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What Somewear and Aerones Drones Can Do


This issue is devoted to an overview of two interesting devices, the main feature of which is their usefulness for humans.

Somewear Connection

Somewear Global Hotspot was launched this year thanks to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. According to the assurances of its manufacturers, the device will establish communication anywhere in the world.

The company's engineers assure that if you connect the Global Hotspot with any gadget, you can send text messages, SOS signals. Using the capabilities of the Iridium satellite network, adds such functionality to the product as tracking.


Its cost is $ 350, sales have already started.

Tariff plans

The device has four service plans.

When working according to the basic plan, it is possible to make 10 messages and 150 GPS tracks per month. Its cost is $ 100. Moreover, they should be entered immediately after registration. The other three plans allow you to make monthly payments of $ 15, $ 30, and $ 50.

The second service plan makes it possible to send already 20 messages and 200 tracks. If you pay $ 30, these parameters increase to 75 and 1200, respectively. If a user wants to receive unlimited messages and GPS tracks, there is a fourth plan for him, which costs $ 50.


This takes a few minutes. The connection is established via Bluetooth. So far, only work with iPhone is available, but in the future, devices based on Android will become available.

The next step is to install the iOS application. The Somewear website is then used to create an account. The whole process ends with registration in the application.

Communication and work

The application allows its clients to communicate with friends and relatives, acquaintances through SMS mailings. Moreover, the data is taken directly from the memory of the iPhone contact list. It is also possible to view changes to the weather forecast information. All information exchange is available thanks to the Iridium network. It functions efficiently, which is made possible by the small amount of data.

Somewear Global Hotspot can work offline for 3-10 days. This time strongly depends on the degree of intensity of the device functioning. It is charged by using the powerbank's capabilities.

Drones clean windows

Integration processes currently concern everything. Even drones that are ready to replace humans in many spheres of activity. With their help, some companies reduce turnaround times and achieve cost savings.

An example of such a drone can be a device created in Latvia. Its manufacturer is Aerones. He can fly and may replace window cleaners in the near future.


The above company became famous back in 2017. Then she created a remotely controlled copter, which was endowed with rescue functions.

This year's novelty, according to the manufacturers, has the ability to function 20 times faster than a person.

The device has a length of 3 meters, it moves with the help of 12 rotors. It is equipped with sponges and hoses. With the help of a video camera, it is easy for an operator to monitor and control the quality of his work.

The drone receives energy from the battery on the ground through a special cable. With the help of a hose, water is supplied to it from the ground. There is a capacity for this.

This robot is equipped with a stabilization system, it lifts up to a height of 350 meters. The developers have foreseen a lot, even the possibility of problems with all engines at the same time. In this case, the safety rope, which is attached to the building in which the drone is operating, will save.

The manufacturing company presented a video that shows all the main aspects related to the use of the Aerones apparatus. However, after viewing it, questions remain. It is unclear, for example, whether the drone will be able to clean up stubborn dirt.

Many people believe that this device will definitely not remain without work. An opinion was expressed about the possibility of using the novelty for extinguishing fires. It is mobile, quickly rises to great heights and is equipped with a device that provides water supply.

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