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New films and series. Premieres from June 27 to July 3


No blockbusters expected this week. We will inspect what we did not have time to spot on the previous one, although from the current list of new films, you can also choose something to watch. With TV shows, things are no better, there are only a couple of sequels to worthwhile projects, but both of them are from HBO, so they will more than make up for the lack of numbers. The premiere of a high-profile new project from Showtime is also expected, but first things first.

New movies

The biggest heavyweight among all is still considered to beEscape Plan 3,whose USA premiere, for some reason, was postponed from the previous week to the current one. You can read more about it in ourprevious issue, but we'll start with what we haven't touched yet. So, following Escape Plan 3, this week's biggest favorite is ...

Battle of Earth (USA) CP 5.5

Although we did not find anything "favorite" in it. All fans of the genre have already watched it on the Internet. We suggest you only watch the trailer for now.

The film is about nothing. It is completely incomprehensible why it was necessary to shoot a science fiction about aliens on such a topic. No, there are aliens in the film. But they only show them a couple of times. Having landed and won the victory, they immediately went underground (not without the help of people) and guided the human anthill from the depths.

In the film itself, the action unfolds on the surface, where there is almost a war between the supporters of "peaceful coexistence" with the aliens and their opponents, the so-called "rebels", who strive not to calm down and stop the civil war. until the last alien gets away from Mother Earth or dies.

You can show how people cling to each other by filming a film about ordinary citizens who are dissatisfied with the current regime and security officials who calm them down. Isn't it?

Separately, aliens smiled, which the locals call "hedgehogs". The creatures are just very, very much like the "modified spike regenerators" from the game"Resident Evil 4".

That also a couple (USA) CP 6.6

This masterpiece can also be viewed on the net in a quite passable translation. Three months have passed since the world premiere of the film, and now the film, which has significantly dropped in price, will finally be rolled out in USA and the CIS by our respected distributor Central Partnership.


Charlize Theron, as everyone knows, is not only "Explosive Blonde". She also does not disdain participation in comedies. As, for example, in this one, where she plays an influential and world-famous business woman.

On the eve of the election campaign, accidentally meeting with her old acquaintance, she begins to turn back such "pretzel", from which not only her closest circle, the whole world, the hair stands on end.

Curse of Annabelle 3 (USA)

A damn infernal porcelain doll named Anabel continues to do his obscene obscenities for the third film.


This time, indestructible rubbish will be placed under the consecrated glass in the house of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, but ask yourself the question: "When did evil stop some kind of" illuminated "glass or other naive obstacles?" At best, they last the first 10 minutes of the film, and then, alas ...

It was necessary to come up with something more worthwhile besides the "consecrated glass". And now the daughter and her friends are forced to clear out the mistakes of the elders, who will become excellent food for the next portion of the spirits summoned from the other world by the main character of the film, the doll Annabelle.

Once upon a time in Stockholm (USA, Canada)

Another sour (now last year's) masterpiece from American filmmakers. And this time it will be a crime comedy starring Ethan Hawke.


Finally, they decided to tell us in all colors the story of where this interesting term "Stockholm Syndrome" came from. Yes, yes, Ethan Hawke plays Jan-Erik Olsson, who escaped from the slammer, single-handedly captured four bank employees, who, in the end, will be filled with sympathy for him.

By the way, all the hostages later actually admitted that they were more afraid not of the robber himself, but of the police, but rather of its assault, as a result of which they could suffer.

A Dog's Life 2 (USA, China, India, Hong Kong ) IMDb 7.3

After the success of the first tape, the second was quite expected. Still, the reincarnation of animals and, in particular, dogs is so interesting!

And, judging by the IMDb rating, the reincarnation of the first part was also successful in the West. 7.3 for a movie about dogs - the rating is expected. After all, there are not idiotic people in the main roles.

Although, at least one idiot - the hero of Dennis Quaid - is present there. And what is interesting, is he subject to reincarnation after death, or not?

Above the sky (USA)

USA cinema this week will be presented with the only film by Oksana Karas.


Now it is very fashionable to make films about opposites, which, due to biological factors, are not destined to be together. But they, as usual, break stereotypes and love each other no matter what. For example, a boy is from Mars, and a girl is from Earth, and, moreover, a boy cannot physically exist on Earth ("Space Between Us" (2017)), a girl and a boy have a rare disease - cystic fibrosis and they cannot be touched and come close to each other ("One meter apart" (2019)), etc.

Here are ours there too. No, everything is not so categorical here. A girl has a threshold of the heart, and a guy ... a parachutist. So what's wrong with that?

As it turns out, a lot.

Shoot the pianist (India) CP 6.6

American tapes are over, so let's move on smoothly ... To India. Indian cinema has made great strides in recent years. In some paintings, naivety and overexposure have noticeably diminished.


We hope that this masterpiece will be from the second. Oddly enough, this is not an action movie in which the main characters fight like Neo from "The Matrix", but a crime thriller. But, since this is also a heap of comedic melodrama, the danger of getting your portion of songs and dances here is very high.

By the way, somewhere we have already seen one blind pianist. It seems that it was the character of Morgan Freeman in the film with Jet Lee "Danny Chain Dog" (2005). Right there, the main character turns out to be a blind pianist and, in combination, a witness to the murder.

What kind of witness can come out of a blind person? It will be interesting to see.

Casanova's Last Love (France) IMDb 4.9

A story from the "Taming of the Shrew", only here, on the contrary, a man will "tame" a girl.


Casanova documented himself in France to the point that he was about to have his head off. But the rogue quickly realized that the case smelled like kerosene, and moved across the strait to England. But here he stumbled upon such an example of chastity, which he had never seen before. And now he is faced with a dilemma, how to fool a girl, while not wanting her?

A pun, and only, but this is exactly the condition put forward by the beauty.

Driving horses (Sweden, Denmark, Norway) IMDb 6.9

How good it is sometimes to return to the past, where horses were still wild and people were kind.


But in the past, into which the main character - Trond Sander - an old acquaintance, mentally helped to return, not everything was as smooth as we would like. And then Sander suddenly realizes how much he chose not to remember from his childhood. But some points should have come back even earlier.

So, just in case, so as not to step on crooked rakes a second time.

Kursk (Belgium, Luxembourg) KP 6.0

Another masterpiece that everyone has already checked out on pirate online viewing sites, so the film has already acquired its own rating on KinoPoisk. Watching the trailer.

The Europeans wanted to film the most plausible story about the death of our nuclear submarine missile-carrying cruiser K-141 Kursk, which happened in August 2000. Let us recall that the circumstances of the sinking have not been fully clarified, although the most plausible version for today is an explosion in torpedo tube No. 4 of the training torpedo 65-76A "Kit". But there were many versions, in addition to the officially presented to the public. The main ones, in one way or another, were presented in this film.

But no matter how hard the Belgian cinematographs tried, they did not succeed in films like"Chernobyl" fromHBO, no matter how they didn't try. Even though Luc Besson himself was one of the producers.

Apollo 11 (USA) IMDb 8.4

Their feature films were dedicated to the lion's share of the Apollo. But no documentary was dedicated to any "Apollo", confirming that this program "really was".

People by nature are very suspicious creatures and do not believe most of everything that they have not touched with their own hands or have not experienced (were not a witness) personally.

So it happened with the Apollo 11 program. As it turned out, it is much easier for the common man to believe in the existence of God than in the fact that people landed on the moon. And it is to such skeptics that the creators have dedicated this tape in order to prove that the American descent vehicle really reached the Moon and returned back to Earth.

But, for sure, it will turn out that for some, everything that the documentary filmmakers present in this tape will also seem like a "well-slapped fake". We will not judge anyone for this. Let's just watch the movie and take note.

Kung Fu Warrior (China) IMDb 8.4

Each nation "courtesy" in their films and cartoons what they really like. The Chinese have become adept at martial arts, and therefore "sing" their kung fu where it is necessary and where it is not necessary.


Therefore, before Jackie Chan had time to put on his "Kung Fu Pandas", he was replaced by another Chinese man - Zou Yi, who also made a cartoon about the same kung fu.

And even the main characters in it are suspiciously similar in appearance to the old panda.

Princess Mononoke (Japan) KP 8.15

The distributor "Pioneer" continues to weld on old, but very high quality creations by Hayao Miyazaki. This time, a creation of the famous Japanese master - "Princess Mononoke", which has been dusty since 1997, was pulled from the attic.


Hardly anyone has watched this anime. The tale of how Prince Asitaka and Princess Mononoke met in the twists and turns of fate is familiar to anyone who has ever been a child. Well, since everyone has been children, then the conclusion suggests itself.

And now we are offered to refresh our memory and check out this fabulously beautiful and simply super-duper creation on large screens. If we don't go ourselves, we will send the children to the cinemas for sure!

New series

As already mentioned, there are hardly more TV series this week than the previous one, but they are all masterpieces of their kind. A couple of, in our opinion, prime ministers also entered this four. Let's look at what's expected this week as usual, in order of airing dates.

Instinct ( HBO) CP 5.9

June 30, Sunday

A slightly shifty, but very observant puzzle-solving master Daniel Reinhardt (by the way, a former CIA officer) is currently trading by teaching students some unnecessary nonsense about behavioral motives, premises and consequences.


Concurrently, he is a doctor of all kinds of sciences, has a bunch of higher educations and writes books, according to one of which some kind of maniac, thirsting for revenge and justice, begins to kill his victims.

It is to investigate these murders that detective Lizzie Nidam attracts him, after which he solves cases right and left with her for a whole season, until at the end of the first season, he does not have the idea of going through a lot of training more and at the police academy. And since the second season saw the light, he apparently went through this training.

The series is something in common between "Castle", "Mentalist" and "Elementary". But it is still not clear what the instinct has to do with it?

Loudest Voice in Room (Showtime)

June 30, Sunday

Do not believe who, for the sake of the role, suddenly reincarnated as a fat man! Watching the trailer for the series.

Yes, yes, your eyes don't cheat on you, it's Russell Crowe! And all this to become almost 100% similar to Roger Isles, the head of Fox News. The series will become a kind of biolic, telling about the life of a famous person and tell about his activities from the time of George W. Bush's rule to the rise in power of Donald Trump, in whose elections he had his hand.

But everything went down the drain overnight. And all because of what? Due to the fact that, on the wave of sexual revelations, he himself was caught in harassment. Will Roger get out this time? Feels unlikely.

Rook (Starz)

Another premiere. How many pictures were shot about people who have lost their memory. “50 first kisses”, “Remember”, “Erased from memory”, etc. But about an intelligence officer losing his memory - this is something new.


Everything is complicated by the fact that she needs to hide from other employees the fact that she has lost her memory at all costs. Otherwise, she may come at any time.

Divorce ( HBO) CP 6.5

Monday 1st July

One married woman (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) found herself a stallion on the side and decided to divorce her husband, since he no longer intervened.


When she heard from the stallion that from her it was inserted only when she was married, she returned back to her husband to ask for forgiveness. But it was too late. He found out about the betrayal, and now she was left homeless, children, husband and home at the same time.

That was two seasons ago. During this time, everything turned upside down ten times for them, there was a divorce proceedings, a bunch of poop on both sides, but now everything seems to be settled down. That one has its own life, this one has its own. This one even decided to get married. But really, deep down, he doesn't love her anymore?

We hope to find out about this next season.


That's all for now. Next week there will be a holiday right away for fans of full-length cinema and fans of TV series. The long-awaited Spider-Man: Far From Home fromMarvel Studioshits the big screens, and the sequel to the Stranger Things franchise hits the big screen. We will discuss them in more detail in the next issue, but for now, as always, good summer days to you, great mood and, more cool films and TV series!

The Topic of Article: New films and series. Premieres from June 27 to July 3.
Author: Jake Pinkman