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13 Game Parties you want to attend


Everyone loves the holidays. Sometimes in games, developers manage to recreate a cool celebration, and by visiting it in the game, we want to visit it live. We recalled 13 parties from games that you will want to go to, you may die there, but that does not change the fact that you want to attend these holidays from video games. Let's start separately with The Witcher series, as it has many quests related to parties.

The Witcher Parties

Party of the Mandragora Club

The Mandrake Club from the Blood and Wine add-on is an elite bohemian hangout in Toussaint. Their party takes place at Orinata's house, to which Geralt comes in search of a nobleman from Cintra. This is a truly bohemian event, where only the cream of society gathered. Entertainment is appropriate there. So, grunting absinthe, you can throw paint balls at the wall and create a masterpiece of modern art, launch expensive lanterns into the sky and watch dolphins.

And let's not forget the live orchestra that sets the atmosphere.

Wedding in Bronovitsy

The wedding in Bronivitsy is an attempt by the developers to show a Slavic wedding organized by wealthy villagers. All the entertainment on it is simple, but so bewitching that it warms the soul. How about getting a shoe from the bottom of the lake or dancing? Catching a big pig in the mud and playing a gwent party? And, of course, how can you come to the wedding and not fight with the swineherds! Geralt not only rests on it, but also tries to entertain Witold von Everick, which he quite succeeds.


The Witcher Drinking Party

But much cooler than a magnificent wedding is a simple binge of the Witchers in Kaer Morhen. It's simple, the Witchers play "I never" and get drunk to such a state that they decide to change into Yennefer's clothes and contact another sorceress via her megascope to invite them to drink. Sincere conversations, the loss of one drunk and trash, what else do you need?


Blue Stripe Initiation

The Witcher 2 in Flotzeme you can come to the office of Vernon Roche's Blue Stripes and get drunk with Bianca and the rest of the soldiers. In parallel, the Witcher competes with soldiers in hand wrestling and tries to surpass Bianca in the accuracy of throwing knives. But then it is more interesting, when alcohol hits their heads as much as possible, they decide, a quote: "cross the river on whores." They go to a brothel, take sex workers there, sit on their backs and instruct them to swim. It all ends with Geralt being initiated into the Blue Stripes and stuffing him with a tattoo, which he cannot remove until the end of the game.


Evening at Shani's

CD Projekt Red has a tradition of making cool drinking parties since the days of the first Witcher. So, in the company of Buttercup, Zolton and Shani, Geralt hangs out at her house and performs a dangerous mission - to sneak past the old mistress of the house and steal bacon and cucumbers from her so that the company can have a snack of vodka.


Other parties in games

Reception at the Thalmor Embassy / Skyrim

To find out if the Thalmor is behind the return of dragons, Dragonborn goes to receive the first emissary of the Thalmor in Skyrim Evelyn for the noble citizens of the country. This is a cool event that, although it can end in a massacre, is quite bohemian and atmospheric, and you can also make a brawl there. Although I won't say there is much more to do there.


Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea: Episode one

Along with Elizabeth Booker, he sends to the famous Rapture artist Sander Cohen to ask him for information about Sally. Everyone in his elite club enjoys the sophisticated art when Cohen draws people dancing to the jazz music and noir atmosphere, and shocks if they suddenly do everything wrong. If you are a sadist, this is the place for you.


Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number

"Dude, this party is shit, I fucking hate these people." Even though one Miami butcher fan is overreacting to the animal mask party at one of Miami's bars in Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number, that doesn't mean he's right. He's just furious because he came to find like-minded people and continue to kill. And in the end he only got a bunch of posers. But I would become this poser, because I do not want to kill, but to plunge into the atmosphere - only for.


BDSM Club / Saints Row: The Third

Probably the most depraved party in the entire game. You storm a closed BDSM club and shoot naked people in leather outfits who have come to receive caresses that are not typical for many. You will find anal fists and many other varieties of dildos that are ideally wielded by dominators. This holiday ends with the fact that you shoot at enemies while eating in a wheelchair, which is harnessed to a "sex slave".


The Burning of King Olaf / Skyrim

Another holiday from Skyrim, but now fun. After you complete the Bards Guild quests, you can attend the Burning of King Olaf Celebration. At night, while the stuffed animal of the false king is burned, all the people have fun and play music. Alas, in the game, because of the weak engine, everything looks not as cool as it sounds, but can we just attach some beautiful fan art? Did you agree? Thank you.


Carnival Marco Barbarigo / Assassins Creed 2

Carnivals and Venice are inseparable things, and Assassins Creed 2 decided to recreate the Venetian carnival in all its glory. Splendor, beauty, music, circus performers and alcohol are everywhere. But the juice itself happens at the reception of the Doge Marco Barbarigo, and it is there that Ezio Auditore sneaks in to take his life. But for this we go through a series of tests to get on it.


Lady Boyle / Dishonored Party

Even despite the general plague epidemic, the wealthy Boyle family throws a gala party with masks to amuse local moneybags. We make our way through security and, thanks to our high-tech mask, blend in with the crowd. This is another classic affair for the wealthy, featuring high-priced food, gold and lush jewelry, and entertainment such as dueling.


White Glove Club / Fallout: New Vegas

And here's another elite entertainment - evenings in the white glove club. Everything is also rich and pretentious, and everyone is entertained with the help of gambling. Also, members of the White Glove Club are cannibals, so if you are a fan of peculiar companies, this is the place for you.


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