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Monster Hunter: World Review - The Biggest Game Hit This Winter


Monster Hunter: World is an example of a quality marketing campaign where a specific game product is sold under the guise of a standard AAA project.

As a result, the game developer receives mind-blowing sales, and many players, previously unfamiliar with the series, are divided into several camps: from "LORD 10 OUT OF 10 LORD" to "What did the Japanese smoke and why did I buy it?" To determine which camp you are most likely to fall into, we recommend reading this review.

The Japanese Wild Hunt

Japanese Wild Hunt

The first thing that immediately begins to surprise the new Monster Hunter is the presence of a plot and good cutscenes, which fans of the series are not used to seeing. Of course, the plot is rudimentary here and looks like a bad attempt to sell Western players a large-scale project on modern gaming platforms. The developers provide gamers with not only co-op, but also a good story mode, motivating them not to download Monster Hunter World via torrent.

In general, if we compare with the previous parts, the presence of stereotyped characters, a trivial plot and several unrelated cutscenes is already a clear progress, since this was not the case before. But if you expect a convoluted and non-linear scenario, or just love stories that can knock out a mean man's tears, then MH: World obviously won't surprise you.

Monster Hunter and its special universe

The plot and the world of the game are replete with Japanese style, so get ready for a kind of sense of humor, which sometimes hatches here in dialogues, huge swords and the main reason to buy this game - a race of cute upright cats (Felyne), one of which can be created in the editor and take on assignments.

Fluffy representatives of the Felyne race are ideal companions, as they share a first-aid kit at an important moment, distract the attention of the enemy, do not interfere with their feet and can compete with especially dangerous local godzils with a reserve of health.

By the way, if you want to know how the Monster Hunter series has managed to attract millions of players, we will tell you.

Prepare To Die: Monster Hunter Edition

The first thing everyone needs to know is to rush to the store and buy Monster Hunter World - a wildly hardcore game, you will die many times, break your gamepad to smithereens and, for sure, remember the game designer's mother in not the best words.

The thing is that many gameplay features of the game are made according to outdated templates, obviously Capcom did not particularly look towards newfangled competitors in the genre and the release date of Monster Hunter World was five years late.

Monster Hunter character editor

At the beginning of the game, gamers are systematically introduced to the course, taught the basics of gameplay and kept in the first training locations for 2-3 hours. Then the player is given a series of quests to exterminate the local fauna, but most often they are not told how to fight the boss and where to find him. Of course, some of the useful information can be seen in the bestiary, but more discoveries will have to come through experience.

Unlike the previous parts of the series, localization is present in Monster Hunter World: all the text in the bestiary and dialogues is qualitatively translated into USA.

In addition to the fact that the game is stingy with hints, and the creatures in Monster Hunter World are ready to send the player to another world in a couple of minutes, other aspects of the game also cause problems. The greatest discomfort is caused by the game camera, which, like the Souls series, lives a separate life from the player. The system of focusing on the enemy is also far from ideal, because allows you to attack a monster in only one direction, ignoring weak points on the enemy's body. There is something to criticize for the combat system, which is replete with a number of weapons, but out of habit can seem wooden, slow and outdated.

There is never too much hunting

Monster Hunter hunting

If God forbid the reader is no longer eager to buy or download Monster Hunter World, then it's a pity, because we have not yet told about what a gamer has to do in the game for tens, or even hundreds of hours. You will have to hunt down monsters, kill monsters, craft and improve equipment for killing monsters - repeat this algorithm ad infinitum.

On Youtube, after streams of letsplayers, many gamers have already christened the new Capcom project: "Chinese MMO grindilka for 4000 rubles" and when the release date for Monster Hunter World on personal computers occurs in USA, they called to download the game from torrents. This statement cannot be taken seriously. Yes, although the gameplay comes down to hunting, it is done here at an amazing level.

Monster Hunter graphics

Each mission, each enemy is a separate puzzle that requires from the player not only dexterity with his fingers, but also the ability to work with his head. To fight monsters, the hunter can use 14 different types of weapons, each of which differs not only in appearance, but also in the method of attack. Newcomers to the series should check out the official Monster Hunter World website for basic gameplay instructions.

In Monster Hunter World, creatures differ in behavior, wings, special abilities, and sizes. Some creatures can be the size of a skyscraper, the killing of which can take an entire hour of real time, so we recommend enlisting the support of your comrades. Almost every mission can be completed in co-op, which guarantees a manifold increase in the fun from the game.

Monster Hunter World will be available for download on PC in autumn , when the project is officially released on computers. Considering that the game has pleasant, but at the same time technologically outdated graphics, in Monster Hunter World the system requirements on the PC are unlikely to be high.

So to buy or not to buy?

Monster Hunter: World is a very specific game that doesn't offer stunning graphics or an interesting plot, but in return is ready to gift hundreds of hours of additive, grinding gameplay.

The easiest way to compare MH with the Diablo series, where simple and unpretentious gameplay was perfectly balanced, varied, and therefore sucked like a vacuum cleaner. All fans of the series and lovers of high-quality, addictive grinding - definitely buy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman