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Review of the updated inexpensive iPad 10.2


Apple updated several of its products in September. One of them was the iPad 10.2 tablet, which received a larger display. It is also important that this product has become the cheapest in the history of the American firm's tablet computers. It also comes with support for the Smart Keyboard and the more powerful iPadOS mobile OS. The manufacturer is promoting this device as a laptop replacement.

Features and Design

It should be understood that this gadget is an entry-level device. It doesn't have thin bezels or Face ID, for example. The dimensions of its panels have remained practically unchanged, in its place there is a mechanical Home button equipped with a built-in Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Therefore, those who have previously had experience with such a device will not feel significant changes.


Wide side frames do not meet the requirements of modern trends, but they are comfortable to work with. Those who first hold an iPad 10.2 in their hands may think that they saved money on the device. Usually Apple products carry weight due to the fact that they are packed with all sorts of functionality and at the same time are compact.

This is really economy class, but from Apple. This already means something.

Compared to last year's counterpart, the tablet screen has become half an inch larger. Despite some coldness of its shades, it gives out a worthy color.

The Retina display has a resolution of 2160 x 1620 pixels (264 ppi). A10 Fusion with 64-bit architecture is used as a processor. It is assisted by the M10 coprocessor. The front camera has a resolution of 1.2 megapixels and the main one is 8 megapixels.

The back of the device is no different. There is a camera, a logo in the center and the name of the device.


It should be noted that the display bezel is deeply recessed inside the case. This worsens its perception, it seems that you are looking at a gadget in the class below.

iPad Cameras

Tablets are rarely equipped with powerful cameras. Here the developers can be understood. Rarely does anyone use such a voluminous gadget to take photos or videos. But sometimes the capabilities of cameras can come in handy. Suddenly you will come across an interesting shot on the way, when the device is in your hands. Nobody canceled video calls either.


The main 8-megapixel lens functions like the sensor in the iPhone 7. Here, the aperture is smaller and the angle of view is narrower. He only needs normal lighting.

When shooting indoors, some digital noise is added and colors are muted.

The quality of selfies is not very good. There is no clarity of details and there is also a lot of noise. Compared to the shots taken from the iPhone 7 three years ago, the latter has better dynamic range and less boring colors.


The new iPad 10.2 has an old processor. He is already three years old. But despite this, it cannot be said that all the "hardware" here is old. The chip can still be considered quite good in its characteristics, considering that it works with the advanced iPadOS. There are no brakes or lags in its work. Most applications open quickly and function normally. All games and programs from the App Store launch quickly.


Of course, the performance of this device cannot be compared with the iPad Pro, but it does its job well.

Apple usually supports its products after market launch for 4-5 years. Whether this means that the iPad 2020 will remain the same is not yet clear.

Another thing to say about the amount of internal memory. 32GB is not enough for a 2019 device. Many interesting applications are now voluminous. After installing them, there will be no room for games and photos.

Multimedia device and notebook replacement

The tablet is a multimedia laptop. Its main plus is mobility. You can always take it with you. This allows you to while away the time watching a movie or playing a game. You can also chat on social networks or read.

In iPad 10.2, it's annoying that the speakers are installed on only one side. Their sound is good, spacious, clear, but one-sided. Headphones are best for a balanced effect.


Apple has long been striving to create iPads that support the capabilities of laptops. This gadget has the ability to support Smart Keyboard cases. It has its own three-point Smart Connector.

It also has the full range of iPadOS features. This means that the device is multitasking. It allows you to work with applications by displaying or inserting them from split-screen scenes.

It's also trendy to take advantage of improved editing and the new Sidecar feature. It is needed for those who want to increase the working space of the PC screen by transferring it to the tablet display.

Who will benefit from the new iPad

Last year's analogue was positioned as a device for pupils and students. The current one has got a bigger screen and therefore has no place in this segment.

Probably, the developer's marketers have chosen a different niche for him. It contains those who want to get wide functionality and basic iPad programs, but without extra financial costs. It is possible that those who want to try to work on an Apple gadget for the first time should also be included here. If you get positive emotions, in the future you can update the device by purchasing a more advanced one.


The undoubted disadvantage of the product is the presence of a small amount of memory. You can take the option with 128 GB in reserve. But then its cost will be slightly lower than the iPad Pro version. Better to add money and buy it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman