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Top Games April 2018 - Release Calendar


Traditionally, April is considered one of the busiest months of the year for game releases. For example, last year we received the main triumphant of numerous God of War “Game of the Year” awards, and with a high probability, the same scenario will be repeated in 2019. In addition to numerous indie projects and games of the middle class, you can expect at least 2 iconic AAA games that will be released with a minimum interval and will fight for the wallets of gamers with equal success. Therefore, we are looking forward to presenting you with a selection of the main games of April 2019.

Dangerous Driving

Release date: April 9

We start with an arcade racing game that follows in the footsteps of the legendary Burnout series. Dangerous Driving fully justifies its name and offers all the best of what the famous arcade racing series has become famous for: destructible environment, with manic meticulousness recreated model of deformation of cars and an indescribable feeling of excitement, when under the wind the whistle and noise of hot tires manage to fit into a sharp turn at a speed of 200 km / h.

Additional confidence in the project is given by the participation in the development of the main people behind the creation of the best parts of Burnout, so the project is definitely worth waiting for all fans of racing arcades. Also, a few words about the content of the game: at the start there are 13 tracks and various modes, including those that provoke players to drive aggressively. For example, Eliminator mode, where the main condition for victory is to try to get to the finish line in one piece. Additionally, we note that the game Dangerous Driving on PC is announced as an exclusive to the Epic Games Store. The disc version of the project will also be on sale, complete with the studio's previous race, Danger Zone 2.

Major Games April 2018 Release Calendar

World War Z

Release date: April 16

The new game based on the cult literary work "War of the Worlds Z" can rightfully be called the Left 4 Dead of the new generation. Judge for yourself, the game is based on the familiar concept of cooperative zombie action for 4 people, but with a number of unique additions. For a start, it is worth noting hordes of zombies, which act as an intellectual swarm and, in the best traditions of the film with Brad Pitt in the title role, are able to form gigantic living walls in order to climb unattainable heights. An additional problem is that the game can draw up to 500 unique zombies within a location, so we expect a stream of incessant adrenaline action.

By the way, they didn't forget about the plot either. But do not expect any special delights, tk. a script like the Left 4 Dead series rather acts as a background to logically link three unique chapters. Additional tactical variety will provide 6 playable classes to choose from, which have unique abilities and weapons, but completely defenseless, left alone with the hordes of the living dead. Teamwork is the key to success in battles. As with the previous title in the best games of April 2019, World War Z on PC is an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Major Games April 2018 Release Calendar


Release date: April 16

Dreams is perhaps not only the most atypical game of this year, but also the most non-standard release among all the Playstation 4 exclusives. The project, according to the developers, allows players to realize their wildest dreams in games without the slightest knowledge of programming. Simply put, Dreams is a constructor for creating games. Moreover, Dreams not only offers pre-formed templates, but allows you to create a game project from scratch in completely different styles, of any genre, including self-prescribing scripts, animation and even music.

No matter how ambitious the idea sounds, but already in the first weeks of the Dreams closed beta test, players proved by their own example that the game allows you to implement any projects: from photorealistic shooters to racing arcades and plush plush-style platformers. Dreams is a game for those who love to create more than play, so we recommend to postpone the purchase until the gaming community can create a number of really worthy projects with the help of gaming tools. In addition, over time, the developers promise to release several large-scale games of their own production, clearly demonstrating the capabilities of Dreams.

Major Games April 2018 Release Calendar

Anno 1800

Release date: April 16

Continuing our top games in April, a new part of the legendary city-building simulators, Anno 1800. It would seem that the series managed to visit almost all known periods of human history, up to the distant future, but the developers again managed to surprise us. The game Anno 1800 will take us to the grandiose era of the dawn of industrial society, when new technologies were accompanied by the writing of fundamental philosophical treatises, the development of diplomacy and the widespread spread of democracy. New era - new opportunities and full adherence to the precepts of the series.

As in the previous parts of Anno, we will have a multiplayer and storyline company, a deep system of urban planning and balancing on a fine line between a project accessible to beginners in the genre and a hardcore game for veterans of city planning simulators. Among the innovations are workers' strikes, pollution of cities with smog, because of which they lose their attractiveness for settlers, the ability to influence the gaming press and bring the light (or darkness) of propaganda to society and the system of employment of the population in production. As with several other games in the top, you will only be able to download Anno 1800 from the Epic Games Store. Download from Uplay as an additional option.

April 2018 Major Games - Release Calendar

Mortal Kombat 11

Release date: April 23

The most brutal and uncompromising fighting game in history is returning with increased levels of violence to the most unhealthy limits. The founder of the series, Ed Boone, is not going to deviate from the accepted rules, but in addition to the next rivers of blood, he brings a number of innovations to the series with the release of Mortal Kombat 11. For example, the famous X-Ray was replaced by Fatal Blow, which are allowed to be carried out when the character has less than a third of health ... In addition, the ability to run was removed from the game, so you can expect a reduced dynamics of battles. And the main innovation is the abundance of customization for the character, which changes not only the appearance of the hero, but also the style of fighting, complementing the range of attacks with new techniques.

Otherwise, ours is expecting the same full of violence MK, where the developers paid attention to both the elaboration of the singleplayer campaign and the multiplayer mode. The plot of Mortal Kombat 11 is built around time travel and will confront the same characters from different time periods. In total, 15 chapters are promised and at least 6 hours of duration of the story campaign. Separately, it is worth talking about the new heroes - the demigod Geras and the mistress of nature Tsetrion. Both characters are more reminiscent of the superheroes from Injustice, but let's hope that they will fit perfectly into the bloody universe of Mortal Kombat.

Major Games of April 2018 - Release Calendar

Imperator: Rome

Release date: April 25

If dynamic fighting games are not to your liking and you prefer unhurried games, then we recommend paying close attention to the global strategy of Imperator: Rome. The game developed by Paradox is completely true to the tradition of intelligent strategy from the developers and embodies the rule: modest minimalism in design and countless add-ons that deepen the gameplay. And now a few numbers: 7000 cities are available in Imperator: Rome, including many lands of Eurasia and 400 playable factions with their own unique features.

As befits a game about ancient Rome, Imperator: Rome will allow you to relive the iconic moments of the era and introduce you to historical figures. The main condition of the game is to bring Rome from a small state to a major empire, while it does not matter at all in what ways you achieve the goal. Variation and an abundance of tactical opportunities are the main feature of Paradox strategies, which in Imperator: Rome is complemented by a ruler's tyranny scale and a number of indicators that shape the empire and the attitude of opposing tribes and states towards it. Indicator only 4: eloquence, strength of religion, army and civilian structure.

Major Games April 2018 Release Calendar

Days Gone

Release date: April 26

Days Gone is the second Playstation 4 exclusive on our list of the best games in April 2019 and also the biggest blockbuster of the month. Post-apocalyptic, open world, hordes of zombies, survival and crafting elements that take up a prominent share of Days Gone do not allow you to feel sympathy for the game. We have seen countless such projects, but the Days Gone game has unique features. For example, the story of a biker named Deacon St. John forced to survive in an inhospitable world and worry about the safety of his iron horse.

The developer is particularly focused on the plot of Days Gone, for which 6 hours of cinematic cutscenes were recorded, which, for example, is several times more than in The Last of Us. In addition to survival in a difficult world, the game will offer special missions with flashbacks that reveal the identity of Deacon and his beloved before the outbreak. The only thing that worries us is the content of the open world of the game. If the developers manage to avoid the problems of numerous openworld projects and flood the world with unique quests, instead of the monotonous cleaning of the lairs of phreakers, cultists and bandits, then who knows, perhaps we will have another contender for the best game of 2019.

Major Games of April 2018 Release Calendar

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