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Game of Thrones or Game of Idiots? What's Wrong in Episode 4 of Season 8


While the Internet is joking about a Starbucks drink, I would like to talk about other, much more serious problems of the fourth episode of the eighth season of "Game of Thrones" and the entire series as a whole. Faced with the end of the book's primary source, the writers of the series from the beginning of season 5 bend their own line and, using tiny sketches of George Martin, are trying to write their vision of the confrontation for the Iron Throne. Sometimes it turns out quite decently, but the events of episode 4 can hardly be called anything else but a triumph of the absurd. A real "Game of Idiots", which is not saved even by unexpected plot twists and palace intrigues.

Achtung! Alarm! Attention! The text consists entirely of spoilers, so if for some reason you have not yet started watching the fourth episode of the eighth season of "Game of Thrones", then I recommend refraining from reading the article. And if you've already finished watching, here are five of the most absurd events in Episode 4 of the final season of Game of Thrones.

1. "Grand Piano in the Bush" named Bronn

We meet the first serious problem at 40 minutes of viewing. Jaime and Tyrion in a relaxed atmosphere talk about life and discuss Jaime's new love, when a "piano in the bushes" suddenly appears on the stage with a crossbow in hand. Our old acquaintance is Bronn, who received a task from Cersei to deal with the Lannister brothers. There are several questions at once: how was Bronn able to sneak into Winterfell, sneak into the room to the Queen's hand, and then easily leave home? Of course, the army is weakened after the victory over the King of the Night, drunkenness hit in the head after a noble drinking, but how can you not put a guard on at least Tyrion - one of the main people in the queen's arsenal, knowing that the threat from Cersei is still real? This is a rhetorical question.

Game of Thrones or Game of Idiots? What's wrong with Episode 4 Season 8

In addition, no one bothered the Lannister brothers to bolt the door behind Bronn, look out the window and call the guards, capturing the tyrant with a crossbow. But no, Game of Thrones is not at ease with the logic these days. Although, we have an excellent explanation of how Bronn was able to enter Winterfell as stealthily as he left it.


2. Euron Greyjoy's Ambush

The episode with Bronn teleporting is, of course, depressing, but only a tiny bit compared to the entire scene of the Iron Fleet ambush led by Euron Greyjoy. Just a few minutes ago, Daenerys Stormborn was discussing with the entire royal retinue of the impressive size of the Iron Fleet, how we see our dear Mother of Dragons, without a shadow of hesitation, crossing the sky near the royal harbor. Neglecting intelligence and sending dragons to the military vanguard, after making sure after the seventh season of Game of Thrones, that they are vulnerable to long-range weapons is one problem, but how can you miss the fleet from a bird's eye view - a question that will probably terrorize me to the end my days.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Spoilers

It is worth remembering about Varis - one of the smartest people in Westeros, who has spies on the territory of all 7 kingdoms. Had he suddenly run out of informants in King's Landing that Varys allowed himself to be trapped in the Iron Fleet? It seems to me that everything is much more prosaic - he just became another victim of the Game of Thrones scriptwriters in the war against common sense.

3. Gracious Euron Greyjoy

I would like to separately note the endless kindness and decency of Euron Greyjoy. Over the past 2 seasons, having earned a reputation as one of the main villains of "Game of Thrones", he unexpectedly showed good nature to his enemies and did not begin to finish off the remnants of Daenerys' fleet. It would take him only a couple of minutes to overtake the fleeing army of the Mother of Dragons and capture the entire royal retinue, instead of just Missandei. He is still a good and decent person, Euron Greyjoy!

Game of Thrones Episode 4 Season 8

4. Jaime's inspiration

Another great example of scripted impotence in Episode 4 of Game of Thrones Season 8 is Jaime's sudden insight. Upon learning of the upcoming assault on King's Landing, he abandons his new lover and goes to rescue Cersei. Before us is a sad story about a man who, although he tried to change, do the right thing, live according to his conscience, but his black gut and unnatural love for his sister still took up. He cannot oppose who he was and who he is ... Everything is good in this episode of the 8th season of "Game of Thrones", if not for one huge "but": why is it just now that Jaime has an insight? Was it not obvious that Daenerys, waging a war against Cersei and sending the remnants of the army towards her, would not pat Cersei on the bright head for all her crimes?

watch Game of Thrones Episode 4 Season 8

Of course, you can try to justify the act by suddenly surging with feelings on Jaime after Sansa's words about Cersei's execution, but this does not make the episode more meaningful. Sadly, with Jaime leaving Winterfell, we see the remnants of logic leave the script in haste. Let's wipe away a stingy tear and continue watching, it's still difficult to resist watching the finale of the epic, which I've been following with bated breath for the last 8 years.

5. Meeting at the gates of King's Landing

But the most important thing is for dessert. The Game of Thrones writers have perfectly mastered the main rule of the script structure of the series: the last minutes of the episode should be the quintessence of the episode, the peak of the development of the plot outline and a kind of enticement with "To be continued", which will make you look forward to the next episode. And in the finale of episode 4 of the last season of Game of Thrones, we have all the ingredients for success: the meeting of Daenerys and Cersei, the last attempt to take the castle at least bloodshed, the tense dialogue scene between Tyrion and Cersei, the execution of Missandei and the hateful look of Daenerys, in the end ! A reference stage that is shattered with a bang by the writers' desire to bring Daenerys and the royal retinue close to the gates of King's Landing.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4

Cersei is an example of a person who, for the sake of his own goal, will do everything, which has been repeatedly proven throughout all seasons of the series. Greedy, cunning, filled with hatred from head to five Cersei suddenly, like Eiron Greyjoy, suddenly kinder? Destroy the Targaryen heiress and the general of the Impeccable with the help of long-range ballistae, decapitate in the blink of an eye the army that you just personally declared war on and take prisoner the most intelligent advisers of the Mother of Dragons? No, why would she do that, why would we have thoughts of Cersei as a mean and unscrupulous bitch? Again, the question is rhetorical.

In fact, many more claims can be made to the logic of the scenario: from Jon Snow, who, despite abdicating the throne, decided to tell the truth to the Starks about his origins, to Missandei, which was carried by the current in the opposite direction from all the surviving members of the Daenerys fleet. I admit, at the beginning of season 5, the end of the book cycle "Songs of Ice and Fire" was not so striking, but the further the plot of the 8th season of "Game of Thrones" progresses, the more and more the series looks like a ridiculous fanfic based on the universe. We can only believe that Keith Harington's words about the Game of Thrones finale will not become prophetic.

Recall that yesterday HBO presented the trailer for the fifth episode of the eighth season of "Game of Thrones", which is scheduled for release on May 12. The final episode is being prepared for release on May 19.

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