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Microsoft wants to pay for Windows 10 updates


The final version of Windows 10, the installation of which was strongly suggested to all owners of earlier assemblies, was released quite recently. Now the company releases several minor updates for the "dozen" (more often to eliminate identified bugs and vulnerabilities) and two larger upgrades per year.

Until now, all updates for Windows 10 have been released free of charge, although this may change. Microsoft is launching a new service called Microsoft Managed Desktop by the end of this year, which will distribute paid updates for Windows 10, according to the electronic news resource ZDNet, which has a reputation for being a trusted platform. The service will divide large upgrades into smaller parts to ensure normal PC work.

Microsoft is aware that downloading a major update for the tenth Windows OS often leads to difficulties in the computer: the device may work slower, some applications sometimes fail to launch, unscheduled PC restarts begin, etc. Managed Desktop is released precisely for these reasons in order to maintain normal computer performance on an ongoing basis.

Windows 10 Updates

The paid updates that will be offered to users through the new service are small in size. Thus, new tools and options will begin to improve Windows 10 in small batches to minimize the risk of system damage. Therefore, the updated functionality will supplement the tenth OS constantly for 12 months, and not twice for the entire year, when large-scale upgrades of several gigabytes are released.

Looking ahead, Microsoft Managed Desktop will begin work this year. Initially, the service will be available only for corporate clients and companies. In the future, it is planned to distribute it and cover all physical users.

As a reminder, Microsoft has previously fixed one of the main problems of Windows 10, related to updating the OS.

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Author: Jake Pinkman