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Frostpunk Review - Survive at Any Cost


The genre of city planning simulators is going through hard times today. Of course, you can always refer to the fact that modern players serve one-button Hollywood blockbusters, and truly intellectual games are out of fashion. We believe that this statement is incorrect, because after the release of Frostpunk became one of the best-selling games on Steam and consistently receives high ratings in the press.

The reasons for the increased excitement for the game and why the new project 11 Bit Studious is worth a try even for those gamers who hate strategy, we will tell in our Frostpunk review.

Three scenarios of the apocalypse

Imagine the idyllic society of Victorian England: when technological progress coexisted with a highly educated and cultured society, where gentlemen in tailcoats talked about tall with young ladies in pretentious dresses. People do not need to work hard physical labor, which is done instead by automatons - robots powered by steam engines. A real utopia.

Ka and any ideal state, Victorian England is in decline, and the fruits of technological progress are leading the world to a global climate collapse. The sudden onset of the ice age forces humanity to scatter into small groups and build a new civilization in the conditions of merciless cold.

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Extreme conditions of survival make not only the true animal nature of the last survivors manifest themselves, but also test the player in Frostpunk for strength. Confronting him with a bunch of moral dilemmas in one of 3 game scenarios: New Home, The Ark, and The Survivors.

New Eden

Leading one of the last colonies in the history of mankind will be an understandable task for those with solid experience in the genre of city planning simulators. The basic mechanics of Frostpunk are pretty simple: there are several resources that must be mined to build new structures and keep a healthy society. As with the recent Surviving Mars, it is always necessary to determine which resource is of utmost importance to the survival of a settlement.

The localization of Frostpunk in USA is done at a decent level, so it will not cause a problem even for beginners in the genre to deal with the gameplay intricacies. Just be prepared for the fact that you will never be able to sit on all the chairs at once. The shortage of one resource can cause massive discontent, or even turn into the fact that you will be thrown into the cold as an unsuccessful ruler in shame.

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To make it easier to monitor the mood in the colony, there are two scales: "hope" and "dissatisfaction", which are influenced by dozens of different factors. Lack of resources, massive deaths of the proletariat at work, low temperatures and inhuman actions of the player can hit the peace of mind of the residents.

The hardest part is on the first day of the reign, when the eyes get confused by the abundance of icons, there are not enough resources to heat the generator, and the survivors begin to die of hunger. In these conditions, it is required to turn to the branches of science that are developed with the help of engineers. New technical advances make it possible, at least a little, but to normalize the state of the colony and even make the extraction of resources fully automatic, if not people, but automatons are used as labor.

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Over time, you will begin to deplete useful resources from nearby lands. Here, the mechanic familiar from This War of Mine will come to the rescue - sending a squad of equipped specialists to the lifeless wastelands who must find valuable resources and, which is important, positive news. But not in the Frostpunk game. In a world on the brink of death, positive news is rare, there is no place for joy, Frostpunk is guided by the rule of "the fittest survives" and reveals the real nature of man.

Every action has a consequence

11 Bit Studious has ensured that the core feature of the game will be the abundance of moral dilemmas and difficult decisions the player will have to make. And in this regard, they did not cheat and even surpassed their past creation This War of Mine. A small town in a snowy apocalypse requires a tough hand and bold decisions, which of course will come back to haunt in the future.

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Making the proletariat work within 24 hours is still a flower. Frostpunk goes further and allows child slave labor, dumping corpses in a mass grave, or even making cannibalism a mainstream diet. The main question here is what are you willing to go for in order to survive.

Will you sacrifice the weak for the sake of the strongest, squeeze all the juices out of the people just to give them one more day of life and not let the precious generator go out? In the end, the question even arises, is a person really worthy of such suffering for the sake of another attempt to see the Sun, and is this life at all? Here everyone will answer for himself. The authors of Frostpunk do not try to engage in moralizing, do not condemn your actions, they simply do not want to show the world in black and white, but illustrate a real society on the verge of extinction.

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The main merit of the developers and the merit of Frostpunk is that through the prism of the drawn world and numerous moral dilemmas, you can get to know yourself better, no matter how cliche it sounds. The best way to test a person is to put them in extreme conditions, and Frostpunk provides this opportunity by inducing a high level of involvement with the game.


Frostpunk has objective flaws. For example, over time, when you study all three scenarios and fully master the mechanics, then there will be a minimum of desire to return to the game. The storyline company is not happy with random situations and goes like on rails. But you will definitely get 20 hours of emotionally difficult and interesting gameplay.

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