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The best villain in the world - Han Solo


So we have waited for a teaser for the story of Han Solo's youth. And after what he saw, no one would call him a villain.

At the very beginning, even when Khan lived on the "Merchant Luck" of the famous rogue Shrike, he unbearably wanted freedom. But under the "auspices" of the Shrike, it was difficult to imagine. Here is Khan, having first escaped from him, and found shelter in the Imperial Navy. But the rebelliousness and independent character of our hero showed themselves here too.

When the senior officer transporting the Wookiee slaves ordered Khan to shoot the last survivor, the "scoundrel" Khan refused. A little later, he meets Chewie again, already at the construction site, and also saves his future partner, because the overseer almost beat the Wookiees to death.

This is how the friendship, famous for centuries, begins between the best "villain" - the smuggler of cinema, or better, let's say cinema galaxies, and the faithful Wookiee Chui. This friendship will have many trials and will remain inseparable until Chuuya's death.

Teaser Story About Han's Youth Solo

So why are we here about friendship, villains, the galaxy?

First, because the very first trailer for Han Solo has just been released, and we are all looking forward to the movie's premiere scheduled for May.

Secondly, because the hero Han Solo himself was ranked 3rd among the greatest heroes according to Empire magazine. While the World of Fantasy named the Millennium Falcon the first among the best spaceships.

In this spin-off we will learn about the history of the Millennium Falcon. I remember at one time Khan dreamed of a cargo ship Calrissian (Donald Glover), and he was able to take possession of it. How he succeeded in this we will see in the new film, as well as the story of the beginning of a great friendship between Chuuya and Han.

By the way, you know that before that the character of Khan appeared in 4 films: "A New Hope", "The Empire Strikes Back", "Return of the Jedi" and "The Force Awakens". And he was always played by Harrison Ford.

Hana in the new version will be played by Alden Ehrenreich. And those who lack drama will face Woody Harrelson in the film as Beckett, Khan's mentor. This is something new: having escaped from the Shrike, now Beckett will become his mentor, but Beckett is completely different. He has a lot to learn. You can already see how Beckett will look on one of the posters.

I am your mother of dragons

Emilia Clarke should also be noted as Kira. By the way, there were rumors that she is Rei's mom ?!

We haven't seen any real new galactic races for a long time. This time, the filmmakers have prepared for the new spin-off Twi'leks.

In general, in terms of the intensity of passions, the story will not be worse than "Outcast", and as for futuristic cars, it seems that we will see plenty of them in the spin-off, as well as the races themselves, as in the second episode.

Which side will Han fight on? For the rebels? Or will he have to strike some clever deal with the Empire? Soon, very soon we will know about it!

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