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5 unexpected dangers of modern technology


Technology advances to change our world for the better, but with new benefits, new dangers are emerging. The article describes side effects from inventions such as drones, cars, VR glasses, etc.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and most people are delighted with it. Scientists have gifted us with self-driving cars, virtual reality goggles, commercial space flights and more.

The truth is that some of these developments, under certain conditions, pose a serious threat and create more problems than they solve.

Autopilot vehicles and ethics

So far, individual aircraft are not available to us, but self-driving cars have already become a reality. The safety level of such a vehicle is highly questionable, but programmers continue to improve the obstacle recognition system and other automotive software. Surely the day will come when they will achieve tremendous success, but the question is different: how will artificial intelligence solve ethical problems? What will he prefer in an inevitable collision: the lives of car passengers or the lives of bystanders? This is a real puzzle that will have to be solved sooner or later. But while the programmers are struggling with another task: how to maximally protect a computerized car from hacker attacks.

Virtual Reality and Mental Disorders

Developments from companies like Oculus Rift are revolutionizing gaming, education, and healthcare. Virtual reality glasses are an excellent way to train doctors, nurses, pilots and drivers in various ways without the risk of harming real people. Over time, the technology will become even more advanced, and then the passion for virtual reality will turn into a dangerous hobby. Already today there are many cases when people immersed themselves in games so much that they died, forgetting about food, water and health problems. Many have ruined their careers and relationships because of their love of games. And some have lost touch with the real world and have completely stopped distinguishing where the game world ends and the real one begins. It's not hard to imagine that with the development of VR technology, all these problems will not go anywhere,

Drones and noise pollution

Anyone can buy a small drone in a store or order on the Internet. The police are already actively using them to patrol the area, and soon the sight of tiny flying vehicles circling overhead will become familiar. But the more drones, the more noise. Residents of Yemeni villages, where there are a huge number of drones, complain of their constant buzzing and headaches caused by this sound. In all likelihood, there will only be more complaints, as the popularity of drones only grows over time.

Alternative energy sources and wildlife

Solar panels and wind generators are considered the most environmentally friendly energy sources. Their implementation is supported by millions of scientists, but this does not mean that these inventions have no shortcomings. The problem is that birds mistake glittering solar panels for bodies of water and burn up in the air as soon as they fly up to them. There is no need to talk about the blades of wind generators. Many solutions have been proposed for this problem, but none have been effective.

Space tourism and travel health

Probably, anyone would love the opportunity to make a little space trip. It will cost a lot of money, but it is real nonetheless. The problem is that being in space is not good for man. Without Earth's gravity, bone density decreases, vision deteriorates, and various diseases become aggravated. NASA experts are seriously concerned that both young and old tourists are risking their health for a short trip.

Do not despair and think that with the development of technology, life is becoming more dangerous. Quite the opposite: scientists are making every effort to avoid unwanted consequences before they take on rampant proportions. In the end, the tests of the first aircraft ended in disaster, and today air travel is the safest and most comfortable type of travel.

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Author: Jake Pinkman