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Nokia unveils a flagship with six cameras


The Nokia brand has released several smart mobile innovations and one classic cell phone. The main trump card among them is the flagship smartphone Nokia 9 PureView with a record six cameras.

Multi-chamber "monster"

Nokia 9 PureView is presented in a classic form factor. Five of its cameras are located on the rear side of the body, forming a kind of patterned figure, another 20 MP selfie module for portrait photos and face unlocking is placed on the front surface. The selfie camera fits in the upper frame of the screen and is additionally equipped with an LED flash.


The announced smartphone Nokia 9 PureView is positioned as a device for those who need to take good pictures using a mobile device. The main module of Nokia 9 PureView, unlike many multi-cameras, does not support the technology of switching between sensors - all lenses are active at a single moment. At the same time, two of them are responsible for color, and three provide clarity and depth of the picture. After capturing the image, data from all modules are combined into a single image. The dynamic range of the camera is 12.4 stops (according to various sources, the dynamic range of the human eye is measured in 12-14 stops, or stops). All sensors support 12MP resolution.

For additional manipulations of the already taken photo, the picture can be saved in one of the RAW or DNG formats, and then edit and add details directly on the phone through Photoshop Lightroom or Google Photos. The Nokia 9 PureView camera can also capture a 12-megapixel depth-of-field map for each frame, which will allow you to adjust the focus, if desired, after the photo is taken. In addition, the new Nokia smartphone shoots 4K video in HDR quality with the addition of surround sound.


Despite the high-tech camera, the Nokia 9 PureView smartphone received last year's Snapdragon 845 chipset. Its operating system is Android 9 Pie. Nokia 9 PureView is presented in a single assembly with volumes of 6 and 128 GB of RAM and internal memory. The 3320 mAh battery supports wireless charging.

More new Nokia items

In addition to the multi-chamber, the company showed other brand new items. Among them are Nokia smartphones of model 4.2 and 3.2 of the budget class. The Nokia 3.2 with a 6.26-inch HD + screen is an entry-level device powered by the Snapdragon 429. The smaller (5.7-inch) Nokia 4.2 with NFC is also equipped with an HD + - display. Its hardware component is Snapdragon 439. Both models have a separate button for activating the Google voice assistant.


The third budget novelty, the Nokia 1 Plus, has become the most affordable. Not exceeding the $ 100 mark, the 5.45-inch device has 1 and 8 GB of RAM and internal memory. Its software is adapted for entry-level devices Android 9 Go.


Among the new products, the Nokia 210 is somewhat distant. This is a standard telephone set in a classic design, outwardly similar to the earlier Nokia models. A push-button 2.4-inch budget employee at a price of $ 35 includes an Opera Mini browser, two SIM card slots, a headphone port, an FM tuner, a MediaTek MT6260A processor, and a 1020 mAh battery. The phone runs on the Series 30+ software platform, has the classic "Snake", while the built-in Mobile Store service allows you to download other games, applications, ringtones and screensavers.

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