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Where to watch Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows today, and many online cinemas provide an opportunity to watch it. Of course, some people prefer watching pirated sites and downloading via torrenting, but let's be honest: a true fan of the series / movie will gladly give a small amount to view their favorite creation and at the same time contribute to its development. .

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of online services that, for a moderate fee or for free, will allow their user to get acquainted with all seasons of one of the most sensational TV series of recent years, including the seventh, there are quite a few.

It is for this reason that the need arose to compile a rating of the 6 best options for watching Game of Thrones online.

Amediateka Online Cinema - Official HBO Partner

If you are a true fan of Game of Thrones, then you should pay attention to this online cinema, which will allow you to watch any season of Game of Thrones for a reasonable fee.

Photo of Amediateka

What's more, you will have access to new episodes as soon as they are shown on TV.

Due to the fact that Amediateka is the official partner of HBO in USA, your money is guaranteed to make the project even better!

Reasons to purchase a Game of Thrones subscription at the Ammediatek:

  • you support the series;
  • access to viewing any episode of each of the 7 seasons at a time convenient for you;
  • quality USA translation;
  • the ability to watch your favorite TV series faster than on other sites;
  • frequent discounts to purchase a subscription at a bargain price
  • the ability to watch the series from a phone or tablet in a mobile application

AlexFilm and LostFilm

At the seventh position of the top, there are two resources at once, which are united by a common craft: creating copyright voices of popular TV series. These two services - AlexFilm and LostFilm are engaged in the translation of Game of Thrones.

Photo of

However, the advantage of such sites can be considered the fastest access to new episodes of the series in USA. On the other hand, this is a pirate service and you need to get used to the voice acting.

Important: You will not be able to watch the series from the USA IP, so you will have to spend time on additional VPN manipulations.

Some particularly zealous providers block these resources. And you may need to worry about a VPN or some other blocking bypass.

TV Show Sites

Now we are also talking about pirate resources that provide their users with the opportunity to watch Game of Thrones for free.

Of course, if your budget does not allow you to spend a small amount on your favorite series, this is a good alternative to online cinemas.

Photo An example of such a resource

However, there is one significant drawback: the image quality often leaves much to be desired. This is critical when watching a Game of Thrones-level series, as it directly affects the experience and atmosphere.

Of those that are still alive, kinogo is worth highlighting as it produces at least some acceptable quality.

We specifically do not provide links to these resources, since they are easily found in Google on request to watch Game of Thrones online. More importantly, they can easily be blocked by the RKN and you won't see anything from these links from the article.

Torrent Resources

Alas, there are not so many sites that would provide an opportunity to watch Game of Thrones legally, so it remains to fill the top with alternative pirate options.

Photo Example of a torren tracker with a serial

One of them is torrent trackers that allow you to download all seasons of your favorite TV series to your device. By the way, one of the shortcomings of this service is that now it is difficult to access them: most are blocked, which is partly correct.

Of those that have not yet been blocked, PiratBit and Tfile can be noted.

Game of Thrones Sites is a prime example of such a resource. Its advantages include the rapid appearance of episodes, as well as the transfer of re-voiced here from the sites mentioned above.

Photo While writing articles, the resource has already fallen

There is only one series posted here, so there will be no difficulties in finding. On the other hand, a fan resource cannot be considered as such if it hosts pirated content.

Unfortunately, these sites are always between life and death. And therefore, they can easily find themselves without a domain or blocked by a complaint from copyright holders. So don't count on them and get attached.

Watch Game of Thrones with the world - Fox TV

One of the legal and correct options for watching your favorite TV series is to pay for a subscription from your cable operator for the TV channel on which it is shown.

Photography FOX Channel

By the way, this option allows you to watch the series in high-quality voice acting. But there are a number of disadvantages due to which this option simply cannot get the first place:

  • you can watch Game of Thrones only at certain times;
  • if you missed the episode, measure it;
  • episodes from previous seasons cannot be viewed

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