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Interesting and technological gifts for women by March 8. First part


March 8 International Women's Day is approaching. The weaker sex is very fond of gifts. In addition, one can argue about their essence. Women love various electronic devices and gadgets no less than men. We will make a selection of such products that it will not be shameful to present to a woman or girl for this holiday.

Wireless Power Bank

Powerbank is always useful, especially in those conditions when there is no nearby electrical network, and the mobile device needs recharging. Baseus M36 Wireless Charger is equipped with Qi wireless charging support.


The owner of this device will not be left without energy so necessary for his gadget. It has a capacity of 10,000 mAh. There is a short circuit protection function, overheating is also impossible.

Powerbank has two USB ports in its arsenal, which allows you to simultaneously connect three devices. This is another convenience of an external battery. It can be used, for example, in a cafe or park, where several people in a company have lost their smartphones. Then one of the users uses the wireless charging capabilities, and two more will recharge their devices via a wired USB connection.

Xiaomi Fitness Bracelet

In no case should such a gift be regarded by a woman as a hint. It's just taking care of a loved one. The fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is one of the most advanced in its price category. It has an original appearance, so it will appeal to any woman or girl who will gladly wear it on her graceful wrist.

The device is equipped with an OLED screen and a 110 mAh battery, which will allow for a long time without recharging.


This fitness bracelet can do a lot, its capabilities are not limited to measuring the physical parameters of the client's activity. He can monitor the quality of sleep, if installed, politely wake the user. The device measures heart rate, displays reminders about the need for a short warm-up.

Using the Bluetooth protocol, it is easy to synchronize the bracelet with a smartphone. Before that, you need to download and install the proprietary application. It allows you to control all processes of physical activity and sleep. A bonus can be the presence of a waterproof case, which allows you to swim without removing the device and visit, for example, a water park.

Portable Photo Printer

Women and girls love to take selfies and just take pictures. Many of them wonder about the preservation of positive memories received, for example, while relaxing by the sea or hiking in the mountains. Especially if all the photos were taken with a smartphone camera.

This is where the Polaroid Zip Portable Photo Printer comes in. He will not let memorable pictures remain in the bowels of the PC or on the pages of social networks. This device does not care what platform your smartphone is running on - Android or iOS. It will print 25 pictures with the same quality on one battery charge.


Thanks to Zero Ink Printing technology, there is no need to search for ink, refill it. You just need to connect it via NFC or Bluetooth to the gadget. In addition, in the existing application, before printing, you can process the image, make the future photo better.


Almost all girls are romantic. They also appear to be holding a book. If this book is an electronic book, then this girl, moreover, is also modern, follows the times.

ONYX BOOX Darwin 5 device is equipped with E-Ink Carta screen. It features MOON Light + electronic lighting and e-paper technology.


Even if you set a goal to read a multivolume work, it will be easy to do this, because thanks to this technology, your eyes will not get tired. The presence of 8 GB of internal memory and the ability to use microSD cards allow you to create your own library inside the device.

The reader is equipped with a 3000 mAh battery, which makes it possible to use this product for a long time. The set includes a special cover that, when closed, puts the book into sleep mode, not to mention the possibility of protecting it from mechanical damage.

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