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40 of the best movies to watch in 2018. Part 2 (1st - 20th places)


We continue our top novelties of 2018. Now let's talk about the finalists. These films are definitely not worth missing out on in 2018.

And here you can read the first part of our top, there are also many worth watching films.

20. Mary and the witch's flower

"Mary and the Witch Flower" is a feature-length animated film produced by Yoshiaki Nishimura.

In the past he worked for Studio Ghibli, but in 2015 decided to start his own company, Studio Ponoc. "Mary and the Witch's Flower", based on Mary Stuart's "Little Broom", will be the company's debut. It will be directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, best known for Arieti from the Land of the Lilliputians, Memories of Marnie and, of course, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away - works by Hiromasa while working at Ghibli. But since Ghibli is Ghibli, the 40-year-old director together with Nishimura decided to withdraw from the scene and it looks like Ghibli will see a new competitor in the person of Ponoc Studios.

The story of the animated film "Mary and the Witch's Flower" is pure fantasy and, moreover, about the school of witches. So Harry Potter fans, maybe it's time to turn our attention to Japanese fantasy?

19. X-Men: The New Mutants

Deadpool and Logan prove to 20th Century Fox that moving into a more mature direction in the Marvel comic book universe is opening up gold mines for filmmakers. It all looks like the studio has decided to make a new horror movie. Director Josh Boone and screen star Anya Taylor-Joe will show us a film about five young mutants who are held against their will somewhere in a secret facility while they grow up and face nightmarish forces in the process of transformation.

The new film may feature Professor X. Josh Boone, oddly enough, told the story that he is not a fan of horror films at all, with the exception of some classics like Rosemary's Baby or The Shining.

Therefore, the "New Mutants", although they will frighten, but rather with their surrealism than brutality. Among the films from the X-Men series, the best so far have been Deadpool and Logan.

Hopefully the new mutant movie, which will be released in April, will follow the same path.

18. The disappeared boy

The first joint project of Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. For a long time already the actors wanted to jointly participate in the film and now the opportunity presented itself. Joel Edgerton, who we will see as an American intelligence spy in Red Sparrow (see the first part of the review of the 40 best films of 2018), will act as both actor and director in "The Lost Boy". Edgerton is no stranger to directing films, as he has created such films as The Great Gatsby, Exodus: Gods and Kings.

The new thriller "The Lost Boy" is based on the book of the same name by Gerrard Conley, which follows the life of the son (Lucas Hedges) of a Baptist priest (Russell Crowe), who was forced to undergo a church-supported correctional therapy program after it was revealed that he's gay.

A conflict arises between the therapist (Edgerton) and the guy, passions run high. Those who have already watched the director's previous film "Gift" will see what to expect from the new project: write it down as "must-see".

17. Irishman

It is not yet clear whether the film will be released in theaters or will remain on Netflix, which paid $ 105 million just for such stars as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Bobby Cannavale to take part in one film , Anna Paquin, Harvey Keitel, Jack Houston and others. What is the reunion of Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro on the set after "Casino".

De Niro's hero, Frank Sheeran, killed 25 gangsters, including Jimmy Hoffa himself. We will see how he managed to "paint houses" in the film based on Charles Brandt's book "I Heard You Paint Houses".

Of course, you understand why the killer was called a house dyer. We look forward to the release of the film at the end of 2018.

16. Alita: Battle Angel

The cyberpunk action movie based on the manga by Yukito Kishiro is a joint Japanese-American project. Initially, the idea of creating a film based on the manga was hatched by James Cameron, but since As the Avatar franchise grows, the director turned over the new film to Robert Rodriguez. The star of the dystopian Maze Runner, Rosa Salazar, will play Alita, a female cyborg who, in the cyberpunk future, participates in new hard sports such as "motorball" from the 3rd and 4th manga. >

The budget of the painting is $ 200 million, although there are no big stars in it. This summer, the film will have to compete with other premieres of the year, and it won't be easy for Alita. But Rodriguez has the skill and has a sense of style that should be enough to get the film noticed. Film producer James Cameron will act as a creative collaborator.

15. Chris Morris's Secret Project

secret OO ? OOOOOO secret

For those who do not know who Chris Morris is, suffice it to say that in the 90s he collaborated with Armando Iannucci. Yes, with the one who became the notorious creator of the black comedy film "Death of Stalin". Christopher J. Morris gained popularity in his homeland of England with his series of satirical television programs "Brassed Eye".

His first full-length film, the poignant, black comedy "Four Lions", was released in 2010. The film is about Pakistani terrorists in Britain. After that, he participated in the creation of another black tragicomedy "Double", but not as a director. At the moment we have no information about the name of the new film by Chris, nor about the date of its release.

However, it is known that he will be released in 2018. One of England's finest comedians is back at the helm.

14. Jurassic World 2

The creators of Jurassic Park are working on a landmark film in the series. Among the 4 films already shown, the first and the fourth were the most successful, perhaps because the main idea of the film was unfolding against the background of the park's out of control. The fifth film in the Jurassic World 2 series, or Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, is rumored to be the start of a trilogy that takes the series into entirely new territories.

Frank Marshall as a director invited Juan Antonio Bayon, who has already shown what he is capable of in the movie "The Voice of the Monster". Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly wrote the script, and Chris Pine and Bryce Dallas Howard will be the main characters in the film. Jeff Goldblum is back as Dr. Ian Malcolm.

The movie is set to premiere in June, and it could be the big blockbuster of the year. Again.

13. Predator

The fantastic Predator movie will be released in August. After so many Predators, starting with the original film in 1987, it seemed difficult to come up with something new, but Shane Black, who starred in the first film in the series, was invited to direct. He also contributed to the script for the new version of Predator and it is said that the film will be replete with references to the original.

Boyd Holbrook and Olivia Mann top the list of the film's main characters. He is a former infantryman, she is a scientist.

These two and their friends will have to chase the bloodthirsty Aliens across the vast American hinterland. The film crew and cast are promising a great success for this film. (In fact, far from the fact. The trailer for the film is rather weak)

12. The man who killed Don Quixote

You've probably heard of the long and troubled story behind the making of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. The beginning of the project, or rather the idea of the project, dates back to the end of the 20th century, when Terry Gilliam wanted to shoot this film with Johnny Depp in the title role. Work on the film had already begun when suddenly things went awry and filming had to be stopped.

Since then, Gilliam has been trying for many years to put the adaptation of the novel about Don Quixote on a new track. And he finally succeeded, nearly 17 years after starting work on this up-and-coming fantasy adventure. Jonathan Price will play Don Quixote, and Adam Driver will play Tony Grisoni, a 21st century man who will have to figure out the intricacies of history that took place in the 17th century. “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” is the most signature “Gilliam's” film with strange, strange characters, unusual humor and whimsical flight of fantasy.

Gilliam always has his own style, and since this film has been an obsession with the director for a long time, we'll see what comes of it.

11. Annihilation

I have to admit that we haven't read the novel by Jeff Vandermeer that this film is based on, but there is a good reason to link the film with another writer - Alex Garland. He has already gained acclaim as a novelist and screenwriter following his work on films such as The Beach, based on the book of the same name, and 28 Days Later. But even more incredible was Garland's breakthrough as a director, with his debut work, Ex Machina, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay and an award for Best Visual Effects.

"Annihilation" is a film of another genre, science fiction, where Natalie Portman (Lana) plays the main role and she has to find her husband (Oscar Isaac) in an ecological disaster zone. Not everything is so simple in these places, there is also registered paranormal activity. Is it another life form?

The film will be released in the US in February. At the expense of other countries is still unknown. You may have to settle for Netflix.

10. Wild ancestors

The Adventure Animated Wild Ancestors is out in the same year as Incredibles 2, and on our list, director Nick Park's new film is ranked higher than the notorious Incredibles. You will, of course, remember Nick's 2005 Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Werewolf Rabbit and 2008's The Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit: The Bread and Death Case. Since then, Nick Park, the four-time Academy Award winner, has not directed.

Now that he is back, he will introduce viewers to completely new characters in "Wild Ancestors". In order to return us to prehistoric times, the animation company "Aardman" used the entire arsenal of tools. The caveman Doug with his boar Hognob will confront not only the evil Lord Nut, but also take part in football games, wrestling, in short, there will be something to laugh at. Comedy all the same!

In USA, the premiere of the cartoon will take place on March 22.

9. Dragged across concrete

Dragged across concrete

And now something completely new awaits us. Do you know the name Craig Zahler? Maybe you've watched the horror western "Bone Tomahawk" or "Fight in Block 99", two of Craig's first films as a director and screenwriter. Will there be a third? Sure. Its name "Dragged across concrete", however, has not yet been translated into USA. In this film, the viewer will again meet with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Carpenter from Zaler's previous film, and Mel Gibson will also join the company. The film is about police brutality and arbitrariness, as well as the clash between the "too old for these cases" police officer (Gibson) and his young partner (Vaughn).

Knowing Zaler's style, we can confidently say that we will see something truly uncompromising, brutal and most likely ingenious. Highlighting the rising star of Hollywood Olympus.

8. Avengers: Infinity War

It seems like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is truly limitless. After all, this will be the 19th film in the series. By the way, the Russo brothers, who are primarily remembered for the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation", have already scheduled work on "Avengers 4".

The premiere will take place in 2019, but for now we are only waiting for the "War of Infinity". What have the creators of "The Avengers" in store for us? According to them, the film will be simply stunning. The cast is almost unchanged. But what, the rates are growing! Robert Downey Jr., Dave Battista, Vin Diesel, Josh Brolin, Mark Ruffalo and many more. This time, the Avengers will team up with the Guardians to confront Thanos.

We look forward to the release of the film in May.

7. MEG

I wonder when we behave like real adults? Right now. Look at us, we resisted the temptation to put MEG at the very top of our list of films. Friends, MEG is a film where Jason Statham fights a 20-meter giant shark and, according to the script of the film, must save the ocean.

This is an adaptation of a series of books by Steve Olten, directed by John Turteltaub (Cool Curves and While You Sleep). Jessica McNamie, Li Bingbing, Ruby Rose, Raine Wilson are also among the stars of the film. The battle begins in August. Don't miss it.

Poor Statham First quotes in kid's publics - now saving the world from a giant shark

6. Black Panther

This year is just some kind of explosion of films based on comics from Marvel. This is the eighteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ryan Coogler surprised everyone with his work on Creed: The Rocky Legacy, which resulted in getting the director's chair in Black Panther. Chadwick Booseman, who has already played the role of the superhero Black Panther in the movie "Captain America: Civil War", will appear this time in the same role. Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Martin Freeman, Angela Bassett and Andy Serkis are just a partial list of Black Panther actors.

This is the first of 3 films of the Marvel universe coming out this year (in March) and I must say that you cannot write badly about it, otherwise you will be racist. That is why we least expect this movie from Marvel, and it is so high on the list because it is necessary ? _ (?) _ / ?

5. Incredibles 2

Brad Bird, after the movie "Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol", returned to the animation project. The Incredibles is one of the best projects by Pixar studio. Its sequel is built around the idea that humans have superpowers. This time around, a new villain appears in the film to fight him, but domestic problems are mounting as well.

If the filmmakers manage to maintain a balance between the humanity and daring humor of the first film, then we will witness something completely incredible!

4. Ready Player One

The nostalgic sci-fi movie is Ernest Klein's debut as a screenwriter, and he is the author of the original, Ready Player One. Steven Spielberg runs the show and that speaks for itself. The events of the film take place in virtual reality in 2045, when the Earth is going through a deep energy crisis and virtuality is the only chance to escape from this world.

In essence, the film is about finding a treasure. In the virtual world of Oasis, billionaire James Halliday has hidden an Easter egg somewhere. In order to find him, the main character needs to immerse himself in the culture of the 80s. Those who do not see the 80s as something tempting should pay attention to the stars participating in the making of the film: Alan Silvestri (soundtrack), Janusz Kaminski (cameraman), Tye Sheridan - the main character who has to search for the treasure, Olivia Cook as Samantha Evelyn Cook, Ben Mendelssohn as Nolan Sorrento and Simon Pegg as Ogden Morrow.

The film will premiere at the end of March this year.

3. Deadpool 2

Another film based on Marvel comics and the eleventh in the X-Men series. It is "Deadpool 2" that stands out from other films in this series. Ryan Reynolds will play Deadpool again. At the beginning of work on the project, Tim Miller left the post of director of the film due to inconsistencies in his creative views.

David Leitch was invited to take his place. In general, the filmmakers don't want to make it longer or more expensive. Their main task is to get the viewer interested again, as if he were watching Deadpool for the first time. Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Josh Brolin and Jack Casey lead the cast, which, as we can see, includes both familiar faces and those who will appear for the first time in the sequel.

We are waiting for the release of the film in May. The end of spring and summer promise to be hot for the number of incredible films that are released.

2. Solo. Star Wars Tales

The second full-length spin-off of the Star Wars movie saga.

Work on the film began quite scandalously when Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired and Ron Howard took over as director. How this will affect the final result of the filming process remains to be seen. The film will take place in a timeline somewhere between Episode 3 and Rogue One.

This version really promises to be a big solo for Han Solo. Young Khan will be played by Alden Ehrenreich instead of the most famous galactic smuggler Harrison Ford. Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian also take part in the adventures, and Woody Harrelson as Beckett will act as a kind of Khan's mentor and will add a touch of drama to the popular saga.

We are looking forward to Khan's solo release at the end of May.

1. Chronicles of predatory cities

Now fans of "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" should freeze in anticipation of a new miracle from the director of these films. Peter Jackson wrote the new screenplay for Chronicles of Predatory Cities based on Phillip Reeve's Mortal Machines, with Christian Rivers as the director.

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where after the so-called 60-minute war, big cities devour small ones. Tom Netsourty (Robert Sheehan) a worker in the Museum of Moving London is trying to survive in this situation and then he meets Esther Shaw (Hera Hilmarsdorttir) refugee and murderer. In order to somehow influence the events of these two, completely opposite people must enter into a strange alliance that will change the future. Let's see how the motorized cities of the future on wheels devour each other?

This film will be released in December 2018.

Our roundup of the best films of 2018 has come to an end. We hope that you have learned a lot and that you are planning to watch new products. 2018 is truly a bumper year for sci-fi, thriller and fantasy films. There are plenty to choose from!

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