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Top 10 best TV series of September: premieres


In the last issue, dedicated to the best TV series in September, we talked about projects that got their sequels in the first month of autumn. A lot of new seasons of already proven multi-part films will be released during this period. Now let's talk separately about absolutely new TV series in September, that is, those that will be included in the programs and streaming networks of TV channels and services for the first time this month.

For convenience, we have arranged the premieres in the order they appear.


September 2, ITV

The film is co-produced by ITV Studios and Urban Myth Films, British film studios that are well placed to deliver an excellent and high-quality detective drama with thriller elements. For the British, as far as we know from our own experience, detective serials come out especially well.

Martin Freeman himself was invited to play the role of the main character - detective Steve Fulcher, from which it becomes finally clear that the series will be excellent. The difficult task of investigating the circumstances of the woman's disappearance falls on the shoulders of his hero, despite the fact that the evidence in the case leads him in an undesirable direction, which makes everyone around him very unhappy, except himself.

But the die-hard detective will not stop at any obstacles, even if it costs him his career and reputation.


September 3, BBC One

Another project of filmmakers from Foggy Albion. And again - a detective thriller.

This time, a woman, investigator Rachel Carey performed by Holliday Granger (not to be confused with Hermione Granger!), will have to handle a complicated case. A controversial story fell on her head about a former military man, Sean Emery, who is accused of a crime he, in truth, did not commit. While serving in Afghanistan, he allegedly committed a brutal murder, for which he must be punished.

He's not the first person to be framed with a fake video. But can Rachel Carey be able to prove his innocence? After all, not everyone is lucky with competent investigators.

In the meantime, our veteran will have to run. Moreover, both from ours and from yours.

Wu-Tang: American Saga

September 11, Hulu

And now, on the outskirts of large American cities, life is not sweet. And in the 90s it was even worse. If you are a black teenager living in a dysfunctional neighborhood, then you had a straight road to criminals.

And you start to give slack and play up, your days are numbered. Loshars do not live in such places for a long time. But one cunning local brother Bobby Diggs stubbornly believes that there is a way out of this mess. He decides to prove it not only to himself, but also to those ten guys whom he was going to "win" from the street, having put together an excellent musical group of them.

But how much will it cost him? This is already a question of a different plan.


September 16, Netflix

In the 60s, there were no even more or less intelligible spy gadgets. But there were more spies. And one of these was Eli Cohen - an Israeli intelligence spy, about whom the story will go in this series.

Eli Cohen was such a skillful manipulator that he could easily get into the credibility of any bureaucrat in high circles. He successfully milked Syrian officials, expertly squeezing information out of them for several years. But the fate of spies in those years was unenviable. Almost all of them burned out and ended their lives deplorably.

And what about the fate of this patriot, who has been forced to walk “on the edge” day after day for 5 years?


September 13, Netflix

Again a detective, only this time a crime, in which Netflix is going to tell us the story of a teenage girl named Marie, publicly convicted of slandering about rape.

But two detectives - Grace Rassmussen and Karen Duvall decided to believe the girl. And, starting to dig, they dug up a whole maniac rapist, driving along the roads of the country and raping women in all cities and towns in a row.

He has a rule: no more than one chick per settlement. That is why no one could catch him for so long. Moreover, most of the women did not go to the police with a rape report at all, fearing that all of them would simply be laughed at, like poor Marie.

Well? Now it's up to detectives Grace and Karen. Will they squeeze the rapist into one place properly, or not? We will root for them.


September 13, Amazon

A good-quality cartoon project from the Amazon TV channel for an adult audience, telling another story in the style of the Butterfly Effect.

The main character Alma, suspiciously similar to the cyborg Alita from the movie "Alita - Battle Angel", as a result of injuries received in a car accident, gains the opportunity not only to see her deceased dad, suspiciously similar to lawyer Jimmy McGill, or, otherwise, Saul from the series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, but also travel back in time to correct the present.

It will be interesting to look at her attempts. Although, we all know that such a "correction" has not yet led to anything good.

The animation, by the way, is excellent. You can't do that in a film.

Prodigal Son

September 23, FOX

The choice of Malcolm Brown's future profession was predetermined. When your daddy is a serial killer maniac who insists that you are like him, you simply have to become his opposite, that is, a crime psychologist. So, just in case.

But when you start working in your specialty, you suddenly realize that in the psychology of maniacs you are not very good at chopping. But your daddy is a real expert in this matter. Well, I'll have to go to his psychiatric hospital for advice. And, more than once.

And each time it becomes more and more difficult to do.

Horror Kaleidoscope

September 26, Shudder

An attempt to revive the series of the same name, which was popular with the public in the distant 80s. Then the scripts for all the episodes, by the way, not related to each other, were written byStephen King.

Now there are a bunch of writers. But our world-beloved deserved king of horrors still has the honor of being on their list.

That time, to be honest, it was not really a series. It was a two-hour collection of five short horror films, collected under a single general title. Such a build was great to run in theaters.

This time it will be exactly the series, consisting of 12 episodes, also not related to each other in semantic content. It will probably be interesting.

And - scary!


September 27, Netflix

Finally we got to the first and only comedy project on our list of the best September TV series. The beginning of autumn cannot boast of that.

The tale here is about a young and ambitious young man from Santa Barbara who is about to make a political career from his constituency.

But he is aiming oh as high, at least - up to the Governor of California. And he will cross the stairs of political Olympus with great humor and enthusiasm.

The Godfather of Harlem

September 29, ABC

The crime drama from ABC TV channel, which tells about the difficult everyday life of the crime boss Bumpy Johnson, concludes our top of the best TV series of September.

The project will be of particular interest to fans of the feature film "Gangster" (2007) with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in the lead roles. After all, it will be a real prequel to the aforementioned film.

The action will unfold in the 60s, and the main role will be played by Forest Whitaker himself. Such films should not be missed. Looking forward to it.


That's all for now. There will be other premieres in September, but they're not good enough to make it to our top of the best new series. Therefore, let's skip them and just wish you a pleasant viewing and a good mood. And, as always, more awesome movies and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman