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11 reasons to start watching anime. Part two


We continue to list reasons to start watching anime with the best anime titles to get started with the genre. Read the first part of the article and drove on.

Perfect blue

Mimarin Kigora is the star of the Japanese scene, the leader of the j-pop group CHAM! She is a favorite of the people and an immaculate angel for her fans. Despite this, Mimarin wants to move on and go to the cinema. She leaves the group, which many fans don't like. She does just as well on screen as she does on stage, and her agent continues to find roles for her. And so, in order to finally get rid of his past image, he invites her to star in a film with a rape scene. Mima decides on this, since it is time to choose her future and put an end to the "angelic" past. Digging in the Internet, she once finds her fan site, and on it a diary, which she allegedly keeps. Reading it every day, Mima realizes that everything is being described in too much detail. Someone is constantly watching her, wherever she is. Her fear turns to horror and later into paranoia and madness. She ceases to understand where is reality and where is her fear.


Satoshi Kon, the director of the film, can be called David Lynch from the anime world. This is one of his first works and he was able to perfectly show how the line between reality and horror is blurred. The anime is full of surreal imagery and overtones. How will you feel when someone in the shadows doesn't like your choice and he tries to take revenge on you? Will that drive you crazy or do you already have a split personality?

"Perfect blue" is such a masterful anime that it was inspired by it, and practically copied later in the creation of "Black Swan". And the director of Requiem for a Dream bought the rights to the picture in order to copy the scene where the heroine screams in the bathroom and insert it into his film.

Watching: if you like psychological thrillers, lynch surrealism or classic Silent Hill quadralogy, then anime is definitely for you.

Papurika / Paprika

The second brilliant work of the surrealist Satoshi Kon. I will say right away and without delay - this is the anime from which Nolan copied “Inception. In the near future, the DC mini device is invented in Japan, which helps to treat various mental disorders through dreams. One of the doctors, Atsuko Taro, uses it without the permission of his superiors to treat especially serious cases of illness and penetrates the sick into dreams. In them, she appears as a young 18-year-old girl named Paprika. Have you ever dreamed about the boyfriend / girlfriend of your dreams? Paprika is this beautiful girl from dreams. She is perky and playful with a little childish behavior, and most importantly, she is well versed in dreams and their crazy logic.


DC mini kidnaps an unknown person to break the brain of some people. This is an anime about dream manipulation, how to hack, repair and trick the mind. A journey through surrealism at its best the human brain can imagine.

Paprika is more cheerful in mood, and for this reason, many people may like more than Perfect Sadness.

View: The anime is based on the novel "Paprika" by Yasutaki Tsutsui, so you can get acquainted with the original source after watching the anime. Also, if you liked Paprika, you have taken the right path of acquaintance with the rest of Satoshi Kon's work and must watch “Once in Tokyo / Tokyo Godfather”, “Millennium Actress” and the series “Paranoia Agent”.

Hadashi no Gen / Barefoot Gen

"We need realism, serious topics that are not afraid to raise world-class problems!" For people with such requests in the anime world, there is "Barefoot Gen". It may not be a very good anime to start with, in the sense that not everyone can handle it, but it's a great picture, albeit a tough one.


It tells about the boy Gen, who lives in Hiroshima during the Second World War. One day a nuclear bomb falls on the city, and then his life changes irreversibly. Everyone died, the nuclear end came, everyone who did not die, but was not far from the explosion, pray for death in agony, entire families were burned alive, and Geng survives in this hell.

This anime is not about mysticism, but about a real cruel world, where cheerfulness and loyalty to their principles come into conflict with death and hell on Earth.

This story is much more perceived, knowing that it is autobiographical, since the creator of the manga, Keiji Nakazawa, was a surviving child in Hiroshima at the time. The anime claims to be serious, and this is justified even by the detailed scenes of death from a nuclear strike.

View: Watch the 1982 anime, which covers volumes 1-4 of Nakazawa's manga. In 1983, a sequel was released, but its plot is far from the original source and I will not advise you.



Humanity is on the verge of extinction after a mega explosion called "blow". It is not known where, but after him there appeared huge monsters Angels, whose goal is to destroy humanity. Why their motives are such is not clear. For a long time, the Angels did not appear, but suddenly one goes straight to Tokyo 3. The only defense of mankind is the huge robots Evangelions, which can only be piloted by a select 14-year-old children. Shinji Ikari is one of these, and when the Angel attacks, he is the only one who can save people, but getting into the Eve is not an easy task for him. Evangelion is an anime of the fur genre, but in fact it is not about robots at all. This is a story about pain, self-torture and weakness. All heroes, even if they look funny and cool, carry complexes and suffer in their souls. The title director Hideaki Anno created it during his own struggle with depression. This is a serious and sad picture, however, it is she who shows that anime is not just cartoons. Yes, many consider it overrated, and all the Christian symbols and allusions were added to the anime for cool and pathos - but they fit perfectly into the atmosphere.

View: watch the 1995 series. At the end of the creation, the studio had very big financial problems, so the last two episodes look like surreal, poorly animated sketches and few people may like. However, the real ending came out two years later and is called The End Of Evangelion. You can watch this ending by skipping the last two episodes of the series. Full-length reboots are also coming out now, but they crumple up the original story a little and you should only watch them after the original 95.

Kimi no va wa / Your name

This is an anime from Makoto Shinkai, a master of beautiful landscapes. A guy and a girl have a dream every day, how they change bodies. Soon they realize that this is not a dream and everything is happening for real. This continues day after day. They learn to live in another body, respecting its real owner. At one point it stops and Tako's boyfriend goes to find Mitsuha.


The plot may sound trite, but the director does not hide this fact. This is a beautiful romantic story about overcoming loneliness and how to have to part with childhood dreams and grow up. This is a bit naive anime, but it will make anyone become the same while watching and not regret - that's its beauty.

View: This is Makoto Shinkai's most powerful work, but beyond it are Catchers of Forgotten Voices and The Garden of Fine Words.

The Promised Neverland

Someone might say that today there is no good anime that would go down in history. The Promised Neverland is one new product that will be remembered and even loved by those looking for the best anime to start with. It's hard to talk about him without spoilers, but I'll give it a try.


This is a story about children who understand that they are hostages of circumstances. Those who care for them are not friends, but enemies, for whom they are only cattle. The main characters very quickly have to start fighting for their lives, lie, be hypocritical in front of the enemy and plan their escape, because everything is at stake. What awaits them after the escape? Most likely a difficult struggle, but worth it. The world is unfair - that's the theme of this story.

Watching: The show is almost over, so it's time to start watching. This was the top of the best anime to help you get to know the genre. And no, there will be no similar material about hentai. Sorry.

The Topic of Article: 11 reasons to start watching anime. Part two.
Author: Jake Pinkman