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AUN F30: a quality projector at the right price


According to statistics, most of the population of our country spends the evening time watching TV. There is nothing more enjoyable to watch your favorite movie or interesting program after a busy day. The male half is not averse to being puzzled by watching a football match or a hockey match.

What is needed for this? Only desire and a good TV, the size of which would satisfy all the needs of the user. There are no problems with the latter, only the cost of such a device will be prohibitive. The solution to this problem is quite simple. AUN F30 projector can help you get a larger diagonal.


It's all about size

If the problem is only in the size of the resulting image, then it is easy to solve. The AUN F30 projector allows you to get a high-quality image on a screen with a diagonal of up to four meters. Almost like a compact cinema. However, this requires the placement of the appropriate parameters. Its minimum distance from the projector to the wall must be at least the same four meters.

A TV of the same size would be very expensive. In addition, it will make your eyes tired faster.

Using a projector will bring something new to the viewing experience. Many people will want to equip a mini-cinema in the apartment. This does not require large areas. A high-quality picture is formed already from a distance of 1.34 meters. You get an analog of a diagonal of about 40 inches. Few living quarters nowadays have rooms with such geometric parameters.


The image quality is excellent, Full HD. The device produces a brightness corresponding to 360 ANSI lumens, a contrast ratio of 4000: 1. The resulting picture will be clearly distinguishable not only at night, but also during the day, when there are blackout curtains on the windows. This will make it even better with a dedicated screen.

This machine is factory preset to provide the correct white balance with natural colors. This means that all colors on the screen will meet the specified criteria, there will be no redness on faces or abnormal glare in the eyes.

For more precise adjustment of all parameters and simplification of work, the set includes a remote control. The device received an acceptable durability parameter equal to 50,000 hours of operation. According to the manufacturer, this corresponds to approximately ten years of work.

Some skeptics may ask a question about the audio performance of an LED projector. There are no problems here either. The gadget is equipped with two speakers, each of which has a power of 5 watts. For those who want to dive deeper into the atmosphere of viewing, there are 3.5 mm and SPDIF connectors. The latter allows the transfer of digital quality audio data from one device to another.


AUN Full HD F30 can work with any product, it is always ready for this. One of the most acceptable and correct options would be to connect to a projector via an HDMI connector, a personal computer, laptop or game console. You can also pair it with a set-top box to work in full TV mode.

The source of data for the image can be a USB flash drive or microSD card. To watch a movie with the latest accessories, nothing else is needed. In other words, if you choose the right viewing interfaces, there are tons of scenarios for using the projector.

You can also play

Everyone already knows that TVs are used not only for watching something, and monitors are not intended for just one job. All segments of the population are subject to virtual entertainment. Their developers are doing everything to make the picture more realistic and understandable for everyone.

Having received a Full HD projector with the ability to project images on large wall areas, it is difficult not to try this format. The new scale should be appreciated. You can even gather friends and "hack to death" in the NHL or get together in a virtual fist duel.


The AUN Full HD F30 projector can become a key multimedia device in the home. It has sufficient brightness and contrast to be used even in the daytime. It does not require premises for large volumes of work, which makes it accessible to almost everyone without exception. The affordable price makes it a competitor for large TVs.

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Author: Jake Pinkman