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Americans made pills smarter


Humanity has been engaged in research in the field of medicine for as long as diseases have existed. Based on this research, many methods of treatment have been created, thousands of developments in various fields of medical activity have been invented and patented.

One of the most important of its inventions, in terms of methods and effectiveness of treatment, humanity considers tablets and powders. They have been used since the days of Aristotle and Paracelsus. Over the years, oral medicines have improved, their effectiveness has increased.

However, until now the main problem of these funds has not been solved. They still, while curing one disease, contribute (not always) to the development of another. In other words, we treat one thing and cripple the other.

Pharmacists around the world have been trying for a long time to make drugs act only for their intended purpose, without causing both allergic reactions and effects on other, healthy human organs that do not need treatment.

American Breakout

In terms of the above, this is truly a breakthrough. The Americans have developed the latest technology that allows pills to move around the human body. There was a way to control the drug. Moreover, without the use of various tricks, such as microbots or an electromagnetic field.

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This research was carried out by a group of scientists from the University of California at San Diego. They invented a kind of turbine. Outwardly, it resembles spherical particles with a large number of layers. Their size does not exceed 20 micrometers.

The core of the substance is magnesium molecules. They are coated with titanium dioxide, lactose and maltose. The layer thickness of the last two components is 100 nanometers. Titanium dioxide is necessary to protect the entire structure from aggressive environments of the body. It also ensures that the whole substance adheres to the walls of the intestine or stomach.

The main substance, the carrier of the drug, according to the idea of the researchers, is PLGA - polylactide coglycolide. It is a degradable polymer that was previously supposed to be used in many processes, including those not related to medical research.

How it works

The trial process lasted for several years. When the drug enters the gastrointestinal tract, magnesium becomes a kind of combustible fuel. It directs the microparticle where it is needed. Scientists reported that by regulating its amount, it is possible to control the "range" of movement of the future medicine.

It also makes it possible to calculate with particular accuracy the place of drug intake. According to their plans, the means, arriving at the place calculated in this way, begins to act immediately. This greatly increases the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect on a particular human organ. The most important thing is that the medication delivered in this way does not come into contact with other, healthy organs of the patient. The likelihood of side effects is minimized.


Most of the research and control tests have been done on animals. A common dye was used as a medicine. Thus, it was possible to trace the entire path of the microparticle in the subject's body.

At the moment, most of the experiments are completed. However, scientists were faced with a new, no less significant question. The question of the cost of such a drug and its production. It can be seen that its composition is diverse and filled with expensive elements. Now everything must be done to reduce the price of the product so that its production is profitable.

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