PT Take Two's Lisa's Secret has been closed by the fan remaster of RDR, EA's anti-record - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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PT Take Two's Lisa's Secret has been closed by the fan remaster of RDR, EA's anti-record - this week's gaming news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also in the news: 300-man battle royale, The Last Of Us 2 on September 24, Nintendo Switch's curved controller.

It became known that Lisa from PT is always hiding behind the player's back

PT is a playable teaser for the buried Silent Hills project. In it, we walk through a looped house while we are haunted by the ghost of a dead woman named Lisa. Everyone fell in love with this short game for the reason that Lisa knew how to suddenly appear and scare the hell out of almost any gamer. It turned out that all this time she was behind us.

Lance MacDonald opened the veil of this "nightmarish" secret by hacking the game camera. As the hacker says, we constantly see Lisa's shadow, steps and sounds, as if she were behind us, but when we turn around, she is not there.

He detached the camera and saw that his theory was correct. Lisa is literally attached to our back. And she appears there once after we pick up a flashlight. It doesn't make it any easier to play.


The camera hack is currently limited in its capabilities, but MacDonald has promised that he will modify it and make the camera free so that you can explore the game completely. He also claims that there are other opponents in the game files.

Take Two shut down RDR fan remaster

Such situations already cease to be surprised, but here again. At the end of last month, a man nicknamed GamingDamned revealed that he was working on a re-release of the first RDR. Recently, Take Two lawyers contacted him and kindly asked him to stop doing this.

Now his project is frozen, and Take Two themselves forbade him to disclose the details of the conversation with lawyers. Formally, there is no evidence that there was any aggression on the part of the company, but on the part of the moderator in explaining the situation such phrases sounded as: “Corporations think they can intimidate us, but no!”.


GamingDamned is also confident that the modification is no different from other mods for Take Two games, and his project was "strangled" for no good reason. Moder says he dug into the legal side of the matter and could win the dispute if the case goes to court. He hopes the project is only temporarily frozen.

As we wrote, the likelihood of the company closing an amateur project was high, since this is not the first such case.

Worst of Worst: EA Takes Record for Most Minus Reddit Posts

EA continues to live up to the title of the least favorite company among gamers. So, she got into the Guinness Book of Records for the most negative comment on Reddit.

It all started in 2017, when the company made a post that it supposedly wants to make players feel proud when they unlock new characters through loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2. So they tried to justify the fact that they introduced their AAA project for $ 60 monetization inherent in shareware games. It was then that the community began to criticize the company, and the very problem of loot boxes attracted the attention of the government.


As reported by PC Gamer, this post has now become the most controversial post on Reddit and has 667,821 minuses.

Recall that the whole scandal with loot boxes in the game ended with the fact that the company paid only for costemization, and is quite happy with how its business is going.

PlanetSide Arena - 300 Man Battle Royale Gameplay

How many people do not fit into one game, it will not become better from this. Especially after the battle royale hype passed. The recent gameplay of PlanetSide Arena, which will soon be released from Steam Early Access, did not impress the discerning gamer with its 300-man Squad Battle Royale mode. In it, players are united in teams of 12 people, they can use class skills, maneuvers and techniques.

Alas, the scale of likes and dislikes exceeding positive impressions in the incentive suggests that nowadays you will not be surprised with such. Well, or just the game itself is bad, you better evaluate it yourself.

September 24, journalists are going to show The Last Of Us 2

The organizer of the annual The Game Awards tweeted that September 24 Los Angeles will host a media event dedicated to The Last Of Us Part 2.

The presentation will take place two days before Naughty Dog's personal Flash Day. According to the lore of The Last Of Us, it was on this date that the fungal virus spread, affecting all of humanity. On this day, they traditionally release new merch for their franchise and share new information about their projects. Hopefully, we now have a little more information about the game.


As a reminder, the release of the game was scheduled for this year following Jason Schreyer's leaks with Kotaku, but it was postponed to early 2020.

Nintendo has patented new curved controllers for the Nintendo Switch

A new patent from big N was discovered on one of the Japanese sites specialized in working with intellectual property - a curved version of the Joy-Con controller.


As can be seen from the diagram of the new controller, it has a rail that bends and unbends the controller retracted about 30 degrees downward. That is, when the controller is inserted into the console, it will be fixed exactly.


It can be assumed that it is possible to bend it at will when it is not in the console, but this is just a guess. It's safe to say that the patent does not mean that Nintendo is going to release this joystick.

Project Resistance - a co-op spin-off in the Resident Evil universe

Capcom promised that they will soon show us a co-op project based on the Resident Evil universe. They did keep their word and present us with Project Resistance. Apart from this teaser trailer, we know nothing about the game. We will learn more details at the Tokyo Games Show 2019, which will be held in the coming days. The game will be released on PC, Xone and PS4

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Stay tuned.

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