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TOP 11 Best Survival Anime


Survival is a simple motivation for any living creature. Therefore, plots in anime about survival are quite common, as they allow you to create unique worlds and situations in which the main character must fight for his life. In our selection, we have collected the best anime about survival, where GG fights not to die.

Grave of the Fireflies

We will start our top survival anime with a more mundane, but at the same time harsh plot of the painting "The Tomb of the Fireflies". It tells the real story of brother and sister Seita and Setsuko, who have to survive in the brutal post-war Japanese society.

The children's mother died while napalm was dropped on their hometown of Kobe. Their father leaves to serve in the Imperial Navy and leaves his children to their fate. The whole story is a struggle for its existence in a world that cannot take care of itself, where everyone was angry and wanted to spit on each other, since the war affected everyone.


And no matter how 14-year-old Saito tries to save the life of his little sister, alas, she is dying. Her death in the anime is an exposure, followed by flashbacks showing how it all came to be. The anime is based on the novel by Akiyuki Nosaki, who described his own story.


According to the plot of the picture, the main character falls under the wheels of a train, but after that he does not die, but becomes an alien hunter. The fact is that once upon a time a sphere called Gantz landed on Earth, and it selects the dead people in order to use it in this hunt. To free themselves from captivity, all ganzlers must kill as many aliens and even each other in order to defeat and become the best.

Anime is good for its non-linear storytelling, bloodiness, and a slight touch of eroticism, which is even appropriate. In general, this is a picture of human egoism, because of which they fall into the hands of Gantz.


Future Diary

Yukkiteru is a modest and quiet boy, uncommunicative and non-companionable. All day after school, he keeps a diary on his phone and talks to his only friend Deus. It turns out that Deus is not just a fan of communicating with minors, but also the Lord God himself, who controls our world. He organizes a survival game with one goal in mind - to find himself a successor.


The one who kills all competitors will become a god. And our downtrodden Yukki is just one of the participants. Fortunately, he has a nutty yandere who will always protect her lover.


In 2577, humanity sends the first batch of colonizers to Mars, which must begin the process of teraforming - creating conditions for life on the planet, as on Earth. Only on the Red Planet there is a huge crowd of humanoid cockroaches who are not very happy with alien guests.


Therefore, the second group of colonists goes to Mars with one goal - to kill all the damn bugs.

God Eater

It is not known where these new life forms came from, which began to consume all the inhabitants of the planet. For mankind, it was a real cataclysm, because no weapon works against them. They called these monsters aragami.

20 years after their appearance, people still managed to figure out how to effectively deal with them - Code Arks. This is a weapon based on aragami cages. Those who took this weapon in hand to destroy enemies were nicknamed God Eaters.


In fact, the chronology of this series is very long and is divided not only into anime seasons, but also continues in games.

School of Despair

Any school can be called a school of despair, but in this anime everything is much worse than in any average secondary educational institution. The most privileged students from all over the country studied here. The top 15 are locked up in her by her director, the bear Monokuma, and makes them participate in a survival game.

Its essence is simple, so that you "graduate from school" you need to kill one of your classmates and arrange everything so that you will not be discovered. If caught - death. If everyone has outwitted - well done, free, and the rest will still have to suffer.


The anime is based on a visual novel with the same name, so you can play it for a complete immersion.

Attack on Titans

Is it worth saying anything at all about Attack of the Titans? Let's arrange everything with the latest developments. If you suddenly haven't watched, then this is an anime about how people disappeared behind the walls, due to the constant attacks of powerful creatures - titans. They eat and kill people for no reason. Humanity was able to develop its own methods to fight these ugly creatures, but each victory costs a hundred lives and is given with great difficulty. More spoilers.


And if you look globally - this is an anime about the survival of an entire people who succumbed to racial oppression, forced to live in isolation, and surrounded by people from their own people turned into monsters. This is the story of the struggle between entire generations.

Sword Art Online

How not to remember the most famous issekai. In the story, people, thinking that they will play a new game with full immersion, find themselves locked in it, and the only way to get out is to go to the end.


This task is very difficult, and many will die before reaching the last level - death there is equated with death in real life.


Ryoto Sakamoto is fond of the game "Btuuum", where players fight with explosives. He is the real master of this game. One day Ryoto wakes up on a desert island and finds himself in a bag with exactly the same bombs as in the game.


Someone decided to recreate it in reality, and gathered a hundred people on this island for bloody fun. Well, it's time to blow people up!

Death Row Wonderland

The hero of this anime, Ganga, was framed - someone killed all of his classmates, and he himself was thrown into prison as a scapegoat. However, the prison is unusual, at least its name "Death Row" speaks for it.

All prisoners fight in public in local gladiatorial battles, tearing each other apart. And of course, the only purpose of existence is to survive, but only to continue to fight in the arena for the entertainment of the crowd.


Plus, this anime has a good plot with elements of a detective story and memorable characters.

Death Parade

This is a great anime with an allusion to the judgment of God. According to the plot, people after death end up in a certain bar, where the bartender begins to play a game with them on their fate in order to determine where to send the soul - to heaven or hell.

In each new series, a new character and a new game await us, and despite only 20 minutes they all have time to open up.


It was the Top 11 best survival anime in our opinion. In the future, we will collect for you another top survival anime, since this theme is not limited to 11 titles.

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Author: Jake Pinkman