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5 Android Games That Will Last Long


From an ordinary dialer, the smartphone has turned into a real killer of boredom. The mobile app market is booming with dozens of categories, thousands of entertainment APKs, and you can get lost among them in no time. Don't want to waste time looking?

Then check out the five most addicting games for your Android right now.

Smash Hit

If you're in the mood for something relaxing but not overly simple, try Smash Hit. Armed with metal balls, you will walk through an insanely beautiful landscape. On the way, you will meet glass figures that you need to break to go to the next level. The game gets harder as you progress.

The creators of Smash Hit managed to find a fine line between appeasement and the desire to destroy. The sound of the game corresponds to the general atmosphere: while listening to calm relaxing tracks, you want to immerse yourself in the soft shades of a three-dimensional world again and again.

Monument Valley

At $ 3.99 and up, there are almost no games that can compete with Monument Valley in design. Music, atmosphere, art, plot - everything is on top. Each element of the game exudes calm and serenity.

The levels contain quirky 3D designs that you need to twirl to guide Princess Ida to the exit.

Although the concept of the game is quite simple, it attracts an abundance of levels, and the simple gameplay and pleasant visuals will make Monument Valley one of the best exhibits in your game library.


If you are a supporter of strict minimalism, you will definitely like 2048.

The essence of the game is simple to the point of impossible: add tiles with the same numbers to get their sum, and do this while there are empty cells on the field. It is not as easy as it sounds. You will soon realize that even in such a thing as addition, a special strategy is needed.

The goal is to reach the cherished 2048, but after that the game will not stop. You can continue indefinitely. The game is free.

Jetpack Joyride

This scroller has prepared for you the role of the thief Barry, who keeps in the air and moves due to the jetpack. Dodge obstacles, collect coins and use bonuses to hold out as long as possible. There's something fun and chaotic about Jetpack Joyride.

If Smash Hit is an unusual mixture of destruction and relaxation, then Jetpack Joyride is all about action.

Another World

Without classics anywhere. Another World was released in 1991 for the Amiga and Atari ST consoles. It quickly gained popularity, and the developers decided to port it to other game consoles. There is also a mobile version of the game. And I must say that running it on a smartphone screen is no less pleasant than on a large monitor. The controls are still intuitive and simple, and the gameplay is addictive for hours.

You will play as a physicist named Lester, who was thrown to another planet by a failed laboratory experiment. It won't be easy to survive - the world is full of dangerous creatures and puzzles. But what can't you do to return home ...

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