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Wrestler John Cena may star in Duke Nukem movie


One of the most famous heroes of computer action films, Duke Nukem, may soon move to cinemas. As it became known thanks to the Variety edition, Jean Julien Baronnet, the producer of the Assassins Creed adaptation, has joined the film project based on the Duke Nukem series. But this is far from the only news, and there are chances that we will somehow get a decent adaptation of a computer game.

Three studios are responsible for the production of the film at once: Gearbox, which gave us the latest release in the Duke Nukem series to date, and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes film company with the support of Paramount Studios. The latter, by the way, apparently dropped out of the project, but there is good news: the role of Duke can be played by the famous wrestler John Cena.

At the moment it is impossible to say even approximately in what year the film adaptation will appear, since the development of the concept of the film and work on the script are still ongoing. It is for these 2 purposes that Gearbox Business Development Director Sean Harran, Julien Baronetta and the Duke Nukem film writing team met recently. The creative team agreed that Duke's cartoonish, sarcastic character, extremely masculine and parodying famous action heroes of the 1980s with might and main, has great potential in the film industry.

Sean Harran noted that Duke Nukem is similar to Deadpool in his ability to punch through the fourth wall, which will create a huge number of comic scenes. The filmmakers will try to use another trick to make the viewer laugh: the grotesque character Duke straight from the 80s will have to face not only aliens in an attempt to save the world, but also modern values. And here it is already difficult to say with which meetings the Nuclear Duke will have more trouble.

Among other upcoming game adaptations, we separately note the "Witcher" from Netflix, which we wrote about in a separate article.

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Author: Jake Pinkman