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E3 Aftertaste: What Do We Know About Dying Light 2?


We continue to reflect on the largest E3 announcements. Today, thanks to the PC Gamer site, we will break down what we know about Dying Light 2. Dying Light was a good zombie game with hardcore parkour and many cool features. Even after enough time had passed, the game still piqued the interest of gamers and spurred on to replay it. The DLC allowed us to once again return to her world, but this time in the countryside, in order to enjoy the game even more. Now that we have seen the trailer and gameplay for the second part, we are confident that the developer is on the right path of development. What's new in this zombie apocalypse setting? Let's talk about this, systematizing everything we know about Dying Light 2.

Chris Avellone is helping the project

The voice you heard in the trailer shown at E3 was from Chris Avellone. If this name doesn't tell you anything, then remember Pillars of Eternity, KOTOR 2, Fallout: New Vegas. This is just a drop from the whole sea of games to which he had a hand as a lead writer and game designer. His appearance in the trailer made us very happy.

As the game's lead designer Timon Smectala said, Avellone was involved in the development of the project from the very beginning, and fully helps the developers create the "modern dark ages".

“According to the plot, in our game, because of the apocalypse, humanity has returned to the dark ages, cruel and merciless. Chris helps us prescribe the rules of this world, the factions that have appeared in it and their motives "


It is known that the writer Carolina Stahira, known for her work on the Bloody Baron storyline in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, is currently working with him.

The details of the plot were not revealed to us, but they hinted that 15 years after the events of the first game, you, playing as the virus-infected Aiden Caldwell, will have to find a technology that will radically change the situation in this world and affect the future of humanity. What is this? A source of clean water? A way to get Wi-Fi back?


Any guess is worthy of existence. The main thing is that a huge number of factions will fight for it, die and resist.

The storytelling in the game is non-linear

One of the main innovations - the city will change because of your decisions. For example, depending on who you join.

In the gameplay demo, we saw a group of smugglers take over a place with which they can control the water in the area. A faction of peacekeepers, trying to put civilization back on track, is sending you to recapture this place.


You can solve the problem the old-fashioned way and kill everyone. After that, the peacekeepers will begin to "waltz" in this zone and change it. Streets will be safer, local residents will have water flowing to shelters, and these places will become more convenient for parkour. In turn, the peacekeepers will begin tight control and will hang anyone deemed to be a violator. It is possible that one day in their eyes you will do something illegal.

However, you can join the smugglers, and they will rip off resources from people for getting water and unfasten you a percentage.


Each faction will decorate the controlled area in its own way. If you refuse to cooperate with her, then nothing terrible will happen. There will be no join-or-die principle. It all depends on how your actions will affect the general aggravation of the situation in the city.

Map in Dying Light 2 is 4 times larger than the original


Dirty deserted streets have been replaced by a European city of the modern dark ages. The map is 4 times larger than the first part and looks very contrasting. Flags of certain factions hang everywhere, and many buildings have fallen into disrepair due to lack of maintenance. Mills that generate energy will constantly hold together, representatives of organizations wear strange armor on the border between the armor of the Knights of the Order of the Round Table and the clothes of Mad Max.

Old architectural structures were chosen for new use. Thus, a kind of Arc de Triomphe became the local black market.


Parkour has been improved. According to the same Smectala, you will have more interactive objects that make parkour twice as powerful. Besides, parkour is not just a way to escape. So in the gameplay, when the GG encounters the smugglers, he jumps up, grabs the edge of the building, and pulls down one poor fellow who was standing at the edge.

The combat in the game has become more varied

As in the first part, here we can craft original weapons for ourselves. The sequel will have about 50 different combinations for creating weapons. You can also use the environment to fight back. For example, our GG picked up a bucket and banged one enemy over the head. The black market on that "supposedly" Arc de Triomphe will be your main supplier of blueprints and strength-enhancing doping. They will also improve stealth so you can hide in bushes, climb into trash cans or perform silent assassinations.


Zombies will become a formidable crowd (but we haven't seen them at night yet)

Zombies will become much smarter. They will no longer just roam the illuminated streets, but will merge with the surrounding area, and by sunset, huddle in huge groups in order to collectively wait for the arrival of night for a more successful hunt for survivors.

Such places will usually contain cool things that will definitely come in handy. However, it is highly likely that you will eventually run away from there faster than a conscript from a military enlistment office.


This has been all we know about Dying Light 2 so far. The game will be released in spring 2020.

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