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Crime games in the Play Market and iTunes were banned


A USA court has ruled prohibiting access to certain games contained in the play market app and the iTunes platform. These games mainly have a criminal plot. The initiator of all was the prosecutor's office of the city of Kirov, and the reason for which gaming applications fell out of favor was their unfavorable influence on children, as the prosecutor's office considered.

The Kirov prosecutor's office explained its initiative by the fact that the games found in iTunes and Play Market promote criminal behavior, contain insults to law enforcement officers and call for criminal actions. The department also explained that such applications are available to everyone and therefore pose a certain danger to minors, as they can negatively affect their development and the formation of views.

After the monitoring of gaming applications, the regional prosecutor's office initiated administrative proceedings and sent their demands to the court to recognize the ban on their distribution throughout the country. According to the prosecutor's office, the games found in the play market are a kind of instigator and encourage criminal acts. In addition, according to the department and explains its position on the official website, such games are harmful to the moral and physical development of minors.


The agency did not reveal the specific names of the gaming applications, however, it clarifies that the prohibited games are criminal in nature, the corresponding plot and slang vocabulary. In this case, the main character of such a game, as a rule, acts as one of the direct participants in this specific environment and performs actions in accordance with a given theme.

The iTunes online store and the play market application are considered the largest platforms where a variety of applications for iOS and Android operating systems are presented. The iTunes service is also supplemented by music and video content, while the Play Market hosts mainly mobile applications.

The Topic of Article: Crime games in the Play Market and iTunes were banned.
Author: Jake Pinkman