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Apple does not support DIY product repairs


Apple has developed custom software that is available only to authorized service centers. As a result, self-repairing latest macbook versions causes a number of difficulties.

Disassembly and replacement of some parts leads to the fact that the device is blocked until the start of the diagnostic program. This information is disseminated by the Motherboard source, referring to internal Apple documents received, which were sent to certified service points.

Difficulties of repair

The new policy has been extended to devices that use the 2nd generation T2 processor, the developer of which is the company itself. The processor was introduced into the iMac Pro and MacBook Pro in 2018. It is Apple's policy that ongoing repairs to Apple laptops and replacement of some internal components will cause the devices to be programmatically blocked until a special system package is launched.

The block can appear on MacBooks when replacing the keyboard, touchpad, external and internal case, memory device, display unit. To resolve this issue, you need to run a software configuration called AST 2 System Configuration.

Motherboard cites a document at its disposal that says it is impossible to fully complete the repair of a number of MacBook components without launching the Apple software package. Lack of required configuration will result in incomplete recovery and system blocking.

Diagnostic software

Additionally, the publication cites one more source - a training presentation of the Apple company on the use of the new software, which states that Service Toolkit and Apple Service Toolkit 2 are available only at authorized service points of the company. As a result, the user will not be able to repair a macbook on his own at home, concludes Motherboard.

The AST 2 System Configuration package is used to diagnose the health of the MacBook and only functions with official access to the Global Service Exchange - Apple's cloud structure. The service is used for various restoration work and requires a login provided by the company.

The diagnostic software includes a Mac Resource Inspector component that monitors various laptop systems, from software to various components: screen hardware, power supply, cooling mechanism, memory devices, etc.

Apple Tactics

Kyle Wiens, the head of the popular repair company iFixit, suggests two possible explanations for Apple's policy - increasing control over its own products or providing additional security for ios devices. In his opinion, the company's actions will lead to negative consequences not only for small businesses that repair MacBook Pros, but also for their own consumers, including educational institutions and residents of remote settlements with insufficiently developed repair services.

Apple's tactics are likely also related to recent changes in US law and attempts by some states in the country to enact a legal regulation called "Right to Repair." According to this document, manufacturers will be obliged to provide open access to a wide audience for everything for self-repairing branded devices: instructions, spare parts, tools, diagnostic programs.

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Author: Jake Pinkman