Google Play Pass Announcement, Environmental Gaming Companies, New Project from Obsidian - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Google Play Pass Announcement, Environmental Gaming Companies, New Project from Obsidian - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part one


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Google Play Pass - Google announced their gaming subscription service

This week Google launched a similar gaming subscription service like Apple Arcade, only for Android. For $ 4.99 per month, the company offers users access to 350 games and various applications without any microtransactions or ads. And if they are inside the game or application itself, then they will be automatically removed by the service. In addition, the list of games will be constantly updated. The trial period is 10 days.

Now in the list of this service there are such interesting games as KOTOR, Terraria, Risk, limbo, and in the future This War of Mine and many others will be added there.


You can also share the subscription with your family members or friends, but no more than six. Although the service will be released, as Google said "soon", the company is already offering to subscribe. If you do this before October 10 , then its cost until the end of this year will be 1.99$.

21 gaming companies join the alliance to protect the environment

Play for planet is an organization created by the United Nations, aimed at bringing together game companies and development studios that will take care of the climate of our planet. In their press release, they gave more details about themselves.

At the moment, the organization includes 21 members, including such giants as Sony, Microsoft, Google Stadia, Twitch, Ubisoft, all other members you can see here.


Play for planet plans to make it so that by the joint efforts of all who joined this association to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 million tons by 2030, plant more than a million trees and, in general, increase the importance of ecology in the process of creating games, gaming devices , as well as improve the energy saving of the latter and their recycling.

Among the giants of Play for planet there are already specific action points. So, Sony is obliged to improve the energy efficiency of its next console, file a report on the company's carbon footprint and push its gaming community to be more eko friendly.

Microsoft is going to spread the initiative to reduce the use of carbon dioxide within the company. And Microsoft itself is going to reduce its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030. She also plans to certify her consoles as carbon neutral.

European Developers Union believes that a French court's requirement to authorize the reselling of games could lead to a big problem

Recently, a French court demanded that Valve allow users to resell their games and remove all clauses that interfere with this from the user agreement. Valve is not going to do this yet and wants to appeal the claim. ISFE, the European Union of Developers, spoke about this situation. According to them, the decision to allow users to resell their games could lead to the collapse of the industry.

According to the head of ISFE, Simon Little, the demands put forward by the court are contrary to EU laws, which recognize that due to the fact that digital products are easy to copy, they need to be protected. If the court ruling gains strength, this will affect the desire to invest money in the entertainment sector as a whole, that is, not only game development will suffer. Specifically, it will have to deal with the disastrous consequences of European authors failing to protect their intellectual property and resources.

In its press release, the developer union refers to the "doctrine of exhaustion." This is the principle that a person has the right to resell a product only after the copyright holder has released it for sale. However, they believe that only physical goods and not digital ones are related to doctrine.

As for Valve, the court is expected to make a final decision before the end of the year.

RPG & Melee - Guessing About Obsidian's Next Game

Obsidian Entertainment recently posted on social media. LinkedIn networks [this is the network where studios are looking for developers and vice versa] hiring offers to create a new game. After digging around, you can get a rough idea of what their next project will be like.


The company is looking for new designers, programmers, animators, lighting artists. Among the features of the project, there is a concentration on close combat, a first-person view with the ability to switch to a third-person view, branched dialogues, the change of day and night, as well as multiplayer. It also mentions that this is an intellectual property project - it could be a sequel to The Outer Worlds or a franchise game owned by Microsoft [but that's just speculation].

Unreal Engine 4 is listed as the engine. The project will be multiplatform. However, since the company is only looking for people, it is unlikely that the announcement will take place in the near future.

Horror Allison Road died and no one noticed

Allison Road was positioned at the time of its announcement in 2015 as the spiritual successor of PT. The project generated a lot of interest and made a good impression on the community. But it looks like it stalled in place and is unlikely to be released at all.


In 2016, the game has already experienced clinical death after breaking the contract with its publisher Team 17. After a long lull, the authors said they would publish the game on their own. It was created by Karsi Kasler and his wife, who joined the project in 2016. And here again the years of silence. The Rely on Horror portal remembered this project and decided to find out what and how. They found that the game's two pages on Facebook and Twitter had been removed and the site had not been updated since 2016.

The activity was recorded on Far From Home, a studio that Kasler set up for development. It is on this channel that the trailer for the game is located. However, music playlists are only being updated there. It looks like the account is being used for personal use.

Apparently, some projects are simply not destined to come out.

Borderlands 3 Breaks All 2K Games Records

Borderlands 3 has been a commercial success. In a press release, Take Two [ultimate owner of 2K Games] released some data on third board sales. Among the records we can highlight the fact that on the first day the game sold 5 million copies, and 50% more than Borderlands 2. The game also became the first in terms of sales in the history of 2K Games and the number of pre-orders. In general, the franchise earned over 1 billion in sales of the third part.


This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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