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Orgies, suicides, ruined Novigrad: what was cut from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?


While Andrzej Sapkowski, in a fit of greed, is suing CD Project Red, which made his books famous at the world level, we are holding our fists so that the studio does not lose its 16 million (you can read more about this in our digest). However, taking a moment to remember the game, we decided to talk about what the developer deprived us of in the final version of the last part.

The world of the third Witcher is certainly huge and full of many interesting things, but it is quite logical to assume that CDPR had to cut some scenes or moments from the game. Therefore, today, using the once leaked data, as well as numerous interviews with developers, we learn what we cut out of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt?



As conceived by the authors, the leader of the "Squirrels" (a rebel group of elves), whom we met in the second game, was to become an important part of the plot. The developers wrote down his appearance history in the game. According to her, Iorvet was hiding in Triss's basement when she was rescuing non-humans, and had to play the same melody on the flute that he played when he first met the Witchers in the second part of the game. Moreover, they already had a finished model, but for unknown reasons, Iorvet was simply removed from the plot.

The existing characters have also been cut. So Sheala de Tanserville was supposed to become part of the further plot, but in the end, the developers inserted only her small cameo in prison.

A place for orgies ... stop what?


The map has not been damaged as much as one might expect. For the most part, certain points on the map were removed from each location, which, most likely, either turned out to be unfinished or did not carry anything new into the narrative. So, for example, in Novigrad we were left without a hospital for vampires, on the Skellige Islands we did not see the whalers' ship and the Nelfgaard camp. There was no elven cemetery on the mainland.

Velen was left without such interesting places as the witch's gingerbread house (I would like to see how Geralt would try to eat it), the old burnt-out church, as well as a place for orgies on Bald Mountain where evil spirits gather (but it would be really curious to see ).

The story of how the Wild Hunt did not attack Novigrad


We did not see many interesting stories, details and plot twists. On the same Bald Mountain there should have been a slope for ritual suicide. Orgies, suicide and the occult would have accentuated the insane atmosphere of the Sabbath, but this was eventually abandoned.

The Poles also abandoned the grandiose plot twist, in which the Wild Hunt attacks Novigrad. This would entail huge changes. First, it would be a large-scale naval battle involving an army of several kingdoms, during which the horsemen would freeze half of the city. Initially, it was in this battle that the heroes were supposed to defeat the Hunt, and not by cunning to lure out on Skellig.

Secondly, this would serve as a reason for the Order of the Eternal Flame to begin the genocide of non-humans in the city, and Geralt would also have to deal with the sectarians. On the one hand, it would be cool, but then we might not get part of the plot on the islands, probably for this reason this denouement was removed.

Also, according to the original idea, during the quest "Through Time and Space" when Geralt and Avallach travel to the worlds destroyed by the White Cold, they had to visit Novigrad, abandoned by people and inhabited by goblin, the mental hospital of the Academy of Oxenfurt and Rivia.

Read Geralt, Read


A couple of interesting mechanics have been removed from the release version of the game. As for leveling, the developers wanted to use books for this. For example, having read a book about drowned people, the Witcher could have inflicted more damage on them, or by studying the manual "Nilfgaard's Military Tactics", Geralt would have killed nilfs with double tenacity. The game was supposed to work on the principle of the first and second parts, where the Witcher could not fight monsters without reading about them. Overall, we would make sure that knowledge is power.

In addition, we had a system like VAST from Falaut, where we could choose which limb to strike a chiseled blow. However, the idea was abandoned, choosing a dynamic battle. It's for the best.

Monsters That Are Not


The Bestiary of the Witcher universe is huge. It's very cool that the developers were able to add almost all the monsters from the book to the game in three parts. But we did not see, for example, Manticore - half scorpion and half lion. A large owl-like creature Korreda that is capable of mental attacks. From the monsters that can be hunted, the Rat King and the Bonebreaker were carved, which could summon animals to attack.

Summing up, we see that the game had many interesting elements, but the main thing is that without them it still came out great. Well, the Poles have not made statements that they end up with the Witcher universe, so who knows what we will see in the future.

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Author: Jake Pinkman