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Game of Thrones - Finals Coming


The most popular fantasy TV series of our time is smoothly approaching the finale of the penultimate 7th season. Let's try before the final episode of season 7 to remember what we already know and fantasize about what we can be shown in the final and the last season 8 of the series.

What's in store for the Season 7 Finale

If you focus on the promo video provided by HBO and spoilers that are in full swing on the network, the actions in the last final episode and season will begin in the Dragon's Lair, where all the main characters gather for a meeting - Cersei with Qyburn and Mountain, Euron, Daenerys with Dothraki and flawless, Tyrion, John, Clegane, Brienne, Jaime, Bronn.

I would like to warn you that further you will be able to see spoilers of the final episode of season 7, so if you do not want to read about this before the release of the new episode, it is better to take a knowledge test on the series.

Meeting Cersei

John demonstrates to everyone present the white walker caught behind the wall to prove that the army of the dead and the King of the Night are not fictions.


At first, Cersei does not believe John's words, but seeing the "immortality", the wichta understand with their own eyes that the King of the North is telling the truth. Euron prefers to hide from the walkers on the Iron Islands and does not care about the fate of others.

After Cersei and Daenerys get into an argument over the right to the throne, John supports the Mother of Dragons and Cersei leaves the negotiating place in anger. Only a conversation with Tyrion makes her change her mind and promise to send the Lanister army to help the North.



In Winterfell, Littlefinger continues to set Sansa against her sister Arya, it ends badly for Baelish, Sansa learns of all his betrayals and, on the next advice, Arya kills him with the same dagger he gave Brann.

Jaime and Cersei


Jaime quarrels with Cersei when she learns that she does not intend to help the North, but, on the contrary, expects that the white walkers will exterminate all her enemies instead of her, and Euron, who skillfully played cowardice, will actually go after the army of "golden of swords.

John and Daenerys

Meanwhile, Daenerys, John, and Jorah Marmont are trying to build a plan and strategy to defend the North.


Also, apparently, we are waiting for a hot scene of intimacy between John and Daenerys and Sam's conversation with Brann on the most important topic of the true origin of Jon Snow, who is the legitimate heir to the Seven Kingdoms.

What's next for us?

As you know from promo videos and rumors, the ending of the seventh episode will be the breakthrough of the army of walkers led by the King of the Night on the Dragon through the Wall. The icy flame of the dead dragon destroys the barrier that has protected people for so many centuries, the wall falls, and now there is no protection from the white walkers.

The upcoming eighth season is intended to end the exciting story of the series and tell how the war with the army of the dead ended and who will finally win Game of Thrones and become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

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