's so interesting with problems! After all, an ordinary "housewife" can only dream of such adventures!

32. Days of Thunder (1990) 6.92

This time, Tom Cruise tried on a NASCAR racer costume. A very restless, ambitious and unrestrained motorcyclist decided to switch to a car and get the main prize.


Will a seasoned techie take on such an irrepressible and unbridled daredevil in his team? As it turned out, it will. And all would be nothing. Yes, only between him and the other rider of the team, such deadly competition suddenly developed out of the blue, both on the track and in life ...

Which is sometimes even funny in some places!

33. Mission: Impossible 2 (2000) 6.87

The picture is a worthy member of ourtop of the best films by John Woo. Yes, this movie with Tom Cruise was really shot by the consummate master of action films of Hong Kong registration.

And it turned out very cool. Except for riding on the soles of a motorcycle and idiotic masks with which you can pretend to be whoever you want.

But this is a different universe. And in another universe - its own rules and laws of physics. And, as it turned out, their own laws of biology. Here the mask can turn the bones of the skull at a different angle, so that you will turn from oval-faced to chubby, and shorten your chin.

Such are the painless "bone-suspicious" and "eye-distracting" transformations.

34. Legend (1985) 6.81

The only fantasy (except for the would-be “Mummies” from DC) project among Tom Cruise's films. Here, still completely green Tom plays the forest wanderer Jack, as we understood, there a kind of "Mowgli".


The Lord of darkness and ugliness, who lives within his palaces, gives his servants to the goblins an order - to saw off the horn from one of the rhinos prancing through the forest of a fabulous country. Goblins set off on a mission in which Princess Lily, so beautiful that even unicorns were not afraid of her, became an unwitting assistant.

It was then that the goblins took their grinder out of their backpack. And as soon as the horn was in their bosom, everything around at once froze and froze. Only Jack did not freeze, who at that moment dived into the depths behind the princess ring, and even some of the fabulous daredevil boys.

In short, Jack will have to find the lair of the evil Lord. After all, it is in it that his beloved, the stolen princess Lily, is kept. And at the same time, restore weather problems, protecting the poor horned horses from other encroachments, gluing the unicorn's horn with superglue in its place.

35. Soldiers of Failure (2008) 6.79

The case when Tom Cruise in the film plays far from the main and, one might say, an idiotic role. And he plays the malevolent bald producer Les Grossman, producing an idiotic military action movie that tells the story of the adventures of the hero of the Vietnam War - now armless Tyback, nicknamed "Quatrefoil".


For silly actors, the shooting is a little tight. In addition, the explosion planned for the enchanting ending was made into the void. But it was invested as much as 4 million dollars. Now you have no decorations, no money - everything went down the drain. And the director decides to take an idiotic step - to throw the actors to the real Vietcong and shoot the film live with hidden cameras.

The film is a parody of all war films. We went overboard in places with guts and severed heads, but in general, you can watch.

And, by the way, for those who are interested in watching "Iron Man" by Robert Downey Jr. with black leather - you too.

36. Lions for the Lambs (2007) 6.79

The main characters in the film are a young and abusive politician (Tom Cruise), journalist (Meryl Streep) and political science teacher (Robert Radford), each of whom has different views on the campaign in Afghanistan.


All of them speak beautifully while ordinary American guys are dying in this very Afghanistan, on whose lives the financial and other well-being of the country is being made. All three are saying the right things in their own way. But just talking is not tossing bags. Would have gone and fought yourself.

In parallel, a tragedy is shown playing out on the steep snow-covered slopes of the Afghan mountains, where, as a result of shelling, a couple of American Marines were thrown from a helicopter. Will they be able to survive until the damn military-political colossus finally turns around and help comes to them? The Taliban are very close.

37. Rock forever (2012) 6.69

Here Tom Cruise has not the main role, but one of them. There are many characters in the musical film, but it is not scary to get confused in them. All of them are extravagant in their own way, and therefore - easily distinguishable from each other.


Tom Cruise plays the lead singer of the famous (in this universe) group "Arsenal" (not to be confused with our rock band of the same name), which recently began to experience some difficulties with understanding his close environment. The only one who understands and supports him in everything is the journalist Constance Sack, with whom he always does not get along well.

At the same time, the destinies of the beginning musician Drew, who came to Hollywood in search of Sherri's "American Dream" and other heroes, are revealed. Everything goes awry for them.

But in the end, as befits a musical, everything will work out for everyone. After all, that's why he is a musical!

38. All Right Moves (1983) 6.47

In educational institutions of America, everything is arranged very interestingly. If you are an excellent athlete, then you may not study at all, they will give you marks with a trailer. The main thing is to play well for our team, advertise our school (college, institute, university), and you will have everything.


And Stefan Djordjevic (Tom Cruise), the star of the local West Pennsylvania High School American Football Team, has already set himself up to study at some of the country's most prestigious universities.

But having quarreled with the coach after the next game, he was expelled from the team, because of which his entire future hung at once in one thread. How will he get out now? Worth seeing.

39. Jack Reacher 2: Never Come Back (2016) 5.96

The second film of the planned franchise, which was never destined to become this very franchise. Something, somewhere at some point, went wrong with the filmmakers.

In principle, the film contains all the elements of the action. And the plot is not to say that it is very weak. But something is clearly missing. Perhaps a peremptory "Jack Richard" grip? Or maybe the film burned out on the drama inspired by Jack Reacher's daughter who suddenly came out of nowhere?

We will not guess, but the film is certainly worthy of a single viewing. Obviously you cannot call it an outright dregs. Yes, in some places it looks naive, but what happened is what happened.

40. Austin Powers: Goldmember (2002) 5.86

Another film in which Tom Cruise plays a cameo role.


At the beginning of the comedy, by the way, a parody of the James Bond films, Tom Cruise appears in the role of Austin Powers himself. Allegedly, he plays the role of Austin Powers in an action movie about Austin Powers. For those who wanted to gaze only at Tom Cruise, you can end the viewing here.

The comedy is teeming with idiotic jokes, it contains elements of the musical, in general, everything, as in the previous Austin Powers. Those who have visited the first two films can safely start watching the third. For the rest, to save your nerves, it is better to watch something else.


This concludes. Of course, such masterpieces as DC's "Mummy" and others were left behind. But, believe me, they are not worth the time spent on them. Happy watching and, as always, more awesome movies and TV series!

1st part: movies from 1st to 20th

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