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August 2018 Highlights - Release Calendar


This summer, the gaming industry seemed to hint to especially avid gamers that it's time to bask in the sun, swim in the sea and catch all the warm summer days. Indeed, you can count the number of good games over the past couple of months on the fingers of one hand. Tired of putting up with it? Then we have extremely good news for you: in August, the gaming industry will begin to slowly awaken after the summer holidays and prepare a whole flurry of games. We will tell you about the best of them in our selection of the main games of August 2018.

This is the Police 2

Release date: August 2

The original This is The Police was one of the biggest surprises of 2016. At first glance, a nondescript indie craft for verification turned out to be an exciting noir detective story, where the player had to experience firsthand what it was like to be a police chief in a corrupt and full of depravity city. Conventionally, the game could be divided into two sections: short story sketches, as if descended from the pages of a comic, and the management of the police station.

So what's the surprise of This is the Police 2? First of all, the developers want to significantly expand the set of available functions and more reliably convey the difficult life of the head of the police department. Another new addition to This is the Police 2 will be turn-based tactical combat, most reminiscent of the XCOM series. And the best news: the developers liked how well gamers received the storyline campaign, and in the new game they are preparing to pay much more attention to the storyline aspect.

This is the Police 2. August 2018 Highlights

We Happy Few

Release date: Aug 10

The next unusual game in July will be the mysterious adventure project We Happy Few. The developers, apparently, are tired of the flow of the same type of survival games and are preparing, perhaps, the most original game in the history of the genre. We Happy Few does not limit itself to strict limits and skillfully combines a quest, an adventure game, a pinch of RPG and sprinkles the resulting dish with an abundant layer of survival elements so that life does not seem like honey.

The plot of the story and the setting itself is also of interest: the main character will have to get out of the gothic town of Wellington Wells, whose residents live in a utopian paradise and take special pills to stay in a state of constant happiness and not notice the gloomy surrounding reality. And the most interesting aspect of We Happy Few is the procedurally generated world. We just hope that it will be more interesting to explore than the one from No Man's Sky.

We Happy Few August 2018 Highlights

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Release date: Aug 14

The final chapter from the life of a professional meat grinder for cutting zombies, and at the same time just a cute girl named Clementine, starts in the near future. Plot details are hushed up, but knowing how much Telltale loves to squeeze tears out of the player, you can more likely expect Clementine's death.

But let's not talk about the sad, because the innovations that the developers promise in The Walking Dead: The Final Season are of the greatest interest. Telltale games are no longer criticized by the lazy for budget, clumsy animation and primitive gameplay, but that should change with the release of the last season of Walkers. For example, the creators of the game will finally switch to a new engine, significantly tweak the animation, add a free camera and allow cutting living carrion in a new combat system that will replace the annoying QTE.

The Walking Dead The Final Season August 2018 Main Games

Deaths Gambit

Release date: Aug 14

Gone through all the releases from the Souls series, miss the challenge and feel that there are still a few nerve cells left? In this case, you are exactly on the same path with the messenger of Death, who will break through the hordes of immortal demons in the game Deaths Gambit. Comparison with the hardcore series of Miyazaki is not without reason: obviously, the authors of the game were heavily inspired by "Dark Souls", which is expressed both in the approach to gameplay and in the aesthetics of the world of Shiradon.

The dark and oppressive fantasy world of Deaths Gambit seems to illustrate what From Software games could have turned out if they were released at the dawn of the 90s. Of course, the pixelated 2D graphics lack stars from the sky, but does that prevent it from conveying the suffering and intense sense of constant danger that Dark Souls was so famous for? The developers promise to pay special attention to the bosses and these guys clad in armor will try to do everything so that the player sees the "Game Over" sign more often.

Deaths Gambit. August 2018 Highlights

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth

Release date: Aug 14

Everything new is well forgotten old. It seems that Blizzard also agrees with this aphorism, so in the next expansion for the immortal World of Warcraft they decided to return to the classic theme of the confrontation between the horde and the alliance. There are both familiar innovations, such as new races, the newly raised maximum level-cap and now up to level 120, a slightly updated raid system, and more interesting moments.

Since all of Azeroth is becoming the epicenter of a bloody confrontation, the developers decided to remove the division of servers into PVP and PVE. Now danger can lurk around every corner, and the main one is other players. Another rather interesting innovation will be the capture of forts and travel to other islands, where the main boss, controlled by a self-learning AI, is able to analyze the player's tactics and, based on the data obtained, adjust the battle strategy.

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth. August 2018 Main Games

Graveyard Keeper

Release date: August 15

When, it would seem, game developers have tried all possible ideas for simulations, Graveyard Keeper enters the scene, which offers a unique opportunity to become a cemetery manager and build a business, literally, on other people's bones. The cemetery business, by the way, will make the player get their hands dirty. And no, I do not mean digging graves with my own hands (although this option is included in the game), but the need to make controversial decisions in order to increase the number of new, ahem, clients.

The more dead people in the city and the new graves in the cemetery, the more profit, everything is simple. Therefore, the developers suggest, for example, investing in public executions of witches or bringing people to heart attacks with cemetery ghosts. Also, do not forget that the new deceased can become a valuable resource, and his meat will be allowed to be used for hot dogs. The ruthless machine of capitalism in all its glory.

Graveyard Keeper August 2018 Main Games

Strange Brigade

Release date: Aug 28

The name of the game itself perfectly conveys its essence: we play as one of four explorers of ancient Egypt. The quartet of brave travelers is made up of a charismatic lady engineer, a scientist-historian, well versed in all types of weapons, a warrior from an African tribe and a strong-willed leader. The main goal is making your way through hordes of mythical creatures and mummies to the nearest cache.

Of course, Strange Brigade evokes direct associations with Left 4 Dead, but this is only on the surface. Here, each character differs not only in skin, but also in a set of skills, ammunition and methods of reprisals against enemies. The special cherry on the cake is humor. The developers have no desire to compete with the gloomy Warhammer: Vermintide 2, they prefer fun adventurous adventures in the spirit of Indiana Jones.

Strange Brigade August 2018 Main Games

The Universim

Release date: Aug 28

The next upcoming game in July will revive the long-forgotten God simulator genre. You can recall both the work of Peter Molyneux in this field, and the more relevant Spore from Sid Meier. The Universim took a lot of gameplay elements from both games. The essence of the new game is simple: you need to lead the civilization of amusing creatures of nuggets and lead them from the Stone Age to the newest, space era.

Nuggets are extremely unlucky in this life: their tiny planet every now and then becomes the center of various natural disasters and only the player's divine hand will help them survive in this cruel world. In general, the God simulator has been in development for over 4 years and looks like an extremely entertaining entertainment. The only drawback is the sheer bugs, which you can read about on The Universum's Steam page. Hopefully, the developers will have enough time to fix all the obvious technical problems of the game.

The Universim August 2018 Main Games

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