Salt controller, CD Project Red does not make two more Cyberpunk 2077 games, Doom reboot is a game news digest for the second half of the week. Part two (Topic)

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Salt controller, CD Project Red does not make two more Cyberpunk 2077 games, Doom reboot is a game news digest for the second half of the week. Part two


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We merge from the game correctly - the gamer created a controller that works on salt

In English slang, the word "salty" [salty] is used in relation to people who are worried about all sorts of little things. In gaming jargon, it is applied to players who drop out of the match at the slightest sign of a loss, or come off on their team, calling everyone “handshakes”.

Especially for these people, engineer and author of the Insert Controller Here channel, Eric Heckman, created a controller that works by adding salt to water. After this operation, it automatically logs you out of the game.

Eric recalls that the idea came to him from chemistry lessons at school. Then they were told that distilled water is a bad conductor, but it can change the salt. To a glass of water, he attached an Arduino microcontroller with sensors. When salt enters the water, the resistance decreases, and when the controller notices this, it sends signals to and from the game.

He adapted the controller for three games:

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - you just quit the game
  • Overwatch - after adding salt to the water, the message "I need treatment" will automatically spam in the chat, and after that you leave the match.
  • He works hardest in Lol - he sends a message to the group chat: “My whole team sucks. Delete the game to hell. Bye ", then a vote opens to give the victory to the opponent, and you maliciously leave the game.

We were deceived, we diverge - CD Project Red is not making two more Cyberpunk 2077 games

In the last digest we wrote that CD Project Red is developing two more games in the Cyberpunk universe. The news was spread by the Polish business portal It turned out that at his press conference, which was covered by the portal, the head of the company, Adam Kichinsky, had something else to introduce.

It was not about three games in the franchise, but about three teams that are working on Cyberpunk 2077. One team is from Warsaw, and the other from Krakow - they make the game itself. The third team from Wortslov is engaged in technological research.


The studio has two more teams, and as already mentioned, one makes Gwent, and the other a mobile game.

Sad. Sorry for misinformation.

A fan has released a remake of the first two Doom games on the engine of the third game

In the beginning, Doom Reborn was a modification that launched the first and second parts of the game based on the third. Now the mod has grown into a separate project that does not require Doom 3 to run.

I was developing my project's modernization in order to transfer the original games to the id Tech 4 engine and at the same time preserve the original spirit. Doom Reborn just launched the first games with unchanged textures, but the new version completely transfers the geometry of the games to 3D rails.

Doom Reborn is still in development, but you can already download the current version here. Note, however, that saves can only be used after installing the patch.

Despite the fact that the gamer made many models himself, ZeniMax is already trying to close his project.

"We're not a bunch of bad guys" - EA wants to win sympathy by helping indie projects

EA has been called the corporation of evil for a very long time. EA doesn't like it that much [lol, I don't like it - so don't drown for loot boxes and other shit]. To combat this stigma, the company has decided to focus on supporting indie developers.

The company's VP of Strategy, Mat Bilby, said: “We love making games, we love playing them - we're not a bunch of bad guys. Alas, when EA makes mistakes, the world will know about it because of the large size of our company. ”


EA Originals was the last brand to wash away the dirt from a publisher's face, to help develop, finance, advertise and distribute indie projects.

EA Originals was founded not only out of a desire to be a philanthropist, but because of the company's fear of breaking away from indie projects. According to Bilby, the company doesn't do small games at all these days. Therefore, they need to fill this gap.

Recall that earlier A Way Out, Unravel and Fe were released under this brand. The company will present new announcements from the indie sphere to us later.

Desperados 3 creators are looking for brave cowboys for the beta test

Mimimi Productions, which is currently developing Desperados 3, is very keen to make the project much better than past games. To do this, they plan to conduct a closed beta test of Desperados 3 this month.

500 people can take part in the beta. They are not allowed to share videos, screenshots or details about the game that is in an early development version, and it is not even allowed to disclose that you took part in the beta test. You can tell only a month after the release of the game. You can sign up here.


As one of the representatives of the studio, Denis Guzak, said: “This is not a test in the spirit of:“ Pre-order the game and get a bonus ”, besides, we do not need your feedback, since the game will be released soon. We just want to show before release what we have while the game is in production. We also want the test to pass on time in order to respond to any problems that may arise. ”

Closed testing will take place from July 9th to 21st.

The game will be released on three major platforms this year.

"Have you prepared gifts for us?" - one of the Capcom shareholders bombarded the company with stupid questions

Most likely, a meeting with shareholders in your head sounds like something very boring and serious, for example, when a huge crowd of stern uncles and aunts is sitting and chatting about price increases. This is only half true. At least Capcom's meeting with its shareholders was fun thanks to one of them.

He went to the microphone and blurted out the following phrase: “My son really loves to play games, but says Capcom has simple graphics. Do something about it. " The company dismissed the standard "Thank you, we're working on this" response.


The man did not stop there and continued: “When my son was younger, card games on arcade machines were popular. There were whole lines to play them. It would be cool if they were family fun again. I want you to invent a new hit for arcade machines that will bring them back in popularity. " Here the answer was already more specific. The company is constantly equipping new halls with arcades, and if they have an idea for a cool new machine, they will definitely implement it.

The man finished them off with a question: “Have you prepared gifts for the shareholders? I wish I had a Capcom souvenir. " In response, the company joked that the best gift is a rise in stocks.

This was all weekend news, stay tuned.

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