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Films and TV series from 24 to 31 January


Despite the fact that the month of January is in full swing, it is time to talk about the film premieres that await us upon its completion, that is, about the films and series that are planned to be released by our providers and the management of the world's leading TV channels in last week of the month.

Foreign film premieres

There are nine of those in the future schedule of film premieres, of which one is a documentary from South Korean filmmakers, and one is a cartoon from Danish animators. This week cannot boast of any special blockbusters, but you can choose what to watch.

Holmes & Watson (USA) IMDb 3.4

Film Companies : Columbia Pictures Corporation and Gary Sanchez Productions.

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Detective, Adventure.

Director: Ethan Cohen.

In chap. starring Lauren Lapkus, Will Ferrell, John C. Riley, Kelly MacDonald and others.

A scary movie-style thrash comedy is a parody, rather, not of a cycle of stories by the famous writer Conan Doyle, but of Guy Ritchie's feature films based on these works.

When a mysterious murder orchestrated by James Morriarty takes place in Buckingham Palace, this "sweet couple Twix" - Holmes and Watson is called for his investigation. And why, you ask? Why not solve this case to Scotland Yard, otherwise, what else is he needed for?

Yes, because a message was attached to the murder, which specifically indicated who should take up the investigation and what would happen if it was not completed on time. Otherwise, according to the same Morriarty, he will simply take the life of the Queen of Great Britain.

Judging by the ratingIMDb 3.4, the world community reacted sharply to scenes in which they mock Her Majesty and, in particular, beat her on the head with an oak stick for selfies of the times of the endX [X century ...

Green Book (USA) IMDb 8.3, KP 7.7


Film Companies : DreamWorks, Participant Media and Amblin Partners.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Biography.

Director: Peter Farrelli.

In chap. starring: Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Sebastian Maniscalco, Linda Cardellini and others.

The film is claimed to be a biographical comedy. But it is, rather, a drama about the hard life of the black population in North America during the early second half of the twentieth century.

When Don Shirley, a dark-skinned rich man and Ph.D. and, concurrently, one of the outstanding pianists of our time, is offered a ride across America with a musical tour, the question arises of hiring a driver, bodyguard and governess for him in one person.

The choice falls on one of the local club bouncers Tony Valelonga, nicknamed "Chatterbox", who is currently experiencing financial difficulties due to the closure of this club for renovations.

And his remarkable talent for waving his fists and solving problems for black Don Shirley came in handy along the way. After all, even out of need, according to the rules of that time, he had to go to a special toilet for blacks ...

Sea of Seduction (USA)


Film Companies : Global Road Entertainment and IM Global, Shoebox Films.< / em>

Genres: thriller, drama.

Director: Stephen Knight.

In chap. starring: Diane Lane, Matthew McConaughey, Djimon Hounsou, Anne Hathaway and others

Usually people find it very difficult to endure a break with loved ones. But the hero Matthew McConaughey, Baker Dill, did it, crookedly, but succeeded. On a psychological level, he overcame himself. On the physical - now he lives on the coast of the ocean, on the financial - he makes tours for fishermen-tourists on his boat.

Just at the moment when the memories of the past family life begin to gradually smooth out and appear in memory less and less, his once beloved wife Karen (Anne Hathaway) appears on his doorstep and asks him to end her new husband.

Dill would be a little smart and guess that not everything here can be as clean as Karen sings to him. But does a person have common sense when his eyes are covered with a veil of love, temptation, and uncontrollable lust ...

Handsome boy (USA) IMDb 7.3, KP 7.3


Film Companies : Big Indie Pictures, Amazon Studios and Plan B Entertainment.

Genres: Drama, Biography.

Director: Felix van Gruningen.

In chap. starring: Steve Carell, Timothy Chalamet, Christian Convery, Mora Tierney and others

Topical story. The boy studies well, is brought up in a decent family, but when he grows up, he becomes a drug addict. Where, in what place did the parents not see? After all, even though it came to a divorce in their marriage, it is unlikely that this somehow influenced the fact that the son became a drug addict. At least that was not the main factor.

But then what? Throughout the film, David and Nicky, the parents of Nick, a boy who is a drug addict, are trying to figure out where and at what moment they missed their son, and are trying hard to ward off his addiction.

Well, history will show who is stronger: parental love and care or methampitamin.

Astral: New Dimension (England) IMDb 5.5, KP 4.6


Production company: Craven Street.

Genres: Horror, Mystic, Fantasy.

Director: Chris Mule.

In chap. starring: Frank Dillane, Catherine Steadman, Demson Idris, Vanessa Grass, Trevor White and others.

Alex, a student in the Department of Metaphysics, takes his subject very seriously. He really believes that his mother was not mentally ill and knew how to communicate with otherworldly entities. Therefore, he decides on a kind of experiment.

As required, he plunges into the lowest level of meditation. And his soul, or, more correctly, astral projection, breaks away from the body and enters the astral plane. Yes, he wants to find in it his mother, lost in childhood. Only, while his soul is walking on the astral plane, will not one of the creatures living in this "superworld" take possession of his body?

The restart of the franchise went very badly. And do not expect that the film will be a success in the USA box office, even with all the fact that it starred the performer of one of the main roles of the fan-favorite spin-off "Walkers" - "Fear the Walking Dead" Frank Dillane. And in light of the fact that the world premiere of the sequel took place three months ago, and everyone who wants to have already had a long time not only to check it out on pirate sites, but also to give it the lowest rating on KinoPoisk, in cinemas for this nonsense, sucked out of the finger, in general it is unlikely someone will go.

Indeed, if it were so easy to “move away” to the so-called “astral”, the two worlds would have long ago mixed with each other to such an extent that they would have become one whole. Don't you find it?

Girl (Belgium, Netherlands) IMDb 7.4, CP 7.3


Film Companies : Menuet Producties, Topkapi Films and Frakas Productions.

Genre: Drama.

Director: Lucas Dont.

In chap. starring: Victor Polster, Arie Worthalter, Thimen Goverts, Oliver Bodar and others.

No sooner had the creators finished filming this masterpiece, as he immediately found his admirers in the highest circles of cinema. In Cannes, the film took as many as four "Palm Branches", became the winner in the category "Discovery of the Year" at the festival from European film academics, took the audience award in San Sebastian as the best European film, was nominated for a Golden Globe, etc.

And therefore, it becomes clear that this drama is not about something, but about a global and topical today's topic - the topic of LGBT people. The poor girl managed to be born in the body of a boy. And she so wanted to become a ballerina! Her difficult path to the stage is the story in this tape.

Why is it not covered how many people are born with heart defects and other diseases? After all, each of them dreams of becoming someone in this life. And many, moreover, achieve their goal. Yes, because nowadays it is not fashionable. Nowadays idiotic "tolerance" is in vogue. To discuss the topic of homosexuals and lesbians is so ... Poetic and sublime! And to present such masterpieces with prizes is a sign of good taste. It is very funny to observe how 99 percent of the world's population, at a time when a third suffers from a lack of drinking water, and a quarter die of hunger, nurture masterpieces on a topic that concerns only 1 percent of those who prefer to have sex “in other places” and “ to another. ”

Few people know, but in Cannes there is a separate nomination: "Queer Palm for the coverage of the LGBT theme in the cinema." Why is there no Palm Branch for covering in the cinema the topic of AIDS patients, Down syndrome, etc.? There are no nominations for coverage of topics suffering from hunger and cold, for coverage of topics of the military, workers, etc. Well, right, nowadays, after all, boys, who are girls and girls, who are boys, are in fashion. What to do. Costs of a progressive and civilized society.

Point of return (USA, Canada) IMDb 3.7, KP 4.2


Film Companies : Diamond Films, Happinet and EFO Films.

Genres: Drama, Crime.

Director: Brian A. Miller.

In chap. starring Sylvester Stallone, Meadow Williams, Ryan Guzman, Matthew Modine and others.

Seventy-year-old Sylvester Stallone will not calm down. It looks like he decided to die of old age right on the set of another action movie. Here's another one for you, in which the old man plays a police officer investigating a daring robbery of a collector's armored car.

In a month and a half since the world premiere, they managed to check out how Sylvester wiggles his wrinkled skinny ass in another action-packed film, not only abroad, but (judging by the rating on the KP) in our Mother USA ... Moreover, foreign spectators vomited from the low-grade idiotic detective even more than ours. Rating 3.7 - isn't this a reason for Grandpa Sylvester to calm down?

But no. Soon the next part of "Rambo" will be released on the big screens, and after that "The Expendables-4" is planned. So, most likely, Sylvester is going to star in action films after he departs to another world.

BTS: Love Yourself Tour in Seoul (South Korea)


Genre: documentary, music.

Featured: South Korean pop group BTS.

Provider CoolConnections has decided to introduce us to the magic of Korean pop music and dump shnyaga on our screens in the form of a music video, which covers the performance of South Korean pop group BTS at a large Seoul stadium.

Great. It remains to find out how many people will go to this frank bullshit. We suspect that the audience will be only Koreans who happened to be in our country in transit or for some business of their own.

Flying carpet (Denmark) IMDb 5.7


Film Companies : M & M Productions, Danmarks Radio and A. Film .

Genres: Cartoon, Family, Adventure.

Director: Carsten Keelerich.

Boy Hodge dreams of travel. Instead, his father plans to raise him into a tailor. A sad twist, isn't it? And everyone understands this, even his tame goat. But the father, apparently, will be dumber than a goat.

And then, one day, Khoja meets a merchant named ElFaz, who, among other things, owns an airplane carpet. And he is ready to lend it to the guy with the goat for temporary use if they bring him something from the big city in return.

The script of the cartoon is very naive, and therefore will be of interest only to little kids from 6 to 12 years old. For those who are older - it is better to stay at home and play the remaster of Resident Evil 2. There, of course, there are age restrictions, but when did this stop modern teenagers?

USA film premieres

Finally, after almost a month, our cinematographers also woke up from a deep hibernation. Moreover, they returned to the big screens with as many as five tapes, of which the undisputed leader, of course, is ...

Grandma of easy virtue 2. Elderly Avengers


Production company: Vice Films.

Genre: Comedy.

Director: Marius Weisberg.

In chap. starring: Alexander Revva, Glucose, Evgeny Gerchakov, Marina Fedunkiv, Dmitry Nagiev and others.

When all the savings of the old people, including Sasha Rubenstein, or, rather, his girlfriend, are kidnapped by a local businessman, an organized criminal group (decryption - an organized pension group), led by Sasha himself, again disguises as his beloved grandmother, going to return them.

For this, Sasha, under the guise of a charming old woman-nurse, is hired to the house of a local businessman. But will the road to victory be so easy for the characters? As the previous series showed, nothing happens easily for those who have contacted Rubenstein. But they are invariably doomed to win ...

BEEF: USA hip-hop


Film companies : ALT PAX, RFG Productions and Baza Production.

Genres: Drama, Music, Biography.

Director: Roma Zhigan.

In chap. starring: Basta, Alexander Timartsev, Miron Fedorov, Adil Zhalelov, ST, Jha Kalib and others.

The synopsis on KinoPoisk indicates that this documentary covers, quote: "... the entire path of USA hip-hop from the underground to huge stadiums." Also, according to the authors of the picture, the tape shows the true look of USA rap and answers the question of how he managed to capture the modern generation and become the number one music.

Maybe so. We just want to focus on a couple of questions. Although the concepts of "USA hip-hop" and "USA rap" exist, there is no USA rap and USA hip-hop. Since hip-hop, or, as it is often called, rap, was invented by the black population of the planet, this is not our culture. "American borscht" will sound like an idiotic. Also "USA rap" sounds like an idiotic. Therefore, it would be more correct to say: "Rap (or hip-hop) in USA" or "well-read (sung) in USA".

Also idiotic is the saying that rap "has become the number one music." Rap is not really music. This is "recitation of poetry against the background of musical accompaniment." And poetry cannot be music a priori. It is a pity that the authors of the synopsis on KinoPoisk do not understand this.

USA short. Issue 2


Genres: Drama, Comedy, Horror.

Directors: Alexander Domogarov Jr., Andrey Volgin, Irina Vilkova, Viktor Kashlyaev and Ira Volkova.

In chap. Cast: Tatiana Kuznetsova, Alexander Ilyin, Irina Vilkova, Anthony Bashaw and others.

The second collection of short films from USA producers. This time it included the following 5 short meters:

  • Let the Children Up is a mystical thriller about a strange school and its students;
  • "Earring", also a thriller, but this time with an erotic slant;
  • "Mushrooms and Fishes" is a black comedy about two idiots who decided to take a walk in the forest;
  • "Che" is a kind of chronicle of a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg;
  • A post-New Year story about how drinking companions lost their friend as a result of a “sparkling” celebration.

Save Leningrad


Film company: AVK production.

Genres: Drama, Military.

Directed by Alexey Kozlov.

In chap. Cast: Maria Melnikova, Andrey Mironov-Udalov, Anastasia Melnikova, Gela Meskhi and others.

The action takes place in 1941, at a time when the blockade is being closed around Leningrad. It soon becomes clear that the road from the city is completely cut off by land. Then the military is trying to withdraw as many civilians as possible from the city blocked by the Nazis by water.

Events revolve around two lovers, a girl Nastya and a young Red Army soldier Kostya, who managed to find themselves on a barge loaded with civilians. A storm starts at night, but this is not the main thing. Before the elements calm down, people will find themselves under the dagger fire of enemy attack aircraft.

But how to resist the Nazis if the barge does not have weapons that can withstand enemy aircraft?

Wolves and Sheep: Pig Move


Production companies: Wizart Animation, CTB.

Genres: Drama, Cartoon, Comedy, Family, Adventure.

Directors: Vladimir Nikolaev.

Voice acting: Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Maxim Matveev, Alexey Sigaev, Galina Korneva, Anton Yuriev.

In one beautiful place on Earth, animals, or, to be more precise, herbivores and predators, after consulting, began to live together. But once fugitives clung to their camp, followed by ... a flock of black wolves-strangers.

The black wolves did not like their enclave and they, laughing at the locals, decided to ravage the whole city and devour all herbivorous animals. Now the locals will have to work hard to repel the fierce onslaught of the enemy.

One thing is not clear. What did the wolves eat in such a happy enclave? After all, their stomachs do not digest weed ...

Premieres from leading TV companies

Only seven new seasons of especially "advanced" TV series will be released this week. And the most significant of them, by right, can be considered the 7th season of the English TV series "Strike Back". But, first things first.

Broad City IMDb 7.2, KP 8.3


Season 5. January 24, Thursday.

TV Channel: Comedy Central (USA).

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Ilana Glazer, Abby Jacobson, Arturo Castro, Hannibal Boress and others

Continuation of the difficult New York life of two friends Ilana and Abby. These two have the perfect gift for making any situation so comical that one is amazed.

Everything that a friend does not undertake turns into an extravaganza of laughter. There will be no less “bursts of laughter” in the new season.

Cardinal IMDb 7.7, CP 6.7


Season 3. January 24, Thursday.

TV channel: CTV (Canada).

Genres: thriller, detective, drama, crime.

In Ch. starring: Bill Campbell, Karin Vanass, Eric Hicks, Glen Gould and others.

This series is somewhat reminiscent of "The Tunnel". Only here the action takes place not in Great Britain and France, but in Canada. A true “pro-Englishman” and a kind of Frenchwoman, a native of one of the local French communities, also appear here.

But, meanwhile, both policemen, and they, just like in the mentioned "Tunnel", police detectives, find a common language and successfully solve intricate cases of local importance.

By the way, here "Cardinal" is not a title or rank at all, but the surname of one of the detectives - John Cardinal. His partner's name is Liz Delorme.

Siren IMDb 6.3, CP 7.2


Season 2. January 24, Thursday.

TV Channel: Freeform (USA).

Genres: Fantasy, Drama.

In chap. starring: Alex Rowe, Elaine Powell, Ian Verdun, Fola Evans-Ekinbola and others

Some have managed to live in a place like Bristol Cove. No, it looks like this coastal town is fine. But in the waters that are located nearby, there are sirens that, for many reasons, are aggressive towards people.

Once one such came out of the sea and, having appeared in the town, began to live side by side with people. What does she want from them? It is not entirely clear. But it is reliably known that everyone who does not like her, she can finish off too much without straining.

So what exactly has she forgotten among the people she hates so much?

Steel Star / Tin Star IMDb 7.3, KP 6.9


Season 2. January 24, Thursday.

TV Channel: Sky Atlantic (England).

Genres: Drama, Crime, Thriller.

In chap. Starring: Tim Roth, Sarah Podemski, Genevieve O'Reilly, Christina Hendrix and others

The tale of new Police Chief Jim Worth struggling to cope with a spike in crime in a run-down town in the foothills of the Rockies continues.

Not long ago he moved here together with the whole family, hoping to find here not only a quiet job, but also a kind of rest. But it was not there. The developing town recently acquired an oil refinery, which not only contributed to the creation of new jobs and migration of the population from the periphery, but also an influx of all kinds of rabble, which in no way allows the locals to live in peace.

Trying to restore order, the local chief of police is drawn into a confrontation with badyugans, which complicates life not only for himself, but also for his family.

Crows Club IMDb 8.1


Season 4. January 25, Friday.

TV channel: Netflix (Mexico).

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

In chap. starring: Luis Gerardo Mendes, Mariana Trevino, Jesus Zavala, Antonio de la Vega and others.

"Youth" in a football style performed by Americans. Moreover, this is not about American football, which is more like rugby, but about the usual one, to which we, Europeans, are accustomed.

The plot no longer revolves around the players, but around the heirs to the right to own a successful football club, who, after the death of the present owner, got out from all sides even a dime a dozen. So the most interesting game here, in theory, takes place not on the field, but outside it.

After all, the heirs will stop at nothing to take over the club. All tricks are good for this.

Retaliatory strike IMDb 8.3, CP 7.6

Season 7. January 25, Friday.

TV Channel: Sky 1 (England).

Genres: Action, Thriller, Drama, Detective.

In chap. Starring: Warren Brown, Daniel McPherson, Elin Sumarwata, Nina Sosanya, Roxanne McKee and others.

The British special services continue their courageous fight against terrorists. Last season, the former duo was replaced by new faces. But in courage and special training, as it soon became clear, they also did not occupy.

The series will be more subtle than other American ones. And the plots of "Retaliation" do not look so idiotic propaganda and naively miserable and cliched. We strongly recommend to all fans of action movies.

Shame IMDb 7.2, KP 6.6


Season 3. January 31, Thursday.

TV channel: France 4 (France).

Genres: drama, melodrama.

In chap. starring: Yousefine Frida Pettersen, Iman Meskini, Lisa Teige, Ulrikke Falk and others.

Where is the line beyond which everything you do should cause real shame? It turns out that today's youth generally find this line with difficulty. For some, it doesn't exist at all.

This is a story just about relationships and the sex life of crazy teenagers who don't know when to stop. And despite the idiotic scenario and the same plot twists, in general it will be quite instructive to watch what is happening.


This concludes for today. The next premiere schedule will be waiting for you at the end of next week, but for now, all the best to you and more cool films and TV series!

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