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Why is it better not to buy a ready-made computer, but to assemble it yourself

You can buy a computer in two ways: buy a ready-made one or assemble it from separately purchased parts. The article will tell you why the second method is more profitable and wiser.

In any large hardware store, you will see long rows of ready-made system units - let's not argue, this is a great option if you need a computer today and you don't want to bother with choosing parts yourself.

Why you should try to collect everything yourself

For those who know a little about the components and are able to install them themselves, we give a number of reasons why individual assembly is worth the time.


First of all, the price issue, which plays a big role for many buyers.

Let's say you have a ready-made mid-user computer in front of you in the store with 6GB of RAM, a Core i3-3220 process, a GeForce video card and a 1TB hard drive. For all this, they ask you for 20 thousand rubles.

Looking at the prices for components in the same store, you will see that you can assemble the exact same computer for a much lower amount - no more than 15 thousand, including the case for the system unit. True, after the purchase, you will have to spend a little time to correctly connect all the parts, but this is a mere trifle.

Build to fit your needs

When assembling a computer yourself, you will buy components based on your personal needs.

For a gaming machine, you will purchase a top-end graphics card that will provide you with at least 60 fps in the most demanding games.

To work in Photoshop or 3DMax, you need a powerful processor and plenty of RAM to load tools instantly.

If the purpose of buying a computer is mining, you will have to look for an adapted video card.

We don't overpay for outdated stuff

With this approach, it will be possible to save on unnecessary parts such as a CD / DVD drive: most users do not need it for a long time, but it will certainly be included in the finished assembly. So why spend money on something you don't need?

What's on the showcase

Ready-made computers displayed in the window are often assembled from unclaimed parts that are lying around in the warehouse.

Deprecated Components

So, in the system units you can still find an outdated dual-core processor Core i3-3220 and weak video cards like GeForce GTX 650.

This is a completely budget option, on such a computer you will not be able to play or work normally in a graphics editor.

Unbalanced components

The machine may be completely unbalanced: for example, a modern motherboard and an old model of DDR2 RAM. You should not expect stable operation from such a computer, over time you will still come to a decision to change some components.

The bottom line

It is important to understand that assembling a computer is not a business for amateurs. You will need to know in advance about the compatibility of parts and, if necessary, select the necessary analogs.

If you do not want to understand much about the compatibility of components, then we recommend using the online constructors available on the sites of many stores. For example: F-center

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Author: Jake Pinkman