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Top 40 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019, Part 1


As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to look to the future. Let's not look too far, we will limit ourselves to next year. In this expanded top, we will introduce our readers to what films of 2019 should be expected with special zeal, and even explain why. Well, let's go! Attention of those present! Films in the Top are arranged depending on the dates of their premiere in USA.

1. Mary Poppins Returns (USA), Disney Pictures

Musical, family, fantasy.

Directed by Rob Marshall, at chap. starring Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep and others

World premiere December 19, 2019, USA premiere - January 3, 2019

As you all know, or maybe you don’t know, Mary Poppins was not named that at all because of her vast ass, which, by the way, is of completely normal size. As the cat Matroskin from the village of Prostokvashino would say: “That's just her surname.”

This time, the merry fairy nanny Mary returns to look after the offspring of the previous generation of Banks.

True, it is not clear where she comes back from all the time. Apparently, in the universe there is a special kind of "Marisburner", in which all sorts of Mary Poppins stand on pause and wait for their next turn ...

She stubbornly believes that it is this family that needs an eye and an eye. Why? We learn from the film. In the meantime, we are watching the trailer, in which everyone is dancing and singing, and they have fun together.

It will be incomprehensible to very young children, and those who have already learned how to hold a toy pistol in their hands will be bored without Iron Man and Spider-Man. Who was it for? For parents, of course, who will drag their kids to cinemas on a wave of nostalgia.

2. "Creed 2" USA, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Company

Sports, drama.

Directed by Stephen Capel Jr., in ch. starring Tessa Thompson, Sylvester Stallone and others

World premiere November 20, 2018, USA premiere January 17, 2019

Rocky v2.0 Adonis Creed's career continues. Yes, no one really doubted that Creed would soon reappear in the ring. After all, he piled on Ricky Conlan so enchantingly. He, of course, also had a hard time. But this is not a reason to refuse a fight with Vitor Drago, the son of the well-known Soviet boxer Ivan Drago, whom Dolph Lundgren played so cool in Rocky 4, and who was so enchantingly piled on by Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone).

The ending of such films is known in advance. Creed will never lose, it is 100%. Those who are interested to know how he came to this victory go to the film.

Watching the trailer.

3. Lego Movie 2 USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia, Norway, Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc.

Cartoon, family, musical, fantasy, adventure, action, comedy.

Directed by Mike Mitchell and Tricia Gum.

World premiere February 6, 2019, USA premiere February 7, 2019

Since Lego men have their own Lego universe, it means that it must have its own Lego aliens. And just like in the normal universe, these aliens are bound to be villains.

The homeland of Lego aliens is called a very interesting - Duplo. Does this give the right to call the aliens Dupljane? Probably. And the fact that the aliens stole Lucy and Batman, this most likely means that they have perfectly "duped".

Well, let's watch how Emmet will manage to save his friends, loved ones and compatriots ...

4. Alita: Battle Angel USA, Argentina, Canada, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Science fiction, thriller, action, adventure, melodrama.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, at chap. starring Rosa Salazar, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Skrein and others

World premiere February 5, 2019, USA premiere February 14, 2019

The tenacious paws of 20th Century Fox have also reached the famous manga by Yukito Kishiro. The film is set in the distant XXVI century. It sounds not entirely plausible, but in it humanity is still alive, although it has gone along some strange path of development. It seems to be not completely degraded, but refuses to go forward either.

It was at this strange time that Dr. Ido had to find the remains of an ancient combat cyborg, whom he calls Alita, in a pile of trash. As it turned out later, she belongs to the ancient varieties of cyborg killers, and of them she is not the only one that has survived to this day. And that means - a mess - to be!

5. "How to Train Your Dragon 3" USA, DreamWorks Pictures

Cartoon, family, fantasy, comedy, adventure, action.

Directed by Dean DeBlois.

World premiere January 3, 2019, USA premiere - February 21, 2019

In this part, Hiccup and Toothless open up a way to get into a kind of parallel world of dragons. And the future girlfriend of Toothless, the Day Fury, contributed to this. But no parallel world will save your loved ones from extermination when the night furies go hunting ...

What to tell. You will see for yourself. After all, it is clear that neither old nor young will miss the new part of this particular cartoon ...

6. Balkan Frontier USA, Serbia, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Action, drama.

Director Andrey Volgin, in ch. starring Anton Pampushny, Gosha Kutsenko, Milos Bikovich and others.

Premiere in USA on February 21, 2019.

The film is set in 1999 during the height of hostilities in Yugoslavia. Before our eyes, there will appear a confrontation between NATO troops, terrorists and a USA special group, which was ordered to seize and hold the Kosovo Slatina airfield. And all would be fine, only our commander of the detachment in this very airport, in this epicenter of discord, his girlfriend Yasna was stuck ...

7. "Tobol" USA, studio 1 Channel

Drama, story.

Director Igor Zaitsev, in ch. starring Ilya Malanin, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Dmitry Nazarov and others.

Premiere in USA on February 21, 2019.

It's about the young guard of Peter I, Ivan Demarin. By order of the emperor, he arrives in the Siberian wilderness, or rather, the border town of Tobolsk, to put things in order there. But upon arriving at the place, Ivan finds himself drawn into local intrigues and conspiracies, with which he will have to somehow sort it out.

Events are complicated by the fact that hordes of Dzungars constantly attack the fortress. And oh, how far to civilization, and there is no one to call for help. And then he fell in love at the wrong time ...

It is very strange that our cinematographers decided to release two of the most anticipated films of the first half of 2019 "Balkan Frontier" and "Tobol" on the same day - February 21. Well, it will be very interesting for us to see which of them will win the race at the box office.

8. "Time of Vengeance" USA, Annapurna Pictures

Thriller, crime, action, drama, detective.

Directed by Karin Kusama, in ch. starring Nicole Kidman, Toby Kebbell, Tatiana Maslani and others

World premiere August 31, 2018, USA premiere February 21, 2019

In this film, Nicole Kidman appears to us in a role that would be more suitable for her ex-husband Tom Cruise. But at the same time, judging by the trailer, she looks very good as an undercover cop.

She is embedded in a gang of robbers, only a special operation, overnight, does not go according to the planned channel, and Erin has to get out of a difficult situation herself. But this is only half the trouble. The echoes of that special operation will reach her in the distant future. And it is not at all clear whether she will be ready for them this time ...

This is another case when the trailer only shows how critics love and adore the actor playing the main role. Enrages!

9. Treads of Chaos USA, Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation

Science Fiction, Adventure

Directed by Doug Lyman, at chap. starring Tom Holland, Daisy Ridley, Mads Mikkelsen and others

World premiere and premiere in USA on February 28, 2019

The film will be interesting, first of all, for those who are familiar with the work of the science fiction writer, and also the screenwriter and producer Patrick Ness. The action takes place in the future, on the planet "New World", colonized by earthlings. Women in this world were mowed down by some kind of incomprehensible epidemic, so the main character, a young man named Todd, is brought up in a family of two men. It is he who will have to get into the thick of events associated with the "place of absolute silence", into which the thoughts of strangers do not penetrate, from whom you cannot hide anywhere in the city ...

This film was supposed to be released in mid-2018, but the strong Lionsgate over and over again is not satisfied with one thing, before another. After the project was once again sent for reshooting, the date was pushed back to February 28th. Let's hope this is the last reprieve.


10. "Drug Courier" USA, film company Warner Brothers Entertainment, Inc

Thriller, detective, crime, drama.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, at chap. starring Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Taissa Farmiga and others

World premiere December 14, 2018, USA premiere February 28, 2019

The action revolves around the elderly Earl Stone, who is at odds with his personal life and business. Somehow he is offered a job that can improve his affairs. All you have to do is drive your car back and forth, and it pays good money.

He agrees and does not even suspect that overnight, in his advanced years, he became a real drug courier, who is immediately targeted by the FBI ...

Another masterpiece by the consummate master Clint Eastwood. Here he is both a director and a leading actor, which means that the masterpiece will be no worse than his "Perfect World" with Kevin Costner.

11. Captain Marvel USA, Marvel Studios, LLC

Science Fiction, Adventure, Action.

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, in ch. starring Brie Larson, McKenna Grace, Gemma Chan and others

World premiere February 28, 2019, USA premiere March 7, 2019

Captain Marvel is a resounding name, but it is by no means a new and improved Captain America. This is the most that neither is the "captain". During a fight with aliens, one of the US Air Force pilots Carol Danvers is ... shot down? In short, when she regains consciousness, she realizes that she has completely lost her memory. But she acquired superpowers that Superman would have envied ...

Oh yes, sorry. Superman lives in the universeDC. But why not the universeMarvel has its own. And in order to be somehow different, dress him in the style of the First Avenger and make him a woman. Like this! Who will now say that this "something" is akin to Superman? And she's not from Krypton either. She's here. We grew up in the district!

12. Born King England 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Adventure, fantasy.

Directed by Joe Cornish, in ch. starring Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Taylor, Patrick Stewart and others

World premiere February 13, 2019, USA premiere March 14, 2019

The world changes overnight when a simple local kid Luis Serkis finds a sword sticking out of reinforced concrete in the ruins. And having found it, it pulls it out, as it should be according to the laws of the genre. Yes, you guessed it. This is the real Excalibur, and Louis, as it turned out, is a direct descendant of King Arthur.

It immediately turns out that the time for Morgana's return is approaching. And therefore the sword turned up just in time. Only the descendant is still green! Will he find the strength to put together a team of modern knights in the shortest possible time under the strict guidance of Merlin in order to resist the awakening dark forces of evil?

13. Dumbo USA, Disney Pictures

Family, fantasy.

Directed by Tim Burton, in ch. Starring Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and others

World premiere March 27, 2019, USA premiere March 28, 2019

As usual, the book story has moved to the cartoon, but the cartoon - to the cinematic. And now the small elephant Dumbo is found in the shed of not cartoons, but real people.

It will be very interesting to see what new things have been added there, and what the filmmakers have cut in comparison with the delightful and kind full-length cartoon of 1941, which every child on the globe must have watched at least once in his life.

14. "Shazam!" USA, Warner Brothers Entertainment and New Line Cinema

Science Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy, Action.

Directed by David F. Sandberg, at chap. starring Zachary Levi, Mark Strong, Michelle Bort and others

World premiere April 3, 2019, USA premiere April 4, 2019

The seventh full-length film from the expanded DC Universe tells the story of a little kid who had the happiness of shouting the word "Shazam", turning into a grown man with superpowers.

According to the trailer, it seems that the film should come out quite good. Although ... For some reason, it seems that somewhere we have already seen something like this ...

15. Pet Sematary USA, Paramount Pictures Film Campaign

Thriller, horror.

Directed by Kevin Kolsh and Dennis Widmeier, at chap. starring Jason Clarke, Amy Symetz, John Lithgow and others

World premiere and premiere in USA April 4, 2019

Dumb Hollywood figures continue to make films based on the same book. It seems that people in North America, apart from Stephen King and his "Graveyard ...", have not read anything else. Well, how many great books have been written! How many superb novels and stories! How many unsurpassed authors! No, you have to stupidly churn out versions of the book, which, moreover, everyone has already read, but also watched a film about it.

For this film, it doesn't even make sense to publish a description, everyone already knows the plot by heart. Well, so we'll just quietly watch the trailer, drink some valerian, treat the cat with it, watch it, and then throw it out into the street and calm down.

16. "Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen" USA, Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation

Science fiction, action, fantasy, adventure.

Directed by Neil Marshall, at chap. starring David Harbor, Penelope Mitchell, Milla Jovovich and others

World premiere January 10, 2019, USA premiere April 11, 2019

The dude from the underworld, whose horns were sawed off as a child, returns to the big screens 11 years later in the person of David Harbor in order to fight back the evil that we have accumulated here. Or maybe not with us. But we are threatened.

Nothing is known about the plot of the picture. The creators are silent, and even the trailer is greedy to show. It seems that the sequel was shot based on the comics of Mike Minbola about the Bloody Queen. During the reign of King Arthur, Nimue, the then witch and Lady of the Lake, went crazy and was destroyed by other witches.

But in the present, she, apparently, will return in the guise of neither someone, but the most that neither is Mila Jovovich. How do you like this alignment? And judging by the rustle she has made in the universe of Umbrella Corp., it won't be as easy to hit her as it seems at first glance.

But ... What is Hellboy for? Just for such cases! Not in all universes, alas, there are Supermen and Iron Men. Someone has to make do with Hellboys ...

17. Fonzo USA, Canada, Addictive Pictures, Bron Studios, Creative Wealth Media

Crime, biography, drama.

Director, chap. starring Tom Hardy, Linda Cardellini, Noelle Fisher and others

Premiere in USA on April 11, 2019

This time the 175-centimeter Venom carrier Tom Hardy has been nominated for the crucial role of 180-centimeter Al Capone. And this time Venom is not his assistant, he will have to stretch himself 5 cm.

In the picture, we see Capone, a sick syphilitic, after his long imprisonment in prison, reminiscing about the sins he committed while at the helm of his reckless gang. Only does he repent of what he did?

In general, what's the difference? The main thing is that the movie is interesting. And so much about Al Capone has already been explained, as if there is nothing more to film about. Here, as in the case of the "Pet Sematary" ...


18. "The Amazing World of Marven" USA, Universal and DreamWorks Pictures

Fantasy, Comedy, Biography, Drama.

Directed by Josh Trunk, in ch. starring Steve Carell, Diane Krueger, Aisa Gonzalez and others

World premiere December 21, 2018, USA premiere April 18, 2019

What did Robert Zemeckis do after the "Allies" nominated for an Oscar in 2017? Yes, that's them, dear, and took up. This very Marven and his wonderful world.

If anyone is interested, the film is based on a real story. The guy becomes the victim of a street attack, and earns deep psychological trauma. But this is not interesting. It is interesting how he self-medicates, erecting a whole toy world in the yard and plunging into it headlong.

The story does not seem too intriguing, but remember the same "Forrest Gump". Zemeckis is famous for the fact that out of the blue creates a masterpiece out of nothing. Therefore, we are waiting for this film with the greatest impatience, but for now we are watching the trailer.

19. "Richard Goodbye" USA, Automatik Entertainment, IM Global

Comedy, drama.

Directed by Wayne Roberts, at chap. starring Johnny Depp, Zoe Deutsch, Ron Livingston and others

Premiere in USA on April 25, 2019

For a long time playing the reckless pirate Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp can no longer humanly stop and play no more reckless heroes. Yes, and cinematographers believe that recklessness suits him more than gravity. This is further confirmed by his roles in Fantastic Beasts, where he played the reckless Green De Wald, and in the film “Richard Goodbye,” where he played the reckless college professor.

This professor has learned that he has an incurable disease. He did not have long to live, and therefore he decided to live the rest of it recklessly.


20. Avengers 4 USA, Marvel Studios, LLC

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, Action.

Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, in ch. Starring Bradley Cooper, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and others

World premiere April 24, 2019, USA premiere May 2, 2019

Half of humanity was sprayed by Thanos. But not everyone dissolved and went downwind. And the rest still have options for how to turn everything back. You just need to get to the pebble of time. And Ant-Man can help a lot in this. Only now he himself is stuck in the quantum world.

Although, in the photo from the set you can see that he got out of there. But the details of the plot are kept under the strictest confidence, which gives bloggers such ample food for thought.

But in order to find out how events will turn out on the very grandfather in the future, we will have to wait until the very end of spring. It is regrettable. But it can get worse. As in the case of "Avatar", for example ...

On this positive note, we are finishing the first part of our top of the best films of 2019. But, we dare to assure you, in the next part we are waiting for new items no worse than in the first half of the year. It's worth it to be patient and wait until next week.

In the meantime, all the best to you, and more cool films!

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