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TOP 10 games with the best storyline: from postmodernism to Buddhism


From the uninitiated, "adult" audience, it is not uncommon to find criticism of computer games. Like, this is entertainment for children and even multimillion-dollar budgets and the capitalization of the gaming industry, which exceeds the film industry, will hardly be able to convince the ossified critics. After all, even the very formulation of the "game" adjusts to something completely frivolous. However, in this article we will try to break the established stereotypes and present 10 games with the best storyline, which can compete on equal terms with the best works of cinema and thin. literature.

The collection contains only cult games, so in order not to spoil the impressions of gamers unfamiliar with the presented masterpieces of the gaming industry, we tried to do as much as possible without spoilers.

10. Mafia the City Lost Heaven

The theme of mafia clans operating in North America has so often figured in popular culture that it seems that in this path it is hardly possible to tell another exciting story. Do you think so too? Then don't miss the iconic Mafia from the Czechs from Illision Softwarks.

The story of the life of Thomas Angelo, who, due to an unpleasant sequence of accidents, had to change the routine work of a taxi driver for the bloody profession of a gangster, grabs the player with the tenacious paws of the script and does not let go until the final cutscene. As befits a serious work, in the game Mafia the City Lost Heaven there is no clear division into good and good guys, and there is no obsessive bias towards morality or the romanticization of a criminal lifestyle. There is only a dramatic story with a completely understandable moral: sooner or later you will have to pay for all actions.

Mafia the City Lost Heaven. TOP 10 games with the best storyline

9. The Last of Us

When Neil Druckman, writer and creative director of the game, started developing The Last of Us, he set himself the goal of "taking the level of storyline in games to the next level." To some extent, he succeeded and the game received a number of awards for the best scenario in 2013. At the same time, although we do not consider the plot of The Last of Us the best in the history of the gaming industry, it definitely deserves close attention and is quite capable of reaching the hearts of even callous gamers.

The story of Joel and Ellie, traveling across America for a good mission, makes the player become related with this seemingly incompatible couple. Like God of War, the game skillfully plays on parental feelings. But leaving out any sentimentality, the value of The Last of Us is that it is an extremely cruel game that exposes the entire dark essence of people. Even the main character here is not from the squad of good guys and more than once will surprise the players with his p (r) mistakes.

The Last of Us. TOP 10 games with the best storyline

8. Valiant Hearts The Great War

This game is an excellent antipode to The Last of Us, showing that you can tell an exciting and touching story without expensive cutscenes and advanced graphics. Valiant Hearts The Great War looks extremely simple, unassuming, but thanks to the plot has found a huge army of fans among gamers of all ages.

The plot of the game intertwines the fate of the four main characters, who were dragged into the bloody First World War against their will. Against the backdrop of tragic events, the player will see a story full of brave heroes with valiant hearts (Valiant Hearts) and ready to do anything to save their families and give their descendants the opportunity to live in a better world. Valiant Hearts The Great War is the best example of this story of human values.

Valiant Hearts The Great War. TOP 10 games with the best storyline

7. Alan Wake

The authors of the mystical thriller Alan Wake were obviously inspired by Stephen King's literary masterpieces. Here, the protagonist, by type far from bodybuilders with square faces, and a provincial town with a heap of strange characters hiding more than one pair of skeletons in his closet, and the ubiquitous elements of mysticism are in place. But even with a huge number of references to the legendary writer, game writer Sam Lake managed to create an original piece.

According to the plot of the game, the writer Alan Wake stays in the city of Bright Falls in an attempt to find his missing wife. The preamble of the story is primitive, but later the scenario of the game will twist so much that only one question will sound in the finale: “What, what was that?”. For an answer, you can refer to the two released additions to the game, but the number of questions will only increase. In general, it is recommended to everyone who is ready to break the brain in attempts to deal with the twists and turns of the ornate plot.

Alan Wake. TOP 10 Games with Best Story

6. Celeste

For the author of these lines, Celeste, a hardcore pixel art platformer, was the main discovery of 2018. When I launched this seemingly awkward game, I expected to get only a series of difficult obstacles, but Celeste exceeded my wildest expectations many times over. Under the veil of a nondescript platformer is a story familiar to many people about attempts to find oneself, to find the very meaning of life, overcoming numerous obstacles in its path.

What is the best way to understand what you are worth? The answer is simple: break out of your comfort zone and go to meet your dream through a series of difficult trials, and this is what the Celeste plot tells about. Rarely does a piece of art manage to make you think about your own life and reconsider your views on familiar things in the finale, but Celeste has no problems pulling this trick with a gamer. And, as you can see, I'm not alone in this opinion, because the platformer has earned great reviews from critics and is ranked second among the most highly rated games of 2018.

Celeste. TOP 10 Games with Best Story


SOMA, a horror game from Frictional Games, is a highly controversial game. SOMA does not cope with its genre task to scare the gamer at all, even more - another fearful person on the way does not cause anything but boredom, but you can close your eyes to this aspect for another dose of an intriguing and extraordinary sci-fi plot.

Simple guy Simon Jarett lived the usual life of an ordinary Canadian hard worker. The daily home-work schedule was sometimes interrupted by merry drinking at the bar with bosom friends. Nothing special until the moment when Simon finds himself the only survivor in a huge scientific complex at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Finding out how the wind brought Simon to the bottom of the ocean, and at the same time determining the question "what is a person" - will be the main task of the gamer in the game SOMA.

SOMA. TOP 10 games with the best storyline

4. The Witcher 2

Of course, in this position (and maybe even higher) of the top 10 games with the best storyline, many players would prefer to see the third "Witcher". We do not belittle the plot of the end of the trilogy about the glorious witcher Geralt, but in terms of the plot, "The Witcher 2" is ahead of the third part. The CD Project writers managed to create a complex and well-twisted plot, for a complete understanding of which you need to play the game at least 4 times.

The plot of the plot is obscenely cliched: Geralt is found alone with the corpse of King Foltest, whom the witcher has sworn to protect. In an attempt to cleanse his good name, he falls into a round dance of a large-scale conspiracy, in which the bed of witches, witchers from the school of the snake and the monarchs of rival states were involved. The excessive emphasis on politics was perceived by many players (especially those who are not familiar with the original source of Sapkowski) as a lack of plot. Even so, it is worth paying tribute to the intricacy of the script and the way the characters' fates subtly intertwine with each other.

The Witcher 2. TOP 10 Games with Best Story

3. Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty

Of course, what top games with the best storyline can be without at least one creation of Hideo Kojima? While the young USA gaming community is practicing wit, calling the eminent Japanese "genius", most of them hardly suspect how close the jokes are to the truth. Metal Gear Solid 2 is the best example, no jokes, of the genius and talent of Hideo Kojima, not only as a game designer, but also as a first-class screenwriter who is not afraid to raise philosophical and difficult topics for the average person in his games.

The plot of Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty touches upon the themes of environmentalism, artificial intelligence, social engineering, the value of information and many other pressing issues under the sauce of postmodernism and the frequent breaking of the “4 walls”. After passing Metal Gear Solid 2, the head naturally buzzes with the flow of information and there is a persistent feeling of trying to figure out what is happening.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty. TOP 10 games with best plot

2. Bioshock Infinite

I confess, it was very difficult to decide which of the "Bioshocks" to include in the selection of games with the best storyline. On the one hand, the first part, which perfectly reveals the utopian philosophy of objectivism, on the other hand, we have Biohsock Infinite, playing on the theme of the multidimensionality of the universe. But, perhaps, thanks to the mind-blowing ending, I want to highlight the plot of Biohsock Infinite.

The complexity of the game's scenario is increasing: in the role of Booker DeWitt, we head to the city of Columbia soaring in the sky in order to bring a girl named Elizabeth to a mysterious customer - the questions seem to be dark, but the general outline of the plot remains clear. But then, the further you move along the script line, the easier it is to get lost in the intricacies of the plot, where the main villain, the customer and even the girl Elizabeth are not who they seem at first.

Bioshock Infinite. TOP 10 games with the best storyline

1. Planescape Torment

Here we come to the top of our top games with the best storyline. Choosing a leader was an easy decision, because even 19 years after the release, Planescape Torment remains the best RPG of all time and a completely unique game, stuffed to the brim with references to Buddhist philosophy. And in general, it is clear how the developers had a desire to create the most difficult game for understanding. Of course, except for those gamers who prefer simple stories about saving a princess from the clutches of a dragon.

You can start as with the main character named "Nameless", who is in search of death, and end with the very arrangement of the Planescape world, which is a multiverse. The unique concept of the game made it possible to fill the plot with a heap of unusual characters, each of which is a storehouse of interesting information, and incredible inventive moments. The ability to delve into your own entrails and call the cosmic god for help is the least that Planescape Torment can do.

Planescape Torment. TOP 10 Games with Best Story

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