CD Projekt Red will pay compensation to Sapkowski, battle royale in Titanfall and Groundhog Day in VR - game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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CD Projekt Red will pay compensation to Sapkowski, battle royale in Titanfall and Groundhog Day in VR - game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


CD Projekt Red will pay compensation to Sapkowski, the battle royale in Titanfall and Groundhog Day in VR - game news digest from WorldOfTopics. Part one

CD Projekt Red will pay money to Andrzej Sapkowski

For those who have forgotten, a small scandal erupted between the creators of the original book The Witcher and CD Projekt Red last October. Sapkowski suddenly announced that he had sold the rights only to the first game, and the evil game developers deceived him and started making sequels, from the sale of which the author did not receive anything. He demanded $ 16 million in compensation for such injustice. The parties have finally resolved their conflict.

This was reported by the Polish economic portal Puls Biznesu. The financial report on the website says the Polish studio will pay the writer money. However, the amount will be significantly less than the fantasy artist is asking for. There are no specific figures. The developer says he took this step to maintain good relations with the original creator and out of respect for his work.


Initially, Sapkowski sold the rights to "The Witcher" for nine thousand dollars, and the writer's lawyers considered that this amount was too small compared to the profit from the game franchise. CD Projekt Red responded that the new requirements hit her dignity and contradict her contract. And also that at one time the writer was offered interest deductions, but he refused and demanded a specific amount immediately. However, resolving the conflict was more important for the studio. What the writer thinks about this outcome is unknown.

Titanfall - Apex Legends Battle Royale Released

The release of this royal battle happened as quickly and unexpectedly as the previous announcement. The setting for Apex Legends will be Kings Canyon, with lots of old abandoned buildings surrounded by wilderness.

According to the classics of the genre, we are "naked and worthless" landing on the map, where the ring, shrinking and killing everyone who went beyond its limits, drives players to the center for a meat grinder.

In Apex Legends, battles are fought in teams of three, and to win, you need the well-coordinated work of all three and a combination of their skills. Also, a smart communication system was added to the battle. Thanks to it, players can mark items for companions so that team members can quickly find them, in order to quickly get rid of the "stigma" of "naked and worthless." You can also use it to report danger.


Different parts of the map have different equipment. The coolest loot will be on amphibious ships that land randomly on the map.

The death mechanic is interestingly implemented in Apex Legends. When the character's health drops to zero, he begins to move more slowly and cannot deal damage to someone. At this point, he can be healed (and finished off by itself) so that he returns to duty. If he is killed, there is still a chance of salvation. From the corpses of players, special flags will drop out, which team members can carry to the Lighthouse of Rebirth and then the deceased will be resurrected. The battle is out on PC, PS4 XOne and anyone who has the original game can download it. And yes, there are no robots in it.

Creative Assembly is still working on a new game

Studia, who created Total War and Alien: Isolation last summer, was looking for people to develop some new game, but after that there was no information about the project. Later, we were disappointed with mobile Alien: Blackout and we lost all hope.


But recently their office was visited by director Nick Blomkamp (creator of such films as "Robot Called Chapi", "District 9"), who was initiated into the process of developing a game based on new intellectual property. The studio announced this on Twitter.

The studio also mentioned that the game will be a tactical shooter. That's all for now. Let's hope we have a good project this time around.

The sequel to Groundhog Day will be released as a VR game

The teaser for Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son tells about this. This time, Phil Connors, the youngest son of the main character of the film, played by Bill Murray, got into a time loop. Like his father, he will be stuck in the city of Punxsutawney, home to a woodchuck supposedly able to predict the weather.

Created by the Spanish studio Tequila Works, known for the zombie platformer Deadlight and the adventure Rime. The studio has already created a VR project The Invisible Hours and has experience in this. The publisher and producer of the project is Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, and MWM Immersive helps her in this.


Deep Silver has denied the announcement that future Metro games will not come to PC

After Metro Exodus's transition to Epic Games Store exclusivity, many gamers began to throw negative reviews on the pages of past games in incentives.

One of the developers didn't like this, and he left a message on the gaming forum that he had the impression that people were just pouring out bile and they didn't really like the Metro series. Installing a liner is not a problem, and if they wanted to play Exodus and were waiting for it, then there would not be such a buhurt. He writes that this whole situation creates a very negative impression that the work of the developer means nothing and such a thing as switching the game to another store is not a reason to write bad comments and download the game from torrent.


The most eloquent was his phrase that if PC players declare a boycott of the Exodus, then the developers can declare a boycott of the PC, and the next games in the series will not be released on it.

The rumor was dispelled by messages on the official pages of the game and its publisher on social networks. It emphasized that the transfer of the game to another store is entirely a decision of the Deep Silver publishing house in conjunction with Koch Media. And the developer's words that Metro will not be released on PC is an insult to the violent reaction of the community. And the PC versions of the following parts will always be the focus of Deep Silver.

An adult gaming site has released its breast-shaped console

Let's end with some funny news. Nutaku is an online gaming platform for adults. Recently, the creators of the portal decided to please their fans, and released a console with a pre-installed library of free and premium games for adults in the shape of a breast. The name of this "miracle" of engineering is "Console".

The creation is timed to the fourth birthday of the portal. The site says that the "Console" is made of silicone and resembles a breast not only externally, but also tactilely. And the start button is elegantly disguised as a nipple. The console connects over the network to the client on the Nutaku portal. With HDMI, the image is displayed.


Apparently its shape is the reason that Nutaku have already exhausted their "play breasts". The console was sold out instantly. The portal said that they will make another batch. Its price is $ 169.99. We deserve such news ...

This was all the news of the gaming world at the moment, stay with us and read our new materials.

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